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Life is the enemy, Death is our solace.
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Current Plot:    Aurelian Odyssey
Plot Summary:
The Aurelians pledge their support for the Outlander's Alliance; but this support is largely auxiliary. Their main mission is to find a way home.

Located in the Gordian Reach, the Aurelian home system is denied to them. Their strategic location served for decades as a strategic back door in both the Republic and the Empire's hyperlanes. But the home system itself is treacherous; with countless asteroid belts and situated amidst a giant magnetic nebula, merely reaching Aurelis safely is dangerous without communicated astrogation.

During Arcann's reign, the seemingly endless numbers of the Eternal Fleet was turned on Aurelis. A Fortress world and a star system inhospitable to capital ships, the Eternal Fleet took heavy losses. Martial Victory was not the point; the star system to this day is littered with wreckage making hyperdrive travel in and out of the system all but impossible. Add to the numerous automated defense systems, the Aurelian homeworld is an inaccessible and fortified prison.

The remaining forces that were located outside that final battle number upwards to 30,000. And that's 30,000 souls yearning for home...
OOC Notes:
The Lone Saber - journal-style thread trying to bring my main into the current continuity. Covers bulk of events.

An par ner adate [Aurel Legacy] - Captures individuals within the Aurel family in their key moments in time.

Caius Courser/Kyras/Darth K'uur/Rouser Cross - Aurelian Battlemaster trying to find a path forward through the Alliance and struggles to reconcile his past as a Sith and his varied identities over the years. !Warning! This is a very post-developed character. There is few that will rival him in raw strength! Be careful in including him in plots!
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