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Author Topic: The Outer Rim Cartel  (Read 380 times)

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The Outer Rim Cartel
« on: 08/15/14, 11:44:45 AM »
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The Outer Rim Cartel

The Outer Rim Cartel is a hive of scum and villainy filled with gangsters, pirates, smugglers, and mercenaries. These people join the Cartel for various reasons. Some of them are on the run from the law and need a place to hide out. Others work for the Cartel for the money that can be made whether they agree with the means of making it or not and a few have had no choice in the matter for slavery thrives in the Outer Rim. The Boss of the Outer Rim Cartel, the notorious Twi’lek gangster Mal Fortuna, was a slave once himself and has been known to allow those that show promise to buy their freedom and join the Cartel as full members.
The Cartel is headquartered in a remote fortress, known as Fortuna’s Palace, located deep in the inhospitable wastes on the planet Tatooine in the Outer Rim region of the galaxy. It is a place far off the beaten path for most travelers to that desert world just as the world itself is far removed from any major spacelane. A fortune in contraband goods and pirate booty passes through the halls of the stronghold closely guarded by tough Cartel enforcers and hidden defenses. The region around the fortress is home to nomadic bands of barbaric Sand People some of whom are believed to be paid by the Cartel to help keep prying eyes away.
If fate brings you to Fortuna’s Palace keep your wits about you and your blaster handy!

Guild Core Concept and Inspiration

The Outer Rim Cartel draws its inspiration from Jabba’s Palace in Return of the Jedi. A remote fortress inhabited by a rogues gallery of characters both good and bad. Spin your own tale within our ranks or join in with our guild storyline as you wish and as your time permits. Events of various sorts (RP, PVP, and PVE) will be held weekly and participation is purely voluntary. We will have a guild stronghold on Tatooine upon launch of that content.

What We Are Looking For

Droid Characters
Soldiers of Fortune
Republic-side Bounty Hunters and Mandalorians
Fallen Jedi
Renegade Sith
Dancing Girls
Mercenary Fighter Pilots (we will be forming a GSF squadron)
Spice Dealers
Hotshot Starship Mechanics
Rogues of all types

Member Requirements

Be mature and friendly
Be over the age of 18
Be a roleplayer
Be drama free

If you are interested in joining contact Mal’fortuna or Jando in-game or by in-game mail

Website: http://www.theouterrimcartel.enjin.com/home