Author Topic: How to RP a Hutt Potato Match?  (Read 614 times)

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How to RP a Hutt Potato Match?
« on: 08/19/15, 09:36:01 PM »
With the Custom Huttball Stand comes a mini game opportunity for RP but for the life of me I'm not certain on how to weave it into RP without it looking like a kids game. However, I would love to have a game going one of these days. I know the Dancer's Palace has one stand and there are some others around too I think.

But I imagine that RP might add a layer of interest and difficulty. :evil: If you do a really interesting RP you may run out of time and get blown up. But if you do it just right, you may instead get someone else blown up. See? Strategy. Also, the RP element keeps it from being just a click fest. :grin:

So the silly thing disappears in the time it takes to type anything so that kinda blows that idea up... pun vaguely intended.  :shifty:
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