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Author Topic: Mercenary Company for hire ((IC, then OOC))  (Read 766 times)

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Mercenary Company for hire ((IC, then OOC))
« on: 05/25/15, 07:02:52 AM »
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Need bodyguards? Someone rescued? Hunted maybe? Extra security for a job in general? Well look no further! Well, for a small fee, the Four Moons Mercenary Company is at your service! Feel free to send a message to the holofrequency attached below!


 OOC information: The easiest way to reach me is through the game, so send a message to either G'abe (Pubside) or GabrielThorne (Impside) or leave something here. As for the price? It's up to you if you want to pay with real in-game money or RP money.
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