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pedantic but generally okay
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02/04/14, 10:35:16 AM
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Elym - Imperial Intelligence Minder turned loyal Imperial bureaucrat. Worried about the Ascendancy from afar, and looking for answers in the midst of this Zakuul mess.

Lord Atavia - Imperial Chiss. Likes to drink and touch relics she has no business disturbing.

Shiar - Just an average protocol officer from a proper Imperial family with a long record of service. Certainly not a Sith Intelligence field agent keeping an eye on the Citadel...

N'aia - Nar Shaddaa refugee sector medic, cantina proprietor, and Republic fangirl.

Nexu - Huttball-loving droid tech from Nar Shaddaa. A font of statistics and pessimism.
OOC Notes:
I like all sorts of things but I like Chiss stuff the most.