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Author Topic: Perditus' Sting  (Read 1422 times)

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Perditus' Sting
« on: 05/21/15, 12:44:33 AM »
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Unfinished! Still tinkering with this setup. A lot of minor components aren't final

This is a fairly straightforward Sting (Flashfire) build which is my go-to ship on my main Imp-side pilot. It's similar to my NovaDive, but geared more for (slightly) longer-endurance combat and scout-to-scout dogfighting. It's a little less able to control the map and struggles to solo-cap a satellite with turrets, but its Cluster Missiles keep everyone in range on their toes. Unfortunately, its reliance on Clusters means that if no reload is available, it loses a lot of its effectiveness.


Primary Weapon: Quad Laser Cannon
T3 - Critical Hit Chance, T4 - Increased Shield Damage
Quad Lasers feel, handle, and hit almost identically to regular Lasers, except they guzzle your weapon energy significantly faster in exchange for hitting a little harder. Like regular Lasers, they sport good range, accuracy, and damage, making them good all-around weapons you can rely on in any engagement. Just mind your weapon energy pool! As with the NovaDive, +critical for extra punch and +shield damage to get through to that tasty hull faster.

Secondary Weapon: Cluster Missiles
T3 - Range Increase, T4 - DoT
The bread and butter of this build, Cluster Missiles are fun to use because of their extremely short lock time. Combined with a very fast reload, this makes them ideal anti-Scout missiles - any decent Scout will evade the first missile lock, but by the time they exit their evasion manoeuvre, you're ready to re-lock and fire again! You can pummel tricky Scouts over and over like this, keeping them on the defensive if not just outright killing them. On other targets, they're a useful bit of extra damage, especially since you may find yourself running out of laser energy with your quads right as your target has just a sliver of hull left. A quick Cluster Missile will finish him off!

The range increase is invaluable, despite the attractiveness of the extra ammo option. At a measly 5000m, Clusters have downright anemic range for a missile, and you'll often find your targets simply move out of range before you can finish the lock. An extra 500m 'buffer' to locking range helps ensure you send your missiles on their merry way. The DoT upgrade is straightforward - extra damage, without the massive ammo penalty of the other damage option.

Systems: Booster Recharge
T3 - Regen, T4 - Engine Power Boost
Like my NovaDive, this Sting does well with speed and mobility on its side. Being able to get where you need on the battlefield is invaluable, as is that extra engine juice when you desperately need to pull an evasion manoeuvre.

Shields: Distortion Field
T3 - Missile break
Excellent for head on passes and gunship hunting: pop this, and very few lasers/railguns can hit you for the next few seconds (outside of insanely lucky shots). The missile break is just too good to pass up, functioning as a sort of second evasion if you're in hot water - just be sure to use it before the missile is launched!

Engines: Koiogran Turn
T3 - Increased Engine Speed
The meta says it's for noobs, and the "pros" will tell you it's predictable and makes you an easy kill, but that's because they're stupid and don't know how to use it right. It combos with your boosting: Once you're in hot water, getting missile locks and damage that your ship can't take, a quick one-two-three of F3(engine power)+3(Koiogran)+Space(Boost) will have you laughing all the way to the nearest friendlies while you make the space cops eat bass. In rare circumstances, it can also be useful to pull a tight head-on counter pass, getting your lasers and rockets back on your opponent while he's still turning around and aiming at you. In this case, you don't use it defensively, but rather as a deliberate enhancement of the normal manoeuvres you're making as you fly.

Armour: Lightweight Armor
Evasion: A Scout's best friend. Accept no substitute.

Capacitor: Damage Capacitor
The only major difference between Quads and regular Lasers is that Quads use more energy in order to do more damage. So... more damage!

Reactor: Jury's still out

Thrusters: Regeneration Thrusters
I find my Sting running on fumes a lot more than my NovaDive, and it needs the extra engine help. When you get caught without any engine power is when you die.

I don't like Imperial crew options as much... here is what I've put together.

Copilot: Blizz
Hydro Spanner, to keep the hull in tip-top shape.

Offensive: Pierce
25% extra ammo for the missiles is huge, and the accuracy is also incredibly important! A must.

Defensive: Vector
Extra evasion, and a little extra shield power.

Tactical: Quinn
Forward sensor boost, and a dampening boost to help avoid detection.

Engineering: Blizz
A mix of engine and weapon boosts, both precious commodities!
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Re: Perditus' Sting
« Reply #1 on: 12/29/16, 12:25:15 PM »
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I'm currently flying the Sting. Any preference on Reactors?

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Re: Perditus' Sting
« Reply #2 on: 12/29/16, 02:15:14 PM »
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I'm currently flying the Sting. Any preference on Reactors?

I obviously do not speak for Iaera, and my preferred Sting/Flashfire build is different in many respects (diversity is one of the most fun aspects of GSF IMO), but my personal recommendation for Reactor is always, for every ship on which it is available, Large Reactor. I recommend this because generally speaking, in one of GSF's very few similarities with ground game, passive bonuses are better than situational ones - and Large Reactor is essentially a big passive bonus to your defenses. Very few weapons in the game can effectively bypass shields, so after your Evasion score they are your most potent line of defense.

Additionally, you can achieve some of the benefits of Regeneration Reactor by managing your power and boosting power to shields once a fight is over. One thing that is not clearly explained anywhere but that is key to helping understand shield function is the fact that your shields will not regenerate while being fired upon anyway, so regeneration will only kick in afterward, when you are no longer under fire - at which point the power management I mentioned can do the regeneration job.

While an argument can be made for Turbo Reactor serving a more unique purpose, it again only applies after you are no longer under fire. (And again understanding this comes from the "hidden" knowledge that your power pools, shields included, regenerate at a slower rate for a few seconds immediately after use or, in the case of shields, after taking damage. That is the regeneration delay Turbo Reactor refers to.) Turbo Reactor is perfectly useful, but again I personally feel that the "passive" bonus of Large Reactor is ultimately more friendly to learning pilots.

I'd love to hear any arguments or anecdotes to the contrary, though. A lot of GSF can come down to the synergy between component choices, so I don't doubt it's possible that someone has found the perfect magical combo to make something like Turbo Reactor brilliantly useful.
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Re: Perditus' Sting
« Reply #3 on: 12/29/16, 05:02:00 PM »
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I'm afraid that even a year and a half after posting this, I'm still up in the air on reactors. I've found no strong love of any of the available options. Large Reactor, as Niarra says, is definitely a solid, all-purpose choice, but I can't help but feel some affinity for Turbo even though the meta says it's bad.

I am 90% a Scout pilot (9% Strike Fighter, 1% Bomber, or thereabouts), and use them for high-mobility hit-and-run tactics. I boost into a furball, kill one or two targets, then bug out at high speed to recover power pools and hull. Once in the furball, I often take a lot of random damage from other fighters, mine detonations, and the occasional Gunship shot (especially when I'm doing targeted strikes on their Gunship circle-jerk in the back). Because of the intermittent but cumulative damage I take in these situations, I find Turbo Reactor actually does a pretty good job of keeping my shields up, especially since I don't use Quick-Charge as much as I used to. More shields up = less fiddling with Hydro Spanner to fix my hull, though one could make the argument that Large Reactor does a similar job.
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