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Author Topic: ~Clan Asaris~  (Read 571 times)

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~Clan Asaris~
« on: 01/17/13, 01:12:34 PM »
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    ~Clan Asaris~   

"This is an open Broadcast to Mando'ade of the Republic. We are Clan Asaris, the followers of Mandalore the Preserver. We refuse to follow the ways of Mandalore the Lesser. He Allied with Dar'jetti and sullied the ways of our people.

Mado'as of the other Clans a call us Dar'manda, if that is what we are so be it. We fight along side the Jetiise, and to restore our clan to the ways of Mandalore the Preserver envisioned. Any one of the republic who wishes to embrace our ways is welcome."

RP: Heavy
PVE: Light (We may use them for IC events)
Flash Points/Ops: Light (We will be doing this once we have more 50's)
PVP: Light (If we get enough People that do it)

(Guld Leaders)Alor: Liar'a/Ven'dari
Officer: Finnick
Recruiter: (Looking to fill)

Guild Chat: OOC
Officer: IC Comms
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