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Author Topic: The Post Operation Recordings  (Read 483 times)

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The Post Operation Recordings
« on: 12/30/14, 03:23:43 PM »
A black screen would display for what appears to be several seconds accompanied by background noise similar to metal dragging with the occasional bit of swearing in various languages. A few moments later a loud thunderous bang would sound out before the cloth covering up the camera before showing the enigmatic mask of those who have had the fortune or misfortune to work alongside or against this figure. A few new scorch marks adorn their armor to include a chunk of metal or two in focus range. Several droids seem to be moving about in the background along with what appear to be people all dressed moderately well though they appear for the most part malnourished.

Another dropped crate by the droids would cause the figure in the mask to glance back before shaking its head and turning its attention back to the camera before speaking, the voice sounding as three a male, a female, and oddly enough a child, "I'm told that recording yourself during a time of strife is the best way to handle not killing everyone in sight in pure rage. So I figured I would try this out, I suppose an introduction is in order though. I am known by my clients as 'Skeptic' medically retired ex-military member. I've dealt with quite a bit for the short time I was in. Betrayals, homicidal saber swinging cloaks, rakghouls. You know, the works."

The motion that is seen at this point would be similar to someone running their hands through their hair before palming their face out of stupidity or defeat neither would be considered to be acceptable given the chance to do something.

"The incident in question was I failed to accomplish what I agreed to help my client with, code name 'Garter Belt'. The objective was to rescue his sister from a group of what I assumed were pirates...or slavers...doesn't matter anymore. Took six prisoner myself and debating what to do with them and the thought has crossed my mind to sell them into slavery or just put them in the airlock and see what happens. Either way, it won't change things. Life is full of 'What if's and 'If only's well I can mark this op up as one of those. Did some early scouting a few days prior, saw what I assumed was a dark cloak with an initial fifty or so around the area we pulled off and I was keeping check on things from our recon position. To be frank it was risky even then, damn client got me, a cloak and her lackluster friend to help out. This was what knowledge I had prior so to make an ample distraction and with hope allow the client to accomplish their goal I called in a couple favors."

They would glance back once more before hurling a large wrench at one of the droids who would only sign back, "What did I do?"

With this he only returned the same sign before continuing to speak, "Eighty four...that's the number of volunteers that were willing to deal with what the republic military couldn't be spared to deal with. Plus myself, Garter Belt, Cloak, and her friend Rook. To deal with what was right around a hundred or so. Luckily, my connections granted us four technical vehicles. Damn good timing when they showed up, I don't think we could have held out for much longer to be honest even if three of them were scrapped, and the last one had its crew taken out. Damn it, they all fought harder than a hive of Aklays defending their territory. We were out-manned, out gunned, and for the most part outmatched. Most of them were militia that only wanted the chance to free the remaining slaves if there were any. Few looking for that promotion in the militia they have been seeking. Few even thinking they might find some people that disappeared there."

Skeptics' hand would clinch several times before a grim tone would take over all three voices, "Twenty eight...aside from our little strike team were all that made it out. Managed to ID most of the bodies, one very distinct exception being who was in the sniper team that saved my hide. Saw them get thrown everywhere by a plasma grenade, man...didn't think I would have to relive Balmorra again."

Slowly the mask would turn back to the camera at this point seeming to stare for near a minute before speaking once more, "A few of the people we managed to free asked me to take them home and I have been. Free of charge mind you though I suppose part of it may be penance for what I was unable to do. I already decided my next course, can't exactly allow myself to get too upset nor can I let myself get complaisant, it tends to dull the edge. Some would that was already the case. Either way, if any of these people want to work for me then i'm going to let them. I have a few more names to carve into these walls now and if any of my clients see this and are unhappy with what has occurred in past dealings. I have some advice for you. Don't dwell on it, find yourself a target and seek it out. Even if that target is me. You get real used to being hated in my line of work, last I checked I have a decent bounty on both sides of this war. So hire me again, or try to take me down. Just know this about me, try to take me down and I will hunt you down myself. Skeptic signing off."

The masked being would calmly reach over before hitting a few keys before the camera would shut off though the audio would catch the final words of the recording, "See-eight, unencrypted broadcast."

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Re: The Post Operation Recordings
« Reply #1 on: 01/27/15, 11:05:49 AM »
A static image would flicker a bit before finally reaching nothing but static, the sound of soft grumbling would easily be heard before the recording would only state 'Audio Only'. The static that was interfering with the audio having dissipated enough to where an unfamiliar voice chimes in its tone soft and gentle in nature.

"Ok, I think I got that bit worked out all for the better though as my face at least won't be shown. Anyway, doing this just to help myself think things out at this point; long story short is the last job I can guess was a set up. We went in to retrieve something wasn't paid enough to know what that was to be honest. Hindsight, should have made an exception at least then I would have brought a couple things to prepare for a kriffing sith to come dance with us."

A long exasperated sigh is heard seeming to come from the same person as well as a soft clacking. The voice seeming to be a little bit farther away at this point.

"The sith figured out quickly that I am Skeptic, though its not much of a consolation now that my head gear was removed after a series of short outs and system shut downs. That would have been a heck of a way to go, suffocated by my own equipment." The sound of laughing is heard to include a soft whirl of something spooling up. "Six so far have seen my face, I honestly hope that fewer will remember it. Was told though I was traded to some mandos in exchange for a third of their reward. Can't help but feel like livestock at this point to be perfectly frank. Their security is far to lax for my taste, the only one standing between me and escape physically is their clan caretaker. She seems pleasant enough, apparently has some issues with sith herself. Not sure why still but apparently it was the caretaker who desired me freed from the two sith. Corset was the one who hit us on Hoth...packs a punch though got a few good ones in on her myself. At least believe its a she...if not that is some of the stranger armor I have seen. The other who decided they would rather not allow me to walk with my right leg anymore...i'll call'em Jester. A sith clown who would only be able to do that when their opponent is strapped down and unable to defend themselves. That and they are about as bad at conversation as a clown, though I shall indulge in their honorifics and call them a royal clown thus Jester."

A faint taping is heard as if it were metal on metal once more chuckling starting to emanate.

"Had a chance to speak with the clan head of these mandos, according to them part of the deal was if I escape I am free to as no one would stop me however if I do then the caretaker gets handed over to Jester and Corset. Also been made aware that they have a contract out on someone i've worked with before. Heck might even go so far as to call them friend, somehow doubt they would appreciate it though. I'm rambling now though...even I can see that. Skeptic out."

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Re: The Post Operation Recordings
« Reply #2 on: 06/01/15, 04:25:38 PM »
Garbled portions of audio cut in and out though what is heard sound similar to several curses before the audio stablizes giving a clear picture of an underground cavern. A being with a single glowing red cybernetic eye with what appears to be half of a pair of welding goggles with a hide lower mask appears just before seemingly slamming into a seat. The being lets out a small grunt before pulling a large jug of liquid into view the soft sloshing making its use clear. A few seconds of silence are followed by the jug moving a bit more before moving under the end moves under the hide. The jug is once more placed on the side of the viewing area before drawing up a few various bits of machinery and a welding torch.

"Figured I might as well do a recording again while I get some work done for once. Then again I can't seem to find the logs in the saved information so it is a distinct possibility that these have been getting broadcasted for the most part. Since my release, I have had a few small scale jobs that were easy credits. I still intend to take jobs now and then depending on the client and the job, i've noticed I am starting to care a bit less about who pays me nowadays. The base for the most part is set up and this place is actually starting to shape up suprisingly enough."

The torch finally kicks up and he begins to gently set some of the parts together before the video corrects allowing some sight into what he is doing though at the time it only appears a couple of odd angled bits of metal are being put together. A few figures can be seen in the background though moving crates and other materials around a combination of humanoids and droids seem to be setting up stalls and what seems to be a recreational area.

"Aside from the basics of that business I have found that Rishi tends to be very open to the idea of a secure location holding onto goods until they are picked up again by another group. A combination of that and a good place for the locals to prove themselves to each other, with the occasional person or group wanting to learn a few more skills they can make use of.  Currently three are learning here for droid maintenance and repair, two are on internship for guard duty and one person for some reason is wanting to learn shipment management. C-9 is currently tending to all cleaning detail as per her primary function and for the life of me I can't seem to be able to get some of these relays to work properly with the training facility. Granted it works like a dream for a while, but after the last four days of it running as a stress test the couplers that are near the relays keep blowing. Going to have to swap those out before the day ends. Credits are slow to make right now, though it is more than sufficiant to maintain the facility and feed those who are here. Obstacle course has been set up finally and enough people here understand the rules so I don't have to explain it every time. On that note, need to buy more paint mines...more people set them off than expected in that kriffing thing."

The flame on the torch fades before the being reaches to the side and takes another drink before drawing out a screwdriver and begins to slowly work it with it as well though he seems to be feeding in wiring.

"I suppose I should likely hold an open house for this place to try and draw in more potential customers, did heavily stock the kitchen areas and the cantina. The living quarters are set up for guests, though should the need arise we can arrange for additional bedding. The main debate would be when and how this would be arranged, I mean we do have a lift to the surface we could make use of and ventilation has yet to be a concern thanks to the number of shafts we put in place. Not like I can just walk outside and yell to come visit and see if you care to try and learn a few things here."

The being lets out a small sigh before it sets the items it was working on to the side and begins to drink a bit once more though this time as they begin to tap the screwdriver against the counter rhythmicly. A sigh becoming audible soon after a loud crashing sound is heard off to the side of the recording before the being rises from its seat grabbing the jug as it begins to walk off.

"Are you kidding me?! Of all things you just had to drop that! Do you realize just how long it took to find the parts for that thing, let alone remove the firing mechanisms to ensure that people could enjoy it and not one of you could blow a hole in this place! Ok, looks like you six just got yourselves some extra training in about a minute. I advise you start running now."

The being appears on the feed once more before reaching a bit behind the recording device before a few bandoleers of knives appear several of the blade dragging along the surface before he begins to adorn them. Seconds pass as he seems to calmly ensure that each of blades are set and a fist slams into the video recorder.

"Save or broadcast, right now I don't care some folks apparently need to learn that being careful doesn't just apply to sneaking around. Begin the extra class!", the being belts out before the audio finally stops. Though this time a set of coordinates accompany this transmission as well as a frequency for what seems to be a request line.