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Karmic Becomes a Darth
« on: 08/13/12, 03:21:57 PM »
"AKA: A Darthing We Will Go.."


Finally, whole dang RP converted into story form.  I hope everyone finds it easy to read - and I tried to break up the posts in natural ways and keep the length down as much as possible.

Apologizing ahead of time for tense-issues.  It gets all confusing when translating RP into "storyform paragraphs" and my tenses get all turned aroundn so I hope any switching that is left is not too distracting  ;D

Other than a few mishaps with screenshots here and there, 99% of all text is quoted directly from the event.  I did no paraphrasing of any of the actions or quotes, and only had to try and remember a few passages as best I could because I apparently missed a minute or two in between statements here and there in  the screenshots.   :-\  In game chat logs how I miss you.

And for those who were there - I put in more exposition of Karmic's frame of mind during all of that that was not present (for obvious reasons) in the actual event; so hopefully its still entertaining to read - you might want to skip to the actual fight part to get to parts that would be new to you ;).

FYI - Karmic's "special" ability she uses in this fight is only EVER used with full RP permission and discussion.  I see it as a "very serious" ability that she doesn't use frivolously or just for any reason or fight. When she ended up developing this way I had, and still have, no idea if its really "lore" or not - but wanted it to work.  For those who wish never to see her use this ability, they never will.  I only bring it out with permission first.  She's not going to bring it out if anyone ever challenges me to a regular ol' RP fight.   8)

And of course, before I post this up - a huge, sincere, heartfelt, thank you to those who were there the night Karmic became a Darth.  Ampere, Adeel, Deius, and Jen'rhak you've all been so intstrumental in her becoming who she is - there aren't words to thank you guys for your support and tolerance and attentions these past 7 months.  I miss RPing with all of you on a more regular basis and wish we just all had more time to interact with each other.  And thanks Annette for being the surprise witness *giggles* ;).

Thanks to everyone - seriously thank you - all of you who showed up for the party afterwards.  My heart was filled with love and acceptance just knowing people came out to say congrtaz.  I realize it was only truly a big deal to me in my head - but it took 7 months from launch to get there and I just really love I didn't have to celebrate it alone.

Last but not least, Taelios.  What can I say man - you've been through it all with her, and with me, and and I love you.  Little did I know when I first saw you that night in the NS Cantina, a couple weeks after launch, on my "first night out to RP" where this would all lead us and what a lovely new friend I would make.  None of how Karmic turned out would probably have ever happened without Tae to play off of ..and conflict with...;).  He really was the perfect Master for Karmic and they fit so well together in certain ways its Karmic's words, "scary."  And it only grows from here.

I hope someone enjoys!

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Re: Karmic Becomes a Darth
« Reply #1 on: 08/13/12, 03:24:26 PM »
"Karmic.  Contact those who are close to you and bring them to Illum."

That was all she heard before Taelios cut contact and shutdown his com.  She frowned, curious.  She was now with Saline on her ship, heading to Illum.  She had made sure to contact a few more people who were close to her;  having no idea what Taelios wanted with everyone but following orders as best she could given the limited information.

They arrived on Illum and quickly made their way down to the Cantina at the base - no one was outside so Karmic figured this was the best bet for a gathering place involving Master.  She was not disappointed.  As they came in sight of the Cantina, she saw everyone she had called there.  Jen'rhak and Deius,  Ampere and Adeel, and even Annette was there.

She smiled, still a bit surprised and curious about what Taelios was up to.  She waved and greeted everyone, "Afternoon...nice to see you all here..."

But before anyone could say anything further, Taelios walked past all of them heading out of the Cantina.  "Please, if you will all come with me..."

Karmic turned, shrugging, and followed him.  As did everyone else.

He gathered them in front of the Imperial Base, just outside.  Not speaking until they had all arrived and looked expectantly at him.  Karmic observed the others, frowning at the tension she was perceiving between Deius,  Jen,  and Taelios.  She glanced to each of them, but said nothing.

"I imagine you are curious as to why I asked you to come here, correct?"  Talieos announced.

Everyone gathered nodded or otherwise responded that yes, they were curious.  Karmic merely smiled at him, "Ahh...yes Master, I am."

"Very good.   A curious mind is an active one and one that does not stagnate.  Your curiosity will be sated in time, dear Apprentice.   First, a philosophical question."  Taelios continued to address everyone, speaking slowly and calmly - a stark contrast, most would feel, to his usual mannerisms.

Tae continued, "What is the definition of Power?  I ask this to all those present."

Karmic thought a moment, wanting to hold her answer in until some of those Senior to her responded.  But in the end she couldn't stop herself from just going ahead and answering first.  "Power is...the ability to effect others.  In any way."  Karmic smirked.  Boiling down a more complex answer into its simplest parts, she felt.

Tae nods at her words, "There is more to it, though. Anyone else?"

Saline offered up, "To effect or manipulate others without resistance."

It was quiet for another handful of seconds, Deius and Jen just stood looking at Tae.  Finally Tae remarked, "Deius.  Jen'rhak. I find myself waiting for your answers.  Indulge me."

Jen shifted her gaze from Tae to Deius and then back again, giving him a frosty look.  "In addition to manipulating the environment in which you move and the people in it, those with power command the respect of those around them, such that they will be willing to subjugate themselves to your will.  And, interestingly, those who wield it most adeptly, do it for the betterment of those surrounding them, with the goal of serving a higher cause...Power 'inspires' some may say."

Karmic smiles hearing Jen's answer, but she keeps whatever she is thinking to herself.

Deius clears his throat a moment, looking up to Taelios.  His voice had a hint of frustration, almost as if he was hinting at something.  "I will define it to you as my old Master, with whom I am sure you have much experience with, explained it to me.  Power is the ability to control your surroundings, and those around you.  It is the ability to act effectively, even in the face of unfavorable circumstances.  In a sense, it's the ability to have some control over your destiny."

Taelios nods at Deius, snickering softly at the mention of 'my old Master.'   Deius tenses his right hand at the Sith's reaction.  Karmic raises an eyeridge and sighs softly, glancing between them both.

Taelios continues, "Those of you present have in some way been affected by Karmic's power, deeply enough that it has moved you to heed her call."

His words cause Karmic to blink a bit in shock and surprise.  She would have started blushing thinking about that statement but Taelios turned, "Very good, very good.  Let's continue our excursion," and started walking.  She could only resume following him.  But her mind was whirling.

They walked a short distance in silence.  Karmic took the opportunity to look up at the skies of Illum, and smiled.  They were always beautiful and she never got tired of looking at them.   The vastness of Illum's sky put her at ease for some reason, and its beauty never failed to make her smile.

She returned her attention back down to the group, as they had apparently arrived to where Tae wanted to be.  He spoke again, "I am of the opinion that power can be defined as prowess in combat, prowess in the force, influence in the political spectrum, or simply the ability to go unnoticed and as such, undisturbed in one's labors."

They climbed up onto some ice ridges before Taelios stopped, and turned to face Karmic.

"Fight me. Now.  It is my intent to slay you so you had better slay me first." 

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Re: Karmic Becomes a Darth
« Reply #2 on: 08/13/12, 03:26:13 PM »
Karmic  jerked her head to look at him, "What?"

Without warning, Tae arcs a bolt of lightning directly into Karmic's chest.

Those around her settle in to watch this contest, most with impassive looks on their faces - but a few watch concerned.

Karmic gasps and her whole body jerks as she's hit with his charge.  She shakes herself, taking a step back and eyeing Tae oddly.  She slowly draws her saber and it pops it on as she then drops a force shield around her.
She steps into him then, slashing at him quickly, several times, with her saber - testing him.

Tae responds with a series of calculated strikes, interjecting with a few verbal taunts - "You are weak. And it seems the concept of power is foreign to you after all."

" is not... my slay you.." Karmic half-whispers, as she continues to push towards him, twirling her saber faster now, including both high and low strikes and then ending by slamming a jolt of electricity into his chest.

Tae cackles as he is knocked off his feet by her jolt.  He springs back up and begins his own swift series of strikes, ending  them also with another jolt of lightning.  "Make it your intent to do so...or you will not survive this day."

Karmic's mind whirled.  She knew why Tae was doing this but she also knew he knew, she would not kill him.  She would never hurt him.  She loved him.  More than anything in her existence, she could never kill him - it terrified her to even think about him dying and leaving her alone.  What was he hoping to accomplish?  She couldn't help but start to get angry and upset at the position he was putting her in.

As her emotions rose she felt less of his physical attacks upon her.  She stood and just took the jolt he sent at her.  "Weak..." she snickered, blocking each of his attacks and returning again with strikes of her own.  "Is that not more a reflection of you, as a Master, than me?"  She laughs, shocking him repeatedly this time.   "You're going to kill me then?"  She snorts, rolling her eyes.

There were other ways to gain her Darth title.  She knew he understood that.  By the Darkness, he certainly hadn't made her a Lord by any standard protocol.  Why was he doing this to try and make her Darth? Why was he asking her to kill him in order to prove it.  Did he not understand what it would do to her?  How could he not... Her thoughts continued to race.  Her anger rising along with pain.  Hurt that he was putting her through this.  Hurt that he had picked this method to test her; he who never did anything expected or normal like this.  She couldn't wrap her brain around the idea that he could want to put her through this.

"You are, at the very least, skilled with your tongue. I believe that is what I said...however." Taelios retorted.  If he felt any of her turmoil she couldn't tell.

Suddenly Tae hissed, clutching his hand together and bringing a crushing pressure around Karmic's body.  "Kill, or be killed."

Karmic growls in response and throws herself at him even more fiercely, trying to break his concentration by attacking.  Her movements spin faster, becoming a blur even as the force tightens and the pressure increases around her.  She fights to ignore it and command her body to continue to respond, hammering  Tae with blows.

Tae only parries a few of her blows, twitching as her saber glances off of his armor here and there.  He sidesteps and leans to avoid others.  Until he finally sends a jolt of force energy into Karmic's chest once more.

"Slay me...or kneel before me now in the position you will be in for the rest of your life.  Subservient."  His words hit her harder than his force energy ever could.

She gasped at his last jolt, glaring at him as he spoke, "I..don'"  His words cut through her anguish.  She would not be stuck kneeling before him, or anyone else.  Her anger overtook her hesitancy and she snarled. 
Karmic raised her hand as if to send more force at him, but instead of launching power at him, she took it.  Taelios felt a familiar tug within him as she began to draw his energy into her.  Only not slowly or gently as she had with him before, but rapidly.  His force drains off of him and comes under her control.  Power swirls around her as she takes more of his energy, unable to contain it all but unwilling to stop taking it from him.

The others react - feeling, some seeing, the rise in power flowing around them.  Saline half-closes her eyes watching the power move between her fellow Apprentice and her Master.  Adeel's expression changes to one of concern.  Jen and Deius do not react, neither does Annette, who is oblivious to the forces being wrangled in front of her.  Ampere's face takes on a look of extreme concentration - he knows Karmic's abilities and what she's capable of - he forms a protective barrier between the observants and the combatants.

Tae snickers softly, even as he feels his force begin to drain.  He howls, raising his own hand and starting to pull back against Karmic.  She felt the flow into her stop and begin to reverse as Tae concentrated.  "Weak...Pathetic."
Karmic became furious! He would not even be able to use this ability if she had never shown it to him to begin with!  Had never trusted him enough to show him!  And now he was trying to use it against her!  As if he was stronger in this than she was.   She knew he was not.

She growls and jerks her hand back to her side.  She needed no assistance to do what she was born to do.  To use her gift to its fullest, all she had to do was think about it...and just let go.

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Re: Karmic Becomes a Darth
« Reply #3 on: 08/13/12, 03:28:10 PM »
She just stares at Taelios, concentrating on the feeling of his force inside of him.  She rips through what little resistance he was giving her and yanks his force back away from him.  Her entire body now absorbing the energy she pulled from him.  "You..will not..use that...against me!"

Taelios yelps in surprise at Karmic's resolve and renewed effort.  He raises both of his hands and begins to try to tug against her again, the conflict causing lightning to spark between the pair.

Ampere strains to intensify the barrier as he feels Karmic's power growing.  Aware that she could start drawing from everything around her, he maintains his barrier around all the others to protect them.

Karmic grins and absorbs the lightening, she easily ignores his attempts to pull his force energy back.  This is her gift, one she had worked hard to bring under control - his attempts to thwart her amounting to nothing as she continues to siphon his force energy to her.

"It can't hurt me...if its mine..." she says, half-growling.  Her eyes shine with power as the force energy swirls around her at greater speeds and pressures; melting the ice around them as it spills away from her in all directions.  Suddenly, Karmic executes a spinning kick to Tae's face, knocking his helmet away.  It bounces to the ground.  Jen'rhak smiles faintly as she sees Karmic twist the force to her command against Taelios and then add insult to injury by kicking away his mask.

Tae's helmet flies from his head, revealing a face a far cry from the youthful Darth Taelios.  Indeed, it seemed he was beginning to show his age for once.  His face pale and taught, he began to wheeze and hiss as his mouth contorted into a smile as he felt his force leaving him.   He even began to giggle before he collapsed into a heap, becoming eerily still.  As the last of his force energy leaves him, his constant laughter and giggling echo through the ice formations surrounding the group, though Taelios himself is entirely still.

The group stands, watching, perhaps surprised.  Annette's eyes widen as she stares at the collapsed form of Taelios.  Deius takes a deep breath, a small noise escaping the confines of his helmet, "Hmm..."  Saline grips Adeel's arm as the power moves through the air, her eyes almost glow as she remains fixated on the two.  Adeel  whispers, "Master?"  Ampere looks at Karmic with extreme concern, knowing she'd never drained a Darth like that before - has never pulled so much power to her before.

Karmic just continues to drain off of Tae even as he collapses, seemingly unaware for a few moments of what's just happened.  Its when she suddenly realizes she's no longer drawing from his force, but his life energy, that the flows cut off suddenly. 

She blinks, at first confused.  "Master..." she whispers.  Though she's no longer drawing from him, power continues to flow off of her.   Levels of power far exceeding what she's normally use to, the familiar side-effects of  'riding high', as she thinks of it, start to kick in.

Jen hisses 'idiot' as she senses Karmic cut off the final thrust of her attack.

Her senses overwhelmed, Karmic just stands and stares at Tae's body.  She attempts, in vain, to try and filter the information she's receiving - to slow it down to more manageable levels.  She'd learned through use how to control this side-effect of her gift somewhat; how to extend her normal levels of sensation and emotional control to compensate for the higher levels of power - and thus information - flowing into her.  But she'd never drained someone of Taelios's power - and in the ensuing confusion - was finding it much harder than usual to control for the excess energy.   

Her emotions, always unstable in this state, teeter on the brink of panic as Tae's lifeless body lays on the ground.  Her senses pour over him and detect nothing.  No activity. No heartbeat.  His mind is blank.  She feels nothing through their bond.

Finally, she moves.  As the realization hits her, she gasps and drops to her knees next to Tae.  "Tae..Tae! did not just..." she starts off whispering, over and over but within a few words she's screaming, running her hands over and around him and then shaking him.

Tae remains passive to Karmic's movements; his skin cold to the touch.

Karmic whimpers, pulling Tae into her lap and holding him to her, "" she whispers.   The overabundance of force energy violently whirling around them both now, sparking with tension and emotion.

Saline's eyes snap open, "...He wouldn't..."

Adeel grips Ampere's hand tightly, her jaw clenched.  Jen just watches Karmic closely, seemingly unconcerned by Taelios' condition.  She waits to see if the woman will claim her right of domination.

Karmic notices nothing else as she holds Tae.  Her mind reeling.  She didn't mean to do this! How could he push her! Why did he make her lose control?  Why did he have to taunt her using her own gift!  How could she have done this to him?  He was her everything..her mia vita.   She would have died before hurting him and yet...he's dead.  She's killed him...she...killed...him.  HE'S GONE!  Her mind begins to fracture trying to deal with the reality of what she's done.  She wrestles with herself, refusing to accept the truth.  She grabs at straws of ideas running through her overwhelmed and overwrought mind.  'no...' her mind repeats, 'I refuse to accept this is the end.'
Tears stream down her face as she gently sets Tae back down and stands next to him.  She knows its a long shot, but she has to try something...anything.  She will do this.

She opens her arms above them both, calling the power she's taken from him to her and calling to her own wells of power; the power she's always trying to contain, always trying to control - to protect others from herself.  She
draws more and more of it within her, holding it.  Straining her vast webs of inner security-  she pulls it all in.

"You...are not..LEAVING ME!" She cries out .  A bright stream of pure force energy erupts out of her as she swiftly returns it back to Tae - directing it all into him.  She collapses back onto her knees as the stream winks out, panting and gasping for air.

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Re: Karmic Becomes a Darth
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Jen'rhak throws her arms up to shield her face from the maelstrom Karmic released; her jaw works silently, her disapproval apparent.   Ampere's shield collapses under the onslaught, but he manages to keep those behind it safe as he also drops to his knees next to Adeel.  Deius turns his head an inch to the side, allowing the visor to deflect most of the small debris and light.

There are a few lingering seconds of silence and then Taelios coughs, slightly, the color begins rapidly pouring back into his skin.  He rolls onto his side and spits a massive pool of blood.  Whimpering in pain for a moment, he manages to open his eyes.  His first sight being Karmic, kneeling before him.  He hisses something inaudible.  As if jolted by lightening, he begins to twitch, giggling as if being tickled all the while.  This persists for about a minute, before subsiding.

Karmic edges next to him, pulling him up into her lap again, unphased by the blood or his giggling.  She sobs, "You...what..why did that?  Don't Ever. Do that. Again.."  she places her forehead against his, giggling herself now at hearing his laughter.  Giddy and only registering one fact - Tae was alive.

Taelios places a plam on the ground and pushes himself to his feet, pulling Karmic up with him in a long and passionate kiss.  He starts brushing off his armor, giggling again.  Karmic rises with him and kisses him back breathlessly.  Drained and in shock, she leans against him, trembling.   

Saline let's out a long breath and smiles at Tae and Karmic.  Adeel stares at him.  Ampere remarks quietly, "Apparently, there is something that trumps power..." as he starts to rise himself; his face drained and sweat beading up on his skin.  Deius remains still as a statue, his arms crossed, as he watches their embrace.  Annette smiles at the two of them, looking like she's going to cry happily.

"I...didn't think you'd actually be able to, I'll be honest," Tae starts to speak, "I have learned much from today, it seems.  Step...back a moment, love."

Karmic just blinks and nods, her mind blank.  She steps back from him and just stands there looking at him; as if she's still trying to believe he's standing  again in front of her.

Once she steps back, Taelios continues, "In recognition of your power in the Force, and having bested a Darth in single combat; honoring the trials and tribulations through which you have persevered, the enemies you have crushed and maimed in your way, and your devotion to the Sith Code and the strength and prolonging of the Glory of the Empire - I strip you of the title Lady Karmic, and name you Darth Azathoth."

Karmic stares at him, blinking some more as his words slowly register with her.  A huge grin breaks across her face and she giggles, "Tha...Thank you, Ma...Taelios.  I'm..I'm honored."

Karmic looks over to Ampere, as if noticing him for the first time.  "Ampere..are...are you alright?"

Ampere nods, "I am fine. Really.  And I suppose congratulations are in order."  Though he looks oddly at Taelios. 
Adeel smiles, "Yes.  Congratulations Karmic."  "Darth Azathoth, " says Annette, as she bows before Karmic.

Karmic just continues to grin, "Yes..I suppose they are."  She bows her head deeply to them, "Thank you."

Deius says, "Indeed...congratulations Darth." He bows his head slightly.  "Might I offer you one piece of advice now that you have joined our ranks?"

Karmic nods, her head turning to follow Tae as he begins to leave - and then turning back to Deius. "Of course."

Deius nods, "Next time that happens...finish it."  He kept his tone light, in such a way that it did not come across as chastising.

"If it was anyone else, " Karmic looks at him seriously, "They'd still be dead."

"Good," continued Deius, "but remember, one day it might be him."

Karmic  frowned back at him a moment, speaking softly,  "No. It won't be."

She excuses herself from the group after making her thanks, hurrying to follow Tae before he boards his ship.

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