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Author Topic: The Frozen Frontier ((Open))  (Read 9537 times)

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The Frozen Frontier ((Open))
« on: 07/29/13, 08:05:55 AM »
"How's our position, Wraith?" Savro asked as he entered the bridge. His blue hair was recently trimmed and his beard trimmed to cover his chin only. His "Trophy Armor" had been replaced with a black duster. His Wester at his side was polished and modified with a Holo Scope. He had a coffee in his hand, as it was early in the morning.

"Getting close. Hate not being able to use Lightspeed out here, but we don't want to be thrown of course" Wraith said, staring at his console. Wraith's hair was gone completely and his beard was graying. He wore Mandalorian under armor garments.

Hopper was snoring at his console, obviously not waking up anytime soon. His blonde hair was shaggy and his lanky body seemed to take up very little space in the chair.

"Did we get that Thermal Armor?" Savro asked, then yawned.

"Yeah, they're in the cargo hold. Go ask Nieb if he's got them for us" Wraith answered, still staring at his console.
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Re: The Frozen Frontier ((Open))
« Reply #1 on: 07/29/13, 06:37:13 PM »
Savro walked to the elevator then down the hall, past the East hangar, into the East Cargo Hold, which was maintained by a Sullustan named Nieb. As Savro entered Nieb hopped out of his chair and ran to one of the crates. He popped it open to reveal Thermal Armor from multiple factions and organizations.

"Already knew what I came for, eh? Good work Nieb" Savro said. Nieb just nodded and went back to his chair.

Savro grabbed a set of Mandalorian Thermal Wear and walked towards the elevator. He passed a green Rodian made of plasteel.

"Hey Legion. How are the robotics?"

"Couldn't have done a better job on them" Legion smiled, admiring his own work.

Savro returned to his course down the hall. He rode up the elevator then approached his quarters. He opened the blast doors, revealing a bed, a desk, a holo terminal, a weapon rack, his Trophy Armor, and a painting above his bed. He dropped the armor on his desk and flopped on his bed. He fell asleep instantly.

Wraith came on over the Comms. "Alright Crew, we have reached the Planet of Karn. If you wish to go to the surface, we have Thermal Armor in the East Cargo Hold. Boris, Legion is working on your Hutt Thermal Armor, so be patient. Niko, leave the assault cannon aboard the ship. Hopper, wake the hell up!" a slight smack noise was heard before the Comms went off.

Savro hopped out of bed and put on the Thermal Armor. He slung a Rangehunter on his back and his Wester at his side. He placed his upgraded spear on his back as well as his pack. He made his way to the ramp leading off the Dreadnought, because they had landed the ship to refuel. He walked onto the Planet's snowy surface and was joined by Katral, a Twi'lek named Niko, and Seamus. The made their way to the spaceport and ended up in the cantina of the spaceport.


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Re: The Frozen Frontier ((Open))
« Reply #2 on: 07/29/13, 08:46:49 PM »
All was quiet aboard the ship. It was five minutes until prep time, and Ash had nothing better to do than sit at her desk with her feet propped up and rummage through her personal effects. The current object of study (which she'd been studying since before they'd landed) was a small crystal, slightly orange in color, vibrating ever-so-slightly against her skin.

It'd been a year since that insane business at Zorragga's.

She tossed the crystal up in the air, catching it with the same hand. The contacts they'd gotten from back then had held them up pretty well. There had only been five, but the hunters who'd given them up had been right to say doing so would put them behind. The work had never stopped, and when it did it was only because they'd done everything that needed doing, after which they were recommended to one or two other contacts. The pay had been pretty good too.

Another toss of the crystal. Another catch.

Their current job had been a weapons run. Nothing complicated in of itself, but the job almost reminded her of a quest from a fantasy holobook. They'd needed to pick up different components for the weapons from different locations, then drop off said components at a factory to be thrown together with other components already there, then wait for the weapons to be made and then, finally, take the weapons to the drop point.

And that's where the bad feeling had started. When they had finished loading the assembled weapons, they'd gotten a call from their current boss about a change in locations to avoid theft by a rival. The name of the drop point was changed to a place called Karn, and the moment they'd all heard the name the air nearly tasted of anxiety.

Toss. Catch.

She imagined that by now the hunters she'd let onto her ship had gone to the planet, discovered what they'd needed to, and then left. But the closer her ship had gotten to the planet, the more anxious she'd become. Either the Force was trying to tell her something, or she was being too paranoid, but when she'd seen the planet outside of her window, she hadn't been able to help saying:

"I have a bad feeling about this..."

Maybe the hunters were there? Maybe she'd run into trouble because as they say "third time's a charm"? Or maybe she was just overreacting and there was nothing to worry about?




A sigh. She took her feet down from her desk, stooped to pick up the crystal, and stomped over to the door to open it. As the door opened, she was met with the very exasperated face of a tall Twi'lek man.

"What is it, Corfu."

"I've been knocking at your door for a whole minute! It's time to get suited up, so will ya move it?"

With that, the man walked hurried down the hallway. She groaned inwardly. "Damn space pirate..."

She gave the crystal one last look, then shoved it into the lockbox on her desk and dashed out her door. Within a few minutes she was in the belly of her ship with everyone else tugging on her equipment. This planet was apparently freezing, so they'd needed to buy special gear just to walk from one place to another. A bit of a dent in their pocketbook, but at least it'd be worth it in the end. This job was paying better than anything they'd had so far.

"Okay. You guys remember how this is gonna go, right? The Twi'lek balanced his helmet on his hip, pacing back and forth before them like a trooper. Out of the corner of her vision, Ash saw Wren roll his eyes, and she chuckled a little before Corfu gave her a glare. "First stop is the spaceport. Register the names I gave you there, but don't put your helmets on until after. When we leave the spaceport, keep your helmets on unless I tell you its okay to take 'em off. We'll be going to one of the outposts here and these helmets are the only way we're being identified by our contacts. This needs to stay as quiet as possible or we're kriffed, got it?"

"SIR YES SIR," Wren said loudly. Ash almost thought he was serious until she noticed he was saluting with the wrong hand, and was cross-eyed no less.

She broke out into a vicious bout of giggles, followed by Wren, and Corfu growled. "Of ALL the crews to work with, I had to get stuck with you idiots."

"Aw give it a rest, will you?" Caprice said, waving him off. "You came aboard as an escort, not a captain. You had your chance to bring your ship and said no. Something about it being such a hassle if I recall correctly."

The man clearly had more to say, but the beeping on his wrist forced him from speaking. "Let's get this show on the road!" Ash said enthusiastically, picking up her helmet and her gun.

The other crew members followed suit, Corfu the very last, and he moved to stand at the head of the group. "Remember," he reminded them, "on this planet, you are mercs. Walk like I told you, talk like I told you, and don't try to start anything. This should only take 24 hours unless one of you screws this up."

Ash heave another sigh, deliberately ignoring the knot forming on her stomach as they stepped off the ship. "It's probably nothing," she thought to herself.

With this last thought, she followed the others, standing up straight and walking with military precision (well, as much as she could manage) to the identification desk.
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Re: The Frozen Frontier ((Open))
« Reply #3 on: 07/29/13, 09:02:54 PM »
Savor was cold, and the others knew it. Being Chiss, he was supposed to handle ice. But he was raised on Nar Shaddaa, not Csilla. The way he walked and bounced ever so slightly hinted that we was cold. He ended up breaking off from Seamus, Niko, and Katral, and found his way to the indoor market not far from the Spaceport. He removed his helmet and.... heat. He let out a sigh of relief when he saw them.

There were two of them, both at least seven feet tall. They were reptilian, one white, the other gray. Their heads were thin and narrow and their necks were long. All Savro could think after he saw these creatures was: Tressk. It had been almost a year. Why was he still upset?

He looked away and bought a slab of cooked meat from a stall nearby. He munched on it, taken aback by the saltiness. The man who ran the stall offered him a Thermos of water, which he graciously accepted.


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Re: The Frozen Frontier ((Open))
« Reply #4 on: 07/29/13, 10:07:56 PM »
Registering of their (fake) names hadn't taken too long, and the moment they set foot past the registry, hey donned their helmets.

"Do we really have to leave these on the whole time?" Wren asked, holding his helmet at arm's length with some disdain.

"For the most part, yeah," Ash replied, taking the helmet from his hands so he could arrange his lekku to fit. "Just mind what Corfu says, okay? He may be an ass but he's run this thing more times than we have."

"And lucky for you this 'ass' is a forgiving man," said Corfu, giving Ash a light swat over the head.

"Ouch! What the hell was that for?"

"To remind you not to get into trouble this time!" he replied, shoving her helmet into her hands. "I heard the stories from Caprice even before I knew I was coming on board your ship. Made me think Wren was the older one!"

Wren snickered beside her. "I'm not a damned kid, you son of a Hutt. And you know that Cap likes to exaggerate when something annoys her." She put her helmet down, holding a hairband between her teeth as she gathered her cropped hair with her hands.

"Still," the Twi'lek replied with a shrug. "I heard about what happened at Zorragga's, and a few missions after that. This job isn't about curiosity."

"What if I see the hunters again?" she asked, her voice a little quieter.

Corfu's face grew a little more serious, and he took a moment before opening his mouth to answer. Caprice beat him to it. "Then make like you don't recognize them," she said, fixing her pulled up hair with feminine precision. "Be happy you've got a helmet to wear. It'll keep away more than just people who might remember you."

Ash bent down to pick up the helmet, staring at it for a moment before securing it over her head, and followed the others out.

The plan was that they were each to wander around the markets near the cantina while Corfu and Cap chatted with a contact in the cantina. The cantina itself was considered a technical safe zone, as some "helpers" of the man they were making the delivery to worked there. They were to observe the surrounding area and amuse themselves until they were either called for or half an hour passed.

"How in this galaxy am I going to survive out here for thirty minutes?" Ash thought, shivering as soon as the door to the outside opened. Corfu and Caprice, who were both more experienced than herself and had run jobs in all manners of extreme weather, simply ambled through the snow. She and Wren, however, were shaking all over as they made their way toward the lights of the markets.

By the time they got there her teeth were chattering so loudly that she swore the others could hear her through her helmet's comms.

"Uh...what do we do about food?" Wren asked.

"Hmm, forgot about that. ...If you do end up eating something just do it with discretion. I don't know if the boss' competition knows our faces. They couldn't cause more trouble than we could take, but it pays to be cautious."

"Thaaat's a little paranoid, don't you think?"

"Look kid, I'm just following what the boss told me. I'm not fooling around if it means the difference between getting paid or not."

Wren shrugged, his voice jumbled by his helmet's comms. "Fair enough."

After a few more minutes of talk the group split up. It didn't take long for Wren to become preoccupied with what little machinery there was for sale, and Ash made her way toward one of the indoor markets nearest to the spaceport. A hot drink sounded really good right about now.

The moment she entered the market, she sighed happily at the warmth enveloping her. The knot in her stomach came back tenfold, but she did her best to ignore it, perusing some of the wares near one of the food stalls and trying to decide if it was worth the price...or even if it tasted good.
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Re: The Frozen Frontier ((Open))
« Reply #5 on: 07/29/13, 10:47:53 PM »
Savro approached the lizards and pulled a green crystal out of his pocket.

"Excuse me, but could eith-" he was cut off by a loud screech coming from both lizards, catching Savro off guard.


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Re: The Frozen Frontier ((Open))
« Reply #6 on: 07/29/13, 11:13:53 PM »
A loud screeching interrupted her perusing. She acted on instinct, only barely managing not to immediately grab her blaster out of its holster before running through the tiny aisle she was in and making a sharp left.

She nearly tripped as she came to a halt at the sight in front of her. Sure enough, she'd found the source of the screeching.

And the hunter attached to it.

"FORCE...KRIFFING...BLAST IT," she cursed inwardly.

Fortunately for her she was a) wearing a helmet and armor, and b) not holding her blaster in her hand.

...Unfortunately, she was now incredibly close to the stall that said hunter was at. It'd be a wonder if he didn't notice her just standing there.
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Re: The Frozen Frontier ((Open))
« Reply #7 on: 07/29/13, 11:23:45 PM »
Savro staggered backwards at the screeching. The gray lizard stepped forward.

"An outsider with a Trocco Crystal? This is very bad..." he said in a raspy voice.

Trocco Crystal. Mental note for Savro.


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Re: The Frozen Frontier ((Open))
« Reply #8 on: 07/29/13, 11:43:54 PM »
Ash could only just make out the lizard's words. What the heck was a...what did he call it? A 'trowko' crystal?

She pulled out her holocommunicator, doing her best to act as though she had an urgent message to relay, and she walked back the way she came. Hopefully the hunter wouldn't notice so she could tell the others.
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Re: The Frozen Frontier ((Open))
« Reply #9 on: 07/30/13, 01:12:55 AM »
Savro got a puzzled look on his face. "Trocco?"

The two lizards looked at each other and took off into a large hole in the corner of the market.

"Damn Caffaris, always skittish" a shop owner said.

"I guess so..." Savro said as he placed the crystal back in his pocket. He turned and placed his helmet on his head before exiting the market, and back into the cold. The sun was already going down on the still Tundra.


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Re: The Frozen Frontier ((Open))
« Reply #10 on: 07/30/13, 09:57:14 AM »
She forced herself to walk away casually until she was out of sight, then hurried back down the small aisle of wares.

This wasn't good. It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't good either. If she wasn't on a job it wouldn't have been so bad to see the hunters again. But the tiny track record of working with bounty hunters said that trouble always followed them, and trouble had definitely followed Savro and his crew last she worked with them.

"And I do not need trouble right now. We're too close to finishing this job."

At that moment she realized her holocomm was beeping, and she pressed her fingers into the side of her helmet.

"Hey, we're done talking! Get your tail to the cantina!"

"Demanding, aren't we," she said lowly, walking quickly out into the snow and toward the suggested location. "Didya get a hold of Wren?"

"He's already here because HE answered his comm call on time. We're all waiting for you!"

She cursed softly. "Sorry, got a little preoccupied. I'll...." She looked around, then whispered. "Tell you when I get there."

The comm cut without a response, and she jogged through the cold to the cantina.

The cantina itself wasn't huge so it was easy to spot her crew. And thankfully their contact wasn't sitting with them at the moment.

"What took ya, Captain?" Wren asked, scooting over a little.

"You can take your helmet off now, by the way," Corfu said absently, sipping at what smelled like a warm brandy.

Tempting as it was to partake, she kept her helmet on. "You know how I said I got preoccupied? Well, there was some screeching in the market." Here, Caprice rested her face in her hand with some exasperation, assuming trouble. "Oh don't give me that, I didn't start it! Its the hunter from Zorragga's. He's here, and I'll bet his crew's here too."

"Dammit," Caprice said softly. "This might be trouble." She tugged her helmet back on, and so did Wren.

"You sure these guys are that dangerous?"

"Its not that their dangerous...in a sense. But you said this depended on us not being recognized. Confidentiality. The guys knows our faces, and I don't wanna get roped into whatever he's doing. Think of it as precaution. He can't be here just to see the sites."

"Right," Corfu replied, rubbing his temple with a few fingers. "...Look, I don't need more than one person with me at the moment. When our contact returns and we've talked for a few minutes, head back to the ship. Then we'll fly out to the designated outpost."

At that moment, said contact came out with a tray of drinks for his "guests", and sat down. The next few minutes were business talk, but Ash was half-distracted, wondering about the crystal on her ship. What was so bad about her having it?
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Re: The Frozen Frontier ((Open))
« Reply #11 on: 07/30/13, 10:47:16 AM »
Katral had been sitting alone in the corner of the room for a while now. Seamus and Niko had gone out to find Savro and Katral didn't want the snow to freeze his joints. When the tall Twi'lek walked in with the Vhiss woman, he thought nothing of it. When the second Twi'lek walked in, Katral zoomed his vision in to study him. Sure enough, Katral recognized the boy as his temporary mechanic from Hutta.

The boy sat there with the two, shivering. The Twi'lek man was yelling into his comms, but not mentioning who he was talking to. A fourth person came into the cantina, helmeted. She spoke to them quietly and they all replaced their helmets. Whatever it was, it must've been trouble. Katral rose and passed their table on the way out of the cantina. He exited the Spaceport to head back to the Landing Zone of the Base.


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Re: The Frozen Frontier ((Open))
« Reply #12 on: 07/30/13, 01:00:55 PM »
When their conact sat he became absorbed with what Corfu and Caprice were saying, leaving Wren and Ash almost completely out of the picture. Wren was grateful for this. He didn't know half of what they were talking about and didn't even want to try jumping into the conversation. Plus, it was almost hilarious how their contact was hanging on Caprice's every word, evidently enthralled by their lovely Chiss coordinator.

"No wonder Corfu brought her along first."

Soon after he'd slipped on his helmet, a very tall man had wandered by the table. Wren didn't pay much attention to him until he'd caught what he thought was a glint of metal out of the corner of his eye. He craned his neck to look back at the door as the man exited.  "Uh...Captain?" he whispered, turning back around to look at her.


"...I think I just saw the giant metal man."

"What?" she whispered furiously. "How did you not spot him before? Was he here the entire time you two sat with your helmets off?"

"I don't know, okay?"

A clearing of the throat told them to turn their heads forward, and Corfu gestured toward the door. "You two prep the ship. We make our drop in twenty."

"Aye, sir," Ash answered as gruffly as she could, and practicallu yanked Wren up from his seat toward the exit. Nehind them their contact chuckled, saying something about how the kid getting yanked up must be on his first job, prompting Caprice to laugh and ask their contact to tell them more about this planet that reminded her so much of home~.

Once outside, Ash grabbed Wren's wrist to make him stop walking and spun around to face him. "HOW did you not spot that giant, hulking piece of metal in a small cantina?!"

"I don't know! Its dark in there!"

"I told you to keep a weather eye out once we landed!"

"How come you didn't spot him when YOU walked in?!"

"I was rushing in to tell you I'd spotted his boss! AND, my face was hidden under my helmet! You should've take a 360 view of the cantina!" She would've continued, but noticed that he was now looking down down at his feet, shaking just a little.

"...I really screwed up didn't I."

Ash stared at him, then heaved a sigh and slung an arm around his shoulder, giving his shoulder a squeeze. "I'm sorry, kid. I shouldn't be yelling at ya. We're all on edge and I'm not helping anyone by getting mad. And hey, we're headed back to the ship anyway. If we hurry, we won't be spotted."

He didn't have his helmet off, but she could sense the relief starting to flood him, as well as something if a smile on his face.

"We'd better hurry then," he said, his voice a little happier now. "There's talk of a storm coming. We'll be caught in the middle if we don't move."

She gave his shoulder one last squeeze before letting go, and they made their way toward the markets that faced the spaceport.

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Re: The Frozen Frontier ((Open))
« Reply #13 on: 07/30/13, 01:24:21 PM »
Katral entered the Dreadnought, his joints mildly frozen. He made his way through the halls to the repair room where Legion had been tweaking Boris the Hutt's armor. Katral knocked and asked in Mando'a:

"Where's Savro?"

Legion turned to him "I believe he's still on the planetary surface, why?"

Katral shook his head and grabbed his rifle "Never mind, I'll find him"

Meanwhile, Seamus and Niko had found Savro in a small diner type place.

"Trocco? Wot the hell is a Trocco?" Seamus asked in between chews of a Nerf Steak

"I guess it's the type of crystal. Judging by the Caffari's looks, I'd say these suckers are trouble. Especially if Kurga was smuggling them" Savro said, turning the crystal in his hand.

"Isn't it curious? Kurga attacked Zorragga's party with these crystals on board? What if it was intentional, Savro? Maybe he wanted you to find them. You did say he fled quick instead of protecting his cargo" Niko said as he ate his burger he ordered.

Savro's eyes widened "You may be right, Niko! Damn when did you get so analytical? If Kurga wanted us here on Karn, then I feel we may have a fight on our hands"

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Re: The Frozen Frontier ((Open))
« Reply #14 on: 07/30/13, 04:09:00 PM »
Katral wandered down the halls, headed to his quarters to grab his Insulating Coating. He places the Promethium over his joints and tested them. While he was moving his right arm up and down, Wraith walked in.

"I thought you were on the Surface" Wraith said, leaning in the doorway.

"I was separated from Savro. It was too cold for my joints to go searching, so I grabbed the Thermal Coating"

"Hmph... Figures Savro would run off like that. Have you given any thought to my offer?" Wraith crossed his arms.

Katral turned his head "You may have saved my conscious, but I'm not a traitor. Savro is our leader and I'm loyal to him. Kurga can keep his money"

Wraith shook his head "Savro is too young and too inexperienced to lead, and you know that. If you won't help me, then you're a fool" Wraith drew his blaster and fired at Katral's head. The Promethium Taung fell, clattering to the floor.

"Time to go visit our friend Savro" Wraith pulls out his holocom "Kurga, I'm headed to West Mountain, I'll meet you there after I kill Savro. I'll bring his head"

A Chiss with long hair and a full beard appeared and grinned

"Good. I'm glad you accepted me offer, John. Kurga, out"