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  • BC Ops - Republic: Karagga's Palace 8m SM: 08/23/14
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Author Topic: BC Ops - Republic: Karagga's Palace 8m SM  (Read 1401 times)

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BC Ops - Republic: Karagga's Palace 8m SM
« on: 07/09/14, 10:31:02 PM »
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    BC.org Republic Operations – Karagga’s Palace 8-Person Story Mode

    When: 8:00pm Pacific time (server time)

    Who: RAID LEADER NEEDED - This day is Ricker's birthday!

    Where: From the Republic Fleet, go to “Mission Departures”, select “Interfleet Transport”, go to the Gav Daragon, go to the elevator and select “Gav Daragon Mission Deck”, then to the “Nar Shaddaa Operations Hangar.”

    Now that the upgraded event registry system is up and running, BC.org is proud to present an organized Republic Operations Group! This group will meet every other week on Saturdays at 8pm server time. A sister event for Imperial Operations will also be set up to occur the next weekend, every other week.

    What We'll Need
    • 2x tanks
    • 2x healers
    • 4x DPS (damage per second)

    Please indicate your role in the sign-up above. INCLUDE YOUR ROLE IN THE NAME FIELD ALONG WITH YOUR NAME

    If you want to sign up but all of the spots have been filled, leave a comment stating your character's name and role. If someone is absent, we'll contact the next person in line for the specific role we need.

    What You’ll Need

    You'll need to have run Oricon and received the entry raid gear, or have gear of equivalent quality. This will actually have you OVERGEARED for Karagga’s Palace Story Mode

    You will also need access to the Begeren Colony Raidcall server (information is found on the front page) and a microphone headset. This helps us communicate and ensures that the raid runs smoothly.

    Is This For Me?

    The short answer is “yes!”

    These operations groups have three main goals:
    • To have fun playing the game with our friends *
    • To give people who are interested in the stories behind an operation a chance to actually see them
    • To help inquiring PVEers learn their class roles and get better at PVE

    If you’re curious about your class, want to see some end-game stories without the stress of messing up the operation, or just want to help your friends have a bit of fun while playing Star Wars: The Old Republic, these operations groups are for you!

    * In the interest of facilitating newer PVEers, if you’re CRAZY geared and we get a high level of newcomers signing up, we’d really appreciate it if you could give your seat on the op to someone less experienced.
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    Re: BC Ops - Republic: Karagga's Palace 8m SM
    « Reply #1 on: 08/23/14, 11:39:44 AM »
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    Is anybody else interested in this?  If not, we might want to delay it, since Cordae's not gonna be here and these things require, y'know, folks to do.
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    Re: BC Ops - Republic: Karagga's Palace 8m SM
    « Reply #2 on: 08/23/14, 12:18:02 PM »
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    I am interested. But I doubt that many other people are :S

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