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Author Topic: The Way of the Knife: Nykel Rooks  (Read 534 times)

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The Way of the Knife: Nykel Rooks
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Early Life

Born on Corellia, the wealthy capital world of the Corellian Sector, Nykel Rooks grew up knowing only the Cold War. After losing his father his family moved to the desert planet of Arez, a dusty world known for its mining and technology industries. Rooks had a relatively normal life in his formative years, but became aware of galactic current events after the Sacking of Coruscant. As a child of the sheltered Core Worlds, it was this event that first interested him in military service. He attended the University of Arez in the city of Antara, and after graduating Rooks joined the Corellian Defense Force. His intellect quickly garnered immediate attention, and he was soon selected for special operations training. After an accelerated training battery implemented in preparation for the outbreak of war, he was assigned to Corellian Special Operations Forces Command (SOFCOM).

The Cold War

Less than month after being assigned to SOFCOM, Nykel's unit was dispatched as part of a Corellian Intelligence operation on Balmorra supporting the insurgency against the Sith. Alongside other clandestine Republic forces who had used high-tech hyperspace beacons to land volunteer troops directly onto Balmorra, Rooks and his team soon became overwhelmed as the Sith cracked down and dismantled the resistance. In the space of just a few weeks his team found itself behind enemy lines in an occupied Balmorra. Linking up with the remnants of the insurgency, Rooks and his operators were forced to fight for their lives as they were hunted by Imperial troops in Balmorra's former capital.

Yet over time the Balmorran resistance rebuilt itself, and the Republic returned in full force to liberate the planet. Seeking to exploit the chaos of the battle, Mandalorian slavers under the warleader Monta Drai took this opportunity to enslave one final shipment of Balmorrans before the planet fell. Captured defending a village of civilians from a last-minute slave raid, Nykel helped hold off the Mandalorians long enough for a handful of Balmorran locals to escape, although the sight of seeing so many taken and enslaved would haunt him for the rest of his life. Deemed unsuitable for sale as a slave due to his military training and discipline, Rooks was sold to the Imperial occupation force and sent to the prison city of Shadow Town on Nar Shaddaa, where he faced routine interrogations and abuse.

After spending half a year in Imperial captivity, he was returned to Corellia through a prisoner exchange between Imperial Intelligence and the Republic SIS. Upon his return home, Nykel was debriefed and interrogated routinely, having spent so long a time off the grid and among the enemy. Viewed with suspicion by his debriefers, a common occurrence in the last years of the Cold War, he soon became embittered with his government. Even after this extensive process, Rooks was placed on paid leave from the CDF and told he could not travel offworld, his security clearance frozen. His career appeared to be at its end when he was approached by Corellian Security (Corsec) in an investigation of a conspiracy at the top echelons of the government. Unfortunately, the closer he got to unraveling the Corellian Council's plans, the more danger he put himself in. He had arrived too late to stop what was to come.

The Second Galactic War

A month after his return the Corellian government defected to the Sith Empire, and the Cold War erupted into the greatest conflict the Galaxy had yet seen. Torn between his duty to obey his country and the resentment of his country's leaders for their betrayal, Rooks made the difficult choice to join the resistance and drive the Sith from his home after Prime Minister Cal Falcone was murdered at the hand of Darth Tormen. Signing up with the rebellion in its early stages, by the end of the conflict he inherited command of a small but well-trained militia in the Red Light Sector of Coronet, using local crime lords and brothels as an improvised surveillance system to monitor Imperial movements. Applying the tactics he picked up from the Balmorran resistance, Nykel and his troops began the long guerrilla struggle against the Sith. Through persistence and luck, Rooks' Rebels survived setback after setback to see the Republic return and help liberate their world from the tyranny of Darth Decimus. Losing an eye in a hand-to-hand struggle against a Sith sorcerer, Rooks helped retake the Corellian executive palace in the last days of the battle. He would eventually be awarded Second-Class Blood Stripes for his actions in the resistance. Vindicated for his time in Shadow Town, he was returned to special operations duty and spent the rest of the war against the Sith fighting behind enemy lines.

This ended abruptly as the Eternal Empire of Zakuul invaded the Galaxy. While investigating the disappearance of a Republic listening post on the periphery of Wild Space, Rooks was one of the first men to witness the Eternal Empire's ruthless military. Dispatched to Denon to aid in its defense, he faced the full brutality of Zakuul's occupation tactics. Fighting a losing battle against the legions of Skytroopers on the urbanized world, Rooks spent the last days of the war fighting through a vertical battlefield until the Republic surrendered to the invaders. With the peace treaty signed, he returned home to see it once again broken. As one of the major military and industrial powers within the Republic, Corellia was among the Eternal Empire's earliest targets. Its shipyards destroyed, Corellia's economy was shattered a second time while a massive Star Fortress was placed in its orbit to ensure its compliance.

A New Cold War

As the Corellian sector struggled to rebuild, SOFCOM became one of the few government agencies that had full funding, and Rooks continued to fight the Sith Empire far from his home once again. From aiding guerrillas on Mandalore to assassinating nobles on Alderaan, he was at the forefront of the shadow wars fought against the Sith from the shadows. However, he was forced to set aside his hatred of the Sith when he went rogue and joined the Odessen Alliance against Zakuul. As has happened time and again in history, a common enemy united bitter rivals.

When Emperor Arcann and Empress Vaylin were deposed and the Eternal Alliance was declared, Nykel found himself alone. His mission to collapse the Eternal Empire of Zakuul complete, he faced a likely court martial on Corellia should he return. This was when Corellian Intelligence approaced him. Having little problem with his anti-Zakuul activities, Nykel was recruited into Corellian Intelligence  and given post-facto cover. As far as the government was concerned, he was operating as a field operative for them the whole time. However, this new situation appears tenuous, as the fragile peace brought about with the defeat of the Eternal Empire already appears to be fraying. How long until it shatters, none can say.
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