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Our community has been around for quite some time, sometimes under different names, but none the less we've existed for well over 3 years and are seeking new members for both of our current Guilds. We are a Heavy RP Guild which basically mean a majority of what we do Guild wise will revolve around RP (Role-play).

With that being said any and everyone willing to learn or looking for RP is welcome to join either our Pub-side or Imp-side. Unfortunately you cannot join both because there is a rank requirement to join the opposing side once you're in one of said Guilds to ensure people are fully involved with their main characters.

We have a Discord, an Enjin website, a fully decorated flagship and stronghold on both sides and an already populated Guild on both sides but we appreciate each and every member while welcoming all. If interested in joining either you can PM me on here or join the website and we'll work on getting you started ASAP.

Website Address:

I hope to see some of you soon and may the Force be with you!