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BC.org Base 100 System

     The 'Base 100' system is a roll system that has been in common use by many of the BC.org events, both in game and in the BC.org chat. It is a simple
system that utilizes the /roll function of both locations to help determine random factors in RP events and help mediate hit/miss decisions in RP Combat and PvP
situations. It was first implemented by the player Jovia shortly after launch of the game. Since then, it has been used as a 'Core Mechanic' to several
events and conflicts on the server, with event runners often adding additional layers or systems that utilize this as their base (hence the name). It has grown
since then with many modifications and alterations, and continues to grow still. Credit to Wymarc and Orell for several of the advanced
improvements shown here.

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The Character Trait Option

     The Character Trait System is an Advanced Option of the Base 100 System to help more accurately represent a character's strengths and weaknesses
an RP event without the need for complicated character sheets. It is intended to keep things simple and easy to remember, while still allowing for flexibility both
for the player and the game master to display unique characteristics. It was first implemented by the user Aiden shortly before the Christmas Holiday of
2012, based loosely on the FATE tabletop mechanic of similar name.

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BC.org Space RP System

     This article is designed to provide a standard reference document for the Space RP System that many that are a part of BC.org use. While it is intended to
communicate the rules of this system, it also has some general useful tips on using rolls in PvE, PvP, and Strict RP settings.

     This system is presented entirely as a direct result of inquiries from players who had expressed an interest in Space Roleplay similar to the chatroom
Unfortunately, Space Roleplay in general presents a unique challenge in that while we can represent our characters as numberless aspects when we
traits, playing with a ship required something more rigid that the game system at present does not provide.
     This system is built to answer that problem. It is designed to be as minimalist as possible, needing the minimum amount of bookkeeping or tracking -
essentially, once you've created your "character sheet" for your crew/ship, the sheet does all of the work for you.

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The Smugglers Cant

     The Smugglers Cant is doublespeak, a way of sharing something without sounding suspicious or being easily understood. It is not a straight code, it is much
moreso a living language. By definition, 'Cant' is the jargon, argot or cryptolect of a group, often used to exclude or mislead people outside the group. The
phraseology peculiar to a particular class, party, profession, etc. Making this the private language of the underworld.

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Credits - An In Character Look

A list of generic things that folks come in contact with and might need to purchase or relate to in their saga across a galaxy far, far away.

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