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Both these guilds were once active RP guilds with many innovative ideas. Over the last year most  leadership needed to step away for real life commitments, and thus the guilds went dormant. However, some members have remained and some have returned and we are looking to rebuild.

We are seeking about 10 - 15 more active RPers per guild. We are not planning to grow large, just looking to have a small group of RPers in each guild. We also plan to cover some PVE content as well. We are medium RP guilds as we try to stick to lore but understand everyone is on different levels of knowledge.

The guilds are family friendly as we have had parents and children in the guilds in the past. And as always we understand the real life commitments come first.

You can view some of our history (Dossiers and character back stories) at Not everything on the website is relevant any longer, it is just what we have done in the past.

Classifieds / Casting call: Hunted Enemies of the Empire
« on: 03/14/15, 02:36:33 PM »
Hey all,

I am looking for people for a Bounty Hunter (or other subordinates) in my Imp Guild to hunt / kill. looking for all levels. Players must not be in my guild as some will have to die, some will be brought in for interrogation and then killed or released (but don't count on it)... there are many scenarios. The people I am looking for would play the role needed for my events and thus would not die in their own RP worlds.

This is not an immediate event. I am just looking for a list of people I can contact and arrange a bounty or assassination or capture should I feel my BH (or other guild members) are ready for a mission.

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