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Author Topic: LF RP Counterpart  (Read 1201 times)

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LF RP Counterpart
« on: 06/04/15, 09:44:14 PM »
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Hello! I am another hopeful for finding a RP partner counterpart for my sith. He was created alongside another character with a close friend, wherein they're romantically and politically tied, and one cannot functionally exist without the other. Unfortunately, the friend quit the game 2 years ago, and this guy hasn't gotten any airtime since. I mean, technically, sure I can RP him without the other in his life, but it was the effect of his partner that made him interesting to me :)  My playtimes vary, but I'm least available on the weekends by far, and I'm more a night owl than a songbird.

Hair Color=none
Eye Color=Light-Gray
Skin Color=Chalk-White
Title=Sith Assassin
Affiliation= * Sith Order
Spoken Languages= * Galactic Basic
* Sith
* Mando'a
* High Galactic
Notable Relations=?


Raised within a 'traditional' Rattataki culture on a planet (The name or climate properties can be the home planet or another that could fit) dedicated to top secret experiments, you could say that Zorias is a "success" story - he's alive. All he knew of life was war and violence, brutal, twisted, and/or sadistic bloodshed. Although they knew early on that he was a force sensitive, first he had to prove that he was worthy of survival - not that he was aware of any higher power or intentions with regards to his life. If anyone ever went missing, it wasn't a far reach to provide a logical explanation, given the environment. These years of his life are rather fuzzy to him outside of nightmares, but he recalls very clearly Korriban. It was there that he met a kindred spirit, one that some might say "saved him." He saw something in Zorias that he still doesn't see himself - then again when he looks in a mirror it always seems shattered to him. He can't be entirely certain whether <name> is the glue holding him together or the pick tearing him apart, but nor does it matter. There is nothing that could cause him to abandon him.

<Name> saw something in him at the Academy, beyond just another mindless sadistic animal, which by all rights he was. Nor was it so simple as just being outcasts in a caste society. <Name> was a slave fighting for his freedom, as Zorias had just recently learned he was as well. If he wasn't immune to mind control, as most of his species is, he would accuse <Name> of sith sorcery, for he had felt an irrestible draw towards him from the instant they laid eyes on each other. The complicated part however was that <Name>'s soul belonged to the Light, despite his pretending otherwise, and Zorias's is dark. Over the years, <Name> slowly added his own Light into the pit of darkness in him, providing either salvation or damnation per perspective. They never submitted themselves to a Master, never received such pointed, formalized training. They were loyal only unto each other. Whether by luck or power, the two survived the Academy and joined the full ranks of the Sith.

They both to this day hate it. Now on Dromund Kaas, they manage to stay under the radar and relatively uninvolved in politics - as much as a sith could be at least.  Zorias is an assassin, and an incredible one at that. <Name> fell into the Inquisitor aspect of things, being much more adept in politics and society than Zorias ever could be. They compliment each other quite well in their skill sets, although Zorias is seen as the collared hellhound on a loose leash held by <Name>. (Most are mistaken in assuming that Zorias would not survive sith society without <name>, and vice versa.) Their ultimate goal is to get away from these confines, escape the society that they hate so much, but both know that they'll have to play the game long enough and secure away enough funds to be able to achieve it.

Much of the ambiguity can be filled in accordingly.

Zorias is ... an unpredictable character. He is partially crazy, although he also somewhat plays this up. He loves cute things, sparkly things, baby things, and bloody things all equally. He is just as happy ripping someone's face off (literally at that) as he is curling up on the couch next to <Name> sitting hot beverages and watching the fire. <Name> however prefers him to keep the brutality and bloodshed to a minimal while keeping up their appearances, and this is something that Zorias often has issues adhering to. He's taken to going out into the jungle and hunting their food as a compromise (and a way to hone his skills).

He also comes with a fully unlocked SH. ;)

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Re: LF RP Counterpart
« Reply #1 on: 06/06/15, 09:01:47 AM »
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First off.. Sith Rattaki in all pink.. AWESOME SAUCE!   :lol:

Secondly, while I can't be an RP Partner - look Karmic up whenever you're in game (icily or oocily - i'm always in the ooc chat..) cuz I know Icily these two would get along...  I think both their fun spirits would end up getting into crazy shennanigans (or destruction... also equally as good... or crazy shennanigan DESTRUCTION!)  :evil:

Also - I usually just get out in a place and start RPing, RP partners will naturally evolve over just meeting people and seeing who you click with - icily and oocily.  Its such an important and delicate balance, even if I was looking for an RP Partner, I'd never just poke someoen and go "HEY WANT TO SEE!"  So I encourage you to work on seperating your character out from the "other half" (1+1=2 after all and why its important to try not to wrap your character up in someone else's too much  :grin: ) and just getting out to the public events on the left and seeing who you meet!! :)

Have fun and see you around the galaxy!

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Re: LF RP Counterpart
« Reply #2 on: 06/06/15, 09:34:07 AM »
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Hello Zayven. :wave: I can't help as I don't RP impside but hello nonetheless. Karmic is right though. Better to separate the character now from being dependent on another character so that it will be easier to RP. You can still find an RP partner for him, but if that person disappears too, an independent Zorias can keep going on his own until he finds someone new to fill the role.
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Re: LF RP Counterpart
« Reply #3 on: 06/06/15, 09:39:32 AM »
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I think I might have the character for Zorias! My character Pergaleas needs an RP-mate, and he's into the pink too. Pm me here and we can chat.