Author Topic: Australia/New Zealand 'Geek Out' - Gauging Interest - Dates & Locations!  (Read 1095 times)

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So, the idea has been toyed with and thought of a few times, and it appears that some Australian/New Zealand players on this server, and website, would like to get involved with the American Geek Out!

Well, here we go, I'm making a go of attempting to organize it! (Keyword: Attempting!) However, due to work and the nature of my job, I am somewhat restricted to certain times of the year, and will be basing this off them.

If anyone wishes to help with the organisation of this event, and should enough interest be registered, it will hopefully go ahead!

So, to start with, a small poll! Two separate questions I'd like people to answer.

1. Which states will you be able to attend in? Are there limits to how far you can travel? (Note: I'll be travelling from Melbourne if it goes inter-state, can provide lifts to limited people along the way!)
2. Which time of the year do you prefer? July or January!

The sooner I/We get an idea of numbers of those who will be able to attend, the sooner we can investigate as to a venue!

If anyone has ideas for activities/events/special things to be held for the event, don't be afraid to post, or PM me across these forums. Alternatively, feel free to message me in game on Aeorna, Beatrix, Leodegarius, or Roilane! If I'm not on either of those and I may be online, shout out on Imperialooc, I'll answer if I'm online! (Usually during evenings during the week!)
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