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<Ordinem Dracones>
« on: 11/17/15, 03:35:57 PM »
Welcome to the home of the Dragons. We are a band of seasoned warriors who have stood the test of time. We're a RP/PvE/PvP guild, with the main focus being RP.

I'm currently looking for my second in command, as well as lieutenants. If you are experienced with guilds, please contact me.

We accept all classes. This isn't a Sith only guild.

Calabria's great-great grandfather, Tyberius Vakarian, created this band of warriors many millennium ago. He gathered his friends, the strongest warriors he knew to start their crusades against those who go against them. He called these warriors, Dragoons, for their incredible strength and intelligence. These Dragoons were not just Force users, they were Bounty Hunters and Agents as well, Tyberius was not picky as to who joined his side in battle.

Present Day
When he passed, Tyberius gave command of his warriors to his son, and so began the tradition of passing down the command to the oldest child. When Calabria took command, it was the first time a woman had commanded these forces. While no one took her seriously at first, in time, she grew to be very loved and very respected.

Now, Ordinem Dracones are gods among men, or so they like to think.

The Hierarchy


~Draco Imperatrix: This is the highest rank in the order. The title translates to Dragon Empress. It is currently held by Calabria Vakarian.

~Draco Legato: This is the second in command. This is the highest honor among the Dragons. No one currently holds this title, but is open for anyone who is worthy.

~Broodmother: This is the matron of the order. This woman cares for the Dragonlings, and prepares them for their apprenticeship. She provides the discipline and the training necessary for the new hatchlings.

The Warrior Caste

~Dragoons: This is the highest rank in the Warrior Caste. It takes a significant amount of patience and training, both in and off the field. It is not given to just anyone.

~Draco Bellator: Or Dragon Warrior in the old language. This is the rank earned before warriors become full fledged Dragoons. Drakes who choose the path of the Warrior are given the name Draco Bellator, and must go through rigorous training.

The Healer Caste
~Draco Sacerdos: This is the highest rank among the Healers. This is the priest of all the Gods. Draco Bellators come to the priest, and ask for a blessing before going on their pilgrimage. They are the most revered in the order.

~Draco Monachus: This is the rank before Draco Sacerdos. They are the monks, and praise all the gods. They only answer to two people; the priests, and to Calabria.

The Youngling Caste

~Drake: This is the rank of all apprentices. Dragonlings must commune with Adun before becoming a Drake.

~Dragonling: The starting rank of the order.

If you want to know more about our order, there is a website to go to:

Just check it out or contact Calabria in game. :3
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