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(New to Swtor) Looking for an Rp guild
« on: 08/11/13, 01:28:15 AM »
Hi :)

So I'm brand new to swtor with my highest character only being a level 10 (That I deleted and remade into my current character) and I'm looking for a nice Rp guild to join with him. I use to Rp way in the past but took a hiatus from Mmorpgs till recently and want to get back into it :) So here's a little about my character...

Trancy: A male Miraluka Sith Inquisitor. On the surface he's a very cheerful person who is always seen smiling, but in actuality is quite sadistic and manipulative. He finds pure entertainment in ruining others lives by any means necessary even if it means to just outright kill them. (It makes him feel better if other people's lives suck since his was horrible until this point)

So yeah I just made him and he's like level 3 right now and would love to join a guild if any think I may be a nice fit :D

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Re: (New to Swtor) Looking for an Rp guild
« Reply #1 on: 08/11/13, 06:15:45 AM »
Well I can give you suggestions on Imp guilds but that's about it. The Reclamation is new but has seasoned rpers in it. While Moirae has been around since the start of the game and has a lot of rpers in it. Also feel free to join the imperialooc channel in game. There's generally all manner of foolishness in there and it's the best way to find rp on that side.

I would also like to note that if your Sith met my Jedi, he would likely become her new 'special friend'.  :grin:  She's practically his twin except light side. (though she does have a touch of a sadistic side)

You could also have a great deal of fun with Dracyn Pax, a lieutenant in the Reclamation and another of my characters. You could help his squad in tormenting him.  :grin:

Other than that, let me say, Welcome to Begeren colony and I hope to see you on Kwenn night. (takes place on the cantina on Voss on Monday night but you'll have to ask someone else the time. I can't keep it straight.

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Re: (New to Swtor) Looking for an Rp guild
« Reply #2 on: 08/11/13, 08:34:37 PM »
Vanguard of Deception is concerned primarily with imperial defense, but there's room for the twitches and quirks each character has. It's not concerned with Light/Dark affiliation, but it insists that orders are carried out, discipline is maintained, and so forth.

We're based primarily out of australia in terms of member base, but may be looking to set up a leadership+memberbase for american members to fit into our projects.

We do try to probe and poke extensively as to your character, and your abilities as a roleplayer, as every now and then, we may take on a new roleplayer and expect people to assist in helping the new ones develop their skills and so on.

Otherwise, welcome to the game, and I hope you find what you're looking for! You can usually find me on Aeorna or Beatrix, after 8pm AEST Wrek'k is usually online also.
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Re: (New to Swtor) Looking for an Rp guild
« Reply #3 on: 08/12/13, 07:13:43 AM »
WEll pub side we have the Jedi Covenant that has two to three times a week rp events.
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