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Credits - An In Character Look

A list of generic things that folks come in contact with and might need to purchase or relate to in their saga across a galaxy far, far away.

Black Market
Securing items on the black market is both more costly and more time consuming than it is to buy an item legally provided you have clearance. Below is a chart that describes how much more expensive a type of item is and how much time it takes to secure.
Restriction Rating:      Black Market cost:      Time Required:      
Licensed:x21 day
Restricted:x32 days
Military:x45 days
Illegal:x510 days

False License
Another possible option to securing otherwise illegal equipment is through the use of a false (or if genuine disregard both of these tables) license. This however, comes with its own cost independent of the black market cost table.
Restriction Rating:      License Fee:      

This is not, by any means, an extensive list and is only intended for general reference purposes.

Knife 25 credits
Vibrodagger 200 credits
Vibroblade (Licensed) 250 credits
Force pike (Restricted) 500 credits
Electrostaff (Restricted) 3,000 credits
Vibro-ax (Restricted) 500 credits
Lightsaber (Rare) 3,000 credits
Lightsaber Double (Rare) 7,000 credits

Blaster pistol (Restricted) 500 credits
Blaster pistol, heavy (Military) 750 credits
Blaster pistol, sporting (Licensed) - 300 credits
Slugthrower pistol (Licensed) 250 credits
Blaster, E-Web repeating (Military) 8,000 credits
Blaster carbine (Restricted) 900 credits
Blaster rifle (Restricted) 1,000 credits
Blaster rifle, sporting (Licensed) 800 credits
Blaster rifle, heavy (Military) 2,000 credits
Blaster, light repeating (Military) 1,200 credits

Grenade, frag (Military) 200 credits
Grenade, ion or stun (Restricted) 250 credits
Thermal detonator (Illegal) 2,000 credits
Explosive charge (Restricted) 1,500 credits
Detonite (Restricted) 500 credits

Blast helmet and vest 500 credits
Flight suit, padded 2,000 credits
Combat jumpsuit (Licensed) 1,500 credits
Flight suit, armored (Licensed) 4,000 credits
Stormtrooper armor (Military) 8,000 credits

Ceremonial armor (Restricted) 5,000 credits
Battle armor (Military) 7,000 credits

Armored spacesuit (Restricted) 12,000 credits
Battle armor, heavy (Military) 15,000 credits

Communication Devices:
Comlink, short range 25 credits
Comlink, long range 250 credits
Pocket scrambler 400 credits
Vox-box 200 credits

Computers and Storage Devices:
Credit chip 100 credits
Datacards, blank (10) 10 credits
Datapad 1,000 credits
Datapad, basic 100 credits
Holoprojector, personal 1,000 credits
Portable computer 5,000 credits
Detection and Surveillance Devices:
Electrobinoculars 1,000 credits
Glow rod 10 credits
Fusion lantern 25 credits
Recording unit, all in one 175 credits
Sensor pack 1,500 credits
Life Support:
Aquata breather 350 credits
Breath mask 200 credits
Space suit 2,000 credits
Medical Gear:
Bacta tank, empty 100,000 credits (300 liters to fill)
Bacta 1 liter 100 credits
Cybernetic prosthesis 1,500 credits
Medical kit 600 credits
Medpac 100 credits
Surgery kit 1,000 credits

Survival Gear:
All-temperature cloak 100 credits
Chain, 3 meters 25 credits
Field kit 1,000 credits
Jet pack 300 credits
Liquid cable dispenser, 15 meters 10 credits
Ration pack 5 credits
Syntherope, 45 meters 20 credits

Binder cuffs 50 credits
Energy cell 10 credits
Fire extinguisher 50 credits
Mesh tape 5 credits
Power generator 750 credits
Power pack, ammunition 25 credits
Security kit 750 credits
Tool kit 250 credits
Utility belt 500 credits
Weapon and Armor Accessories:
Helmet package 4,000 credits
Holster, hip 25 credits
Holster, concealed 50 credits
Targeting scope, standard 100 credits
Targeting scope, low light 1,000 credits

Services and Expenses
Luxurious 150 credits
Upscale 50 credits
Average 10 credits
Budget 2 credits
Lodging (Per Day):
Luxurious 200 credits
Upscale 100 credits
Average 50 credits
Budget 20 credits

Medical Care:
Bacta tank treatment, per hour 300 credits
Long term care, per day 300 credits
Medpac treatment 300 credits
Surgery, per hour 500 credits
Treat disease, per day 500 credits
Treat poison, per hour 100 credits
Treat radiation, per day 1,000

*= up to 5 days
Taxi, local 10 credits
Passage, steerage* 500 credits
Passage, average* 1,000 credits
Passage, upscale* 2,000 credits
Passage, luxurious* 5,000 credits
Chartered space transport 10,000
Upkeep (Per Month):
Luxurious 10,000 credits
Wealthy 5,000 credits
Comfortable 2,000 credits
Average 1,000 credits
Struggling 500 credits
Impoverished 200 credits
Self-sufficient 100 credits
Vehicle Rental (Per Day):
Speeder bike 20 credits
Landspeeder, average 50 credits
Landspeder, luxury 100 credits
Airspeeder 500 credits
Shuttle, interplanetary 1,000 credits
Shuttle, interstellar 2,000 credits

Landspeeder (Licensed) 10,550 credits, 2,500 used
Speeder bike, light military (Restricted) 6,750 credits, 1,200 used
Airspeeder, light military (Military) 50,000 credits used
Gunship (Military) 65,000 credits, 40,000 used
X-wing (Military) 150,000 credits, 65,000 used
TIE fighter (Military) 60,000 credits, 25,000 used
YT-1300 light transport (Licensed) 100,000 credits, 25,000 used
Corellian corvette (Licensed) 3,500,000 credits, 1,500,000 used

Lifestyle Upkeep
This is the relative amount of credits it would take per person per month to cover the most basic needs of this lifestyle - food and board. Nothing else.

Luxurious 10,000
Wealthy 5,000
Comfortable 2,000
Average 1,000
Struggling 500
Impoverished 200

Each of these values is in bribes and assuming you've already located a contact willing to share information for the bribe.

Secrets and Rumors
Detailed unclassified facts  of a news story - 50 credits
Determining veracity of a rumor - 50 credits
Secret information* - 5,000 credits
Top secret information** - 50,000 credits

Locating People
Well known or hasn't attempted to conceal themselves - 0 credits
Not well known or has attempted to conceal themselves - 500 credits

* - Examples: Classified police report, a hidden location, military blueprints, installation security procedures, computer access codes.
** - Examples: Technical blueprints of the Death Star. (If officials catch wind of you sniffing around there may be complications, IE if a check fails by more than 5 on a d20)