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Author Topic: Looking for business partners and rivals [IMP SIDE]  (Read 809 times)

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Looking for business partners and rivals [IMP SIDE]
« on: 08/20/15, 02:09:11 AM »
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[The following is an IC advertisement foudn on the holonet] Calling upon warlords, mercenaries, Imperial soldiers, and even those in a life-threatening, or terminal condition! Need ability enhancing cybernetics? Need efficient and deadly weapons? How about genetic engineering and splicing? How about a combination of all of them? Contact us at TGaC and you may find yourself as the proud owner of any or all of these!

[OOC] I am looking for potential business partners and even rivals (possibly sith who feel threatened by my company or similar) to roleplay with! PM me, or send a message to Kreyg, IMPside. TGaC is a weapons/cybernetics/narcotic manufacturer and scientific research division (focusing primarily on biological, genetic, and force studies). Inventions include the FSS (Force-Sensitivity Simulator), the ALP (Auto-Locking Pistol; essentially the smart pistol from Titanfall ;]), and the Living Weapon Project (Simultaneous cloning, splicing, and genetic enhancing project to create the perfect soldier, or rather, intelligent weapon).

Again, PM me, or message Kreyg in-game Imperial side. (If you are interested in including this little company in roleplays with me or others on Republic side, I don't mind! Let me know and I'll help out!)