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02/11/15, 06:16:59 PM
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09/18/19, 08:30:18 AM
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Current Plot:    Post-KOTFE
Plot Summary:
Aliana: On leave to the Ascendency to take care of House business.
Ash'tana: Smuggling.
Seema: Helping the Jedi rebuild.
Vashya'ati: Helping the Jedi rebuild.
Varinas: Rebuilding the Sith Archives.
OOC Notes:
Don't necessarily share the opinions of my characters, all visual artwork used isn't mine unless otherwise specified etc. Violence/dark themes/RP surprises should be discussed before hand but are generally accepted. If I've forgotten about RP plans or responses to something do not hesitate to message me! Most of my RPs take place in docs. I can be found in-game over holidays.
Zmaj: 32, Chiss agent, lover of intrigue wine
Caesiallus: 34, Twi'lek bartender, info-broker
Varinas: 40, Human Darth, archivist, former "diplomat"

Seem: 38, Rattataki Jedi Master, resident grump
Vashya'ati: 34, Togruta Jedi Sage, small-time archaeologist
Ash'tana: 32, Miraluka smuggler, trouble-finder extraordinaire