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Idea for Chiss based RP/event thing
« on: 06/08/13, 04:05:01 PM »
Hey, new here, been playing SWTOR from the beginning........anywho....I absolutely love to RP and the other day I was RPing my chiss agent (who wasn't my main at first but has become unofficially my main) with another chiss I had met. And she/he had found a unofficial chiss language translator and I was having a blast.........sorry sidetracked. So my Chiss' back story was originally he was a experiment using genetics from a sith and imperial to make a better soldier/agent who could peer into minds and have better reflexes, etc. Well after having a talk with De'rella after we had RP'd I tweaked his Back story sso that his 'parents' were two kidnapped Chiss. De had portrayed and given such depth/accuracy/whatever to his/her Chiss that I became intrigued by the idea of how the ascendancy would react to Davron and such.

Anyway the purpose of this thread is that I'm looking for Chiss players who could partake in such a RP and be like a tribunal as well as high ups for the Ascendancy and such to play out how such a 'tainted' survivor could be accepted into the Chiss or whatever.........coming up with it as I go. I'm hoping that sense De is the one who helped me flesh out/fix my BS that he/she would participate as the one to report to the Ascendancy about Dav. he/she seemed quite interested by it