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Things to Sell!
« on: 08/09/13, 01:09:28 PM »
Yodels folks.  Master Craftsman....Find Random Stuff and Sell It....

Anyways.... I have some stuff that I'd like to sell,I think these items are great for RP, and I wouldn't want to see them go to waste on the GTN! 

Rancor Holo-Replica  I'd like 150k for this, but I'm sure I can be talked down a little.

Deep Red and White Dye Module  GTN right now is at 200k...Going down slowly.  75k, and we've got a deal.

Guard Captain's Chest  So this piece, can't find on the GTN.  Offer me a price?

Remote Control Starship  I'm seeing 100k on the GTN, talk me down?

I'm in game on Stun-locked right now, but I'll be away as of 6 P.M. server time, I'll be back Monday.