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!!! Emergency Broadcast !!! (Clan Adenn Recruiting)
« on: 02/18/14, 04:23:11 PM »

"We interrupt this segment of Zhellday night Huttball. We have just received a live feed recording of a recent terrorist attack on one of many Cathar settlements on Taris. Sources say the settlers were undergoing training by republic forces to properly defend themselves from this types of attack, though they were not ready to ward away approaching threats."

"The attack itself has been savage and the maker, you can see here they are not providing any warning or means of escape. It was previously believed the Empire ordered an assault on the outpost, but the Mandalorians do not seem to be seizing supplies or weaponry--from the live feed we can see here they appear to be ignoring everything but the Cathar settlers in the area.."

"Different feeds from security droids are now displaying that they are cutting down any resistance or beginning 'execution lines' of the Cathar people. Other sentients found on site have not been given such treatment and merely killed. The attack is definitely psychological...Those people...this..I don't know what to say. Those people need help. Those...those..poor souls."

"A Cathar Jedi has arrived on the scene, and one of the Mandalorians in black and red armor has become noticeably more barbaric and aggressive. He has been spotted attacking unarmed settlers and committing other atrocities.

Some of the Mandalorians are surrounding the Cathar Jedi, and the Mandalorian in black and red armor is visibly 'herding' him toward the sea...I...can't believe it. appears they are re-enacting an attack, centuries ago, when the Cathar race was nearly wiped out. They are now firing missiles on the Cathar Jedi while he is in the water.

Republic intelligence is working diligently to identify the black and red Mandalorian by name."

"An alternate feed is providing us with a vantage point of what the other Mandalorians are presently doing. looks like they have now turned their attention on the Republic officers training the Cathar people. I just don't believe it.

Hold a moment.

Our sources are confirming that the Mandalorian female in black and white armor is their chieftain, but we are unable to find any information describing her appearance without a helmet. Republic authorities are offering a credit reward for information or an arrest of the individuals viewed in this transmission."

"The Mandalorians appear to be burning everything. Someone shut this thing off. I'm going to be sick."

"Thanks. I could not bear to watch this any further. May...the with those on Taris...
Hold a minute, I thought I heard something. We apologize for losing visual on the scene at Taris, but we appear to be detecting something over the audio feed. Can someone turn it up?"

(The voice is monotone and feminine)

"Su'cuy. This is Alor Adenn.

To all of you who used to be vode, are vode contributing to stagnation, or the soulless ones who wish they were vode, you have one chance to redeem yourself and your soul; we offer you a home to do so. War will always exist, and we will continue to test ourselves while carrying on this 'idea'...This way of life...This path to Manda.

Those who do not join us and sit by in complacent indifference are destined to be stamped down and snuffed out like an insignificant and meaningless candle. We are coming for you.

To the Republic, the Jetii, and any who attempt to stop us...these attacks, men, women, younglings, elders...everything burns...everything until all of you kneel before us in submission and assimilate to our ways.

...When you ask "how could we do these awful things to innocent people"...

Ask yourselves "how could you let us".

There is only one way into Manda.

Jariler Adenn, out."

((OOC Note: Clan Adenn is a pvp/rp guild. We do both and we're a tight knit community of mandalorian role players. It doesn't matter to us how experienced you are with pvp or rp, or mandalorians, we're all nice people and we would be happy to teach you!

Our application online is here:

Just fill it out if you're interested in joining, and we will find you in game to reel you in via role play.))


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Re: !!! Emergency Broadcast !!! (Clan Adenn Recruiting)
« Reply #1 on: 02/18/14, 05:03:39 PM »
Awesome to see another set of RP'ing Mando's about.

Hope to see more than just one of you frequent the community site. :)

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Re: !!! Emergency Broadcast !!! (Clan Adenn Recruiting)
« Reply #2 on: 02/18/14, 05:40:47 PM »
Thank you very much, and yes, you'll probably start seeing more of us turn up!

Much appreciated. :)

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Re: !!! Emergency Broadcast !!! (Clan Adenn Recruiting)
« Reply #3 on: 02/18/14, 08:45:18 PM »
Welcome aboard, glad to see you all start to turn up here as well as in game.

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Re: !!! Emergency Broadcast !!! (Clan Adenn Recruiting)
« Reply #4 on: 02/18/14, 09:19:49 PM »
I'll say one thing... That image working is pretty damn sexy.

Welcome to the Fray.

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Re: !!! Emergency Broadcast !!! (Clan Adenn Recruiting)
« Reply #5 on: 02/18/14, 11:53:07 PM »
Glad to see you guys around. Welcome to the community.

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Re: !!! Emergency Broadcast !!! (Clan Adenn Recruiting)
« Reply #6 on: 02/21/14, 03:48:58 AM »
Thanks very much :)

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Re: !!! Emergency Broadcast !!! (Clan Adenn Recruiting)
« Reply #7 on: 02/25/14, 03:09:03 AM »

"We apollogize for this interruption of your daily broadcast. We bring to you an emergency press release from a representative of The Jedi Order, Panthe, to address the most recent racially oriented attack of Cathar on the planet of Taris along the Hydian Way, which is also at one point known to be the Mandalorian Road, by Clan Adenn.

Thank the maker for their involvement, and may the force be with The Jedi Order in this time of great need for the Cathar people."

"Citizens of the Republic, I come before you to speak of the crises that occurred on Taris. Several days ago, Cathar settlements on the planet suffered attacks by a Mandalorian clan named Clan Adenn. This clan has attacked several other locations before but I wish now to take the time to assure you that the Jedi Order will not be backing down against these attacks any longer.

The Jedi Order has made it a top priority to safeguard republic settlements from all threats. This aggression will not go unreturned. Once more, the Temple Knights are called upon to defend the Republic and its people. And we will not falter in our defense, nor will we perish against this threat. We will see this clan answer for their crimes.

Clan Adenn, I now speak to you. I ask that you stop these attacks. If you do not comply we will be forced to intervene and end you. The Temple Knights will not show mercy, nor give quarter to any clan member. To save yourselves, I order that you cease hostilities and return to your home world to live out the rest of your lives in peace. This will be your one and only chance.

That is all."