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So, for a few weeks we've been running regular operations, simply clearing story modes for the moment, but we're lacking some stable spots in our group, and are now opening it up to people on here!

Story mode isn't our only goal, though. As soon as 90% of the group's spots are stable, we're going to be setting our sights on hard modes! That's right, you heard it!

You don't have to be experienced in PvE, as well. We're happy to teach you, so long as you learn not to stand in the fire! (We've all got to start somewhere)

The one thing we do ask to be absolutely required is in fact, mumble. This way you can join us on our server and be able to hear instructions and call outs, as opposed to wasting 5-10 crucial seconds typing, on the chance you MIGHT read it in time.


So, if you're interested, see what roles we have free below, do bare in mind some spots are filled, but let us know if you're interested, that way if someone doesn't turn up, we may pull you in if required, or maybe even shuffle our line-up to suit regulars!

-(Open Spot)
-(Open Spot)



If you're interested, drop a line here, contact me in game, or Pm me through this website!
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