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Author Topic: Gratefulness  (Read 1578 times)

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« on: 07/13/15, 07:27:18 PM »
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Hello, fellow Colonists!

Lately, I feel as though there has been a great deal of negativism around in this forum. I think it partially stems from unsureness about the future of SWTOR, a game we all do enjoy to a certain extent whether that appreciation extend itself to the game and its story or the community that has sprung up around it. Another great part of it is our own regrettably human temperance.

Sometimes we say things that are harsh. Sometimes we say things that are meant to provoke, or to tear down, or to cast doubt. There is a time for these things but used too often, it can breed an air of hopelessness and malaise. What’s one person supposed to do about that which seems completely insurmountable, even a part of life? A game, a game, stops becoming fun. A place of friendship turns into a dark alley with enemies all around.

At the risk of sounding overly inspiring, that got me thinking that even though I am one person, I am a person on a forum that has the ability to reach other people through words. We do it every day, through the collection of excellent and touching player-written stories to the shoutbox, which is mostly used for random, though mostly entertaining (or baffling) internet flotsam. 

Therefore, I wanted to make a post that was based in the idea that we are here to enjoy this community and the people in it. I wanted to make a “gratefulness” thread. While we do already have a Gratitude thread (and it serves its purpose wonderfully) and we do already have a Comments on Stories thread (which I also enjoy!), it strikes me that we have no thread to celebrate people.

Both threads often waver that way, but there is nothing dedicated specifically to that pursuit of celebrating the people behind the screens and I think that’s a thing we should all take time to practice a bit more.
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It’s only right that this post start somewhere and since I am closest to them in an official capacity, I wanted to dedicate this post the sheer weight of all that @Bolas and @Esk do to keep this rowdy party barge of a forum afloat.

They both script and create the site and implement new features (I see you, chatroom update and Profile additions – seriously, check out all the new stuff), they moderate the most uncomfortable and unpleasing situations, and the somehow have the energy to RP with us and talk to us without wanting to strangle us (or maybe they all of these things at once, which is further testament to their skill). They also do countless other things, have been here since the very beginning, and are exemplary people and storytellers.

Though it is often silent, our appreciation is abundant. Thank you so much for all of your time and energy.
Affirm them, and find others worthy of praise! And what’s more, keep this thread going. This is meant to live past the first few days of upswell. It’s a good habit to get into :)


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Re: Gratefulness
« Reply #1 on: 07/13/15, 10:16:19 PM »
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*Awards Cordae the Gold Star of Excellence!*

It's been pretty tough for me to summon up reserves of good humour and cheer lately, but I won't get into that today, and instead focus on the positive!

I will echo the appreciation to @Bolas and @Esk for all the hard work they do to keep the BC community alive and well via this all-important website. We really can't thank them enough.

@blingdenston has been a shining exemplar of positive RP, going to great lengths to develop characters, build events, and foster greater and wider roleplay on this server. RP on BC would not be what it is without him!

@Thrax has been a prime force for evil here... in a good way! He has brought a much-needed antagonism to our RP, executed with purpose and wisdom, and his presence has driven a great deal of positive RP development throughout the community.

@Dorian is a kindred spirit... a GSF addict! We may fly on opposite sides, but I always appreciate seeing Dorian in a match, knowing someone is tirelessly representing we RPers amidst the turbolaser fire of Denon Exosphere!

There are a zillion more people here whom I respect, and the above are just a few who came to mind... I'm sure I will have more things to say in future posts!
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Re: Gratefulness
« Reply #2 on: 07/14/15, 01:11:04 AM »
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I have a lot of these, so I'll try to keep it brief.

First, to all the mods ( @Bolas , @Esk , @Cordae ) who keep this place running smoothly 25 hours a day. Your work gives the rest of us a great place to communicate, collaborate, and express our creativity.

@blingdenston - I don't know how many times I've ranted incoherently at you about this or that thing, but I appreciate that you've let me -and for all the positive RP you bring to the community of course.

@Brintte - You're the best surrogate little-sister type thing that I and the rest of the community could ask for. You were one of the first people I ever met here when I came back to the game and more than a year later, I'm still appreciative of your amiable disposition and your boundless imagination.

@Iaera - Thank you for making the Jedi Custodum what it is, and giving us all something fun to do on Thursday evenings as a result! And thank you for what time you can spare and the valuable insights you offer us about the nature of RP in a Star Wars setting.

@Aolanni - We've had good times and bad times, but through it all we've done some great writing and I'm extremely proud of every word we've ever typed up collaboratively. You bring a lot to the community with your plots and I respect you greatly for the hard work you put into everything you do.

@Rivoso @Shaen and @Seculus - You're all awesome friends and awesome officers, and you aren't thanked enough for your time and effort in keeping the Dark Network running. I'm looking forward to more excellent villainy in the future!

And last, but not least:

@Elym - Thank you forever and ever, for all the things you do/have done to keep me as sane as possible. I wouldn't be doing this cool RP stuff without you and your unwavering friendship.  :aww:

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Re: Gratefulness
« Reply #3 on: 07/14/15, 03:07:35 AM »
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@Seraphie /Minette, for literally being the second person to ever role play with Armeria. And also, for the complete IC dedication you and your character have to being a gracious host, a sharp business owner, and providing a fantastic neutral ground for us to gather at weekly.

@Maryck , for giving the bubblegum pink twi'lek of giggles a closer look, and realizing that there were actual thoughts in her head and that the outside is never the same as the inside. For being a phenomenal writing partner that I literally lucked out to find on day one of log in. Like, whoa, dude. The force is with me?

@Bolas This website is bad ass.

@Thrax : One may smile and smile and smile and be a villain. You're bad, and that's good. Very, very good. I am so glad for the Dark Network, for all the hard work you and they do. And for all the incredible, hilariously inappropriate conversations in guild chat and outside, we've had. The level of depth and talent, in story lines and characters, are amazing. Also, you are an amazing writer and keep me awed 24/7 with your talent making me think I need am dis gud, me lrn 2 write bettar. Zug.

@Moderator team: Thanks for keeping the inmates from rioting.

@Everyone: Thanks for tolerating all my rainbows n' unicorns and sparkles n' stuff. Sorry not sorry about the glitter-mess.