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Author Topic: Sasmi infiltrates the Empire in a different way  (Read 679 times)

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Sasmi infiltrates the Empire in a different way
« on: 06/18/12, 06:26:49 AM »
Sasmi sits in front of a mirror as she stares at the person who she barely recognizes. The eyes that gaze back at her are piercing blue chemically altered to appear blue for her photo-shoot. The reddish hair dyed and altered to be as blue as a ocean wave. Her make up done in a way that gives the impression of ocean currents. A pair of hands moves across her face applying touches here and there. The sound of people busying about mixes with the crashing waves in the distances. The breeze is thick with the smell of salty sweet air mixing with floral scents.
“Is this really what they consider beauty over here?” she thinks to herself as she admits the reflection barely aware of the people doing her hair and make-up. “Though, it does look interesting.”

She lets her thoughts linger back to what lead her here but she quickly reasserts her attention. ‘I need to stay focused here and now. If this goes well I will be able to use to get access to the Imperial aristocrats.’

The sounds of a person walking up behind her bring her back from her thoughts. She smiles at the image of a Devaronian male wearing a high collared coat and sunglasses as he looks her over.
“Amber my dear, when I found you on Coruscant I knew you could do Imperial fashion like no one else.”

“Luxos you make clothes that beg to be worn. Your hands bring the vision of wonder to life,” she replies as she uses the Force to help the idea sink into his mind. She rises slowly out of her seat in the make-up room turning to her employer. He reaches down and adjusts the shimmersilk dress the clings to her. He fusses over a couple wrinkles before he steps back to admire his work.

“Darling~ I know. I’m the trendsetter for fashion here.” he leans up close to Sasmi “If it wasn’t for me they Imperial’s would only be wearing grey and black. Ugh~ could you imagine? Everyone wearing such similar tones and drab military uniforms?”

Sasmi shakes her head in disgust “Let’s make sure that never happens Luxos. It would be a boring universe if everyone wore those.”

“Exactly my dear!” his hand thrusts into the air “We will change the fashion of the Empire together!”

She nods as she help to stoke his ego with the Force to keep him focus. And get me access to the Imperial nobles and higher ups while doing it, she adds her head.

She slips her arms around his and smiles, “Come my friend let’s show the Empire your vision” as she leads him to the photography area.

“Yes it begins here!”

“Yes, it does begin here,” Sasmi nods with a knowing smile.