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Author Topic: Input for Minor Story Idea  (Read 412 times)

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Input for Minor Story Idea
« on: 03/29/14, 03:59:19 AM »
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Talking with Siv_Wysan during an event gave me a bit of an idea for a mini story arc I can do, but i haven't really ever run anything on this game.

First things first, this won't be something I can necessarily schedule, and won't happen often in game due to my connection and schedule.

It would most often have to take place in the chat or on forum threads at most twice a week.

The basic premise is one of my characters runs a field treatment center on Taris. Medical supplies are in short supply there not in any small part due to the fact that pilots and crew are stuck under quarantine for an extended period, so except the central space port no one wants to deliver any supplies legally, leaving a supply bottleneck.

My character is trying to bypass this by.. .well basically smuggling supplies onto the planet and hiring people of various questionable morals to do so for basically anything she can get.

The basic ideas for things to run are of course occasional run ins with patrols, patients that aren't supposed to be on the planet and may even be hostile to Republic interests still getting treatment, morally questionable practices by doctors in handling rakgoul infections. Things that are less shoot 'em up (unless the players got that way) and more about hard questions about how to decide what is good and evil.

My questions are what are reliable ways to find players on short notice, how do quick stories normally get run here like this and where, and would anyone even be interested in role play that is rather sporadic and is therefore basically a series of self contained stories?
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Re: Input for Minor Story Idea
« Reply #1 on: 03/29/14, 10:27:28 AM »
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Thanks for getting this rolling.  I'm pretty new to the forums myself, but could see this as a pretty fun mini-plot, I could also promote the link on my Guild's daily message, we've been trying to get some of these going for a while now- and be a nice way to formally draw our members into the forum too.

Its your story, so you have the best sense how long you want it to run for, but I'm game for a relaxed plot at the pace you suggested, and happy to help on some planning/story help too. 

You mentioned your Guild might be involved.  Caben's the Wraiths is a Black Project/Covert Vanguard for the Republic Military with heavy Smuggler support, and he heads up logistics so offered some help. 

My personal preference would also be to do the RP here, but perhaps promote to any interested Guilds or individuals in game too.