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So, inspired by the fun I had in the PvP area of Ilum during the last Gree week, I had some ideas for some PvP games that might bring large groups in, rather than just one group sitting, bored, taking out the lone players coming through, but with no large group to challenge them. All of this is still just at the "Hey, I have an idea!" stage. I welcome comments on my ideas (please keep them kind even if they're criticisms) as well as anyone else's ideas along these lines.
If any of the ideas strike your fancy and you want to organise an event, you don't need my permission. Have fun with it! If you'd like a hand organising one of these games as an event, send me a pm!

Capture the flag

Two teams of players, in PvP area of Ilum or Dealer's Den.
Each team choses one member to be the "flag". The flag must wear an agreed upon outfit or colour, or some other visual marker to identify them as the flag. Each team must defend their flag while trying to take out the other team's flag. First team to take out the opposing flag wins.

Huttball (kind of)

This game requires a referee at one end of the area and a "goal" (organiser) at the other end. I think Dealer's Den would be better for this than Ilum, though it might also be fun in the Dune Sea as long as everyone flags for PvP.
The referee trades an object (something unusual) to a random player at the beginning. If the player carrying the object is killed, he or she must trade the object to the player who made the kill. The player who manages to trade the object to the "goal" wins.

Prisoner rescue

This would be a guild vs guild event in whichever PvP area is agreed upon. The rescuing guild provides the capturing guild with a member to be the prisoner. Once the capturing guild is set up, the rescuing guild has an agreed upon amount of time to rescue their member. If they fail, they must pay the capturing guild a ransom that was agreed upon before the event.

I've also thought it would be cool to do some sort of organized PVP, particularly if it involves the sort good spirit that RPers can bring, or that you can get with intra-guild events.

I think all of these sound like a lot of fun. I would probably lean toward your versions of Capture the Flag or Huttball. I would probably suggest doing it on Ilum, as that is usually totally dead, and there's less chance of griefers interfering. Granted, Outlaw's Den is pretty dead as well, but you still periodically get people who show up there that might disrupt attempts at organized event.

I had actually considered trying to organize something like this on a smaller scale as a guild event, except in my Yavin stronghold, and using the Huttball decoration, and perhaps Revanite Altars as goalposts. :) I thought the Huttball decoration, given its random explodiness, could add a fun level of chaos. I was thinking that it could play very much as you would expect, with the person carrying the ball trying to get across the goal post (alive), with the added benefit that the decoration allows you to pass the pall to other people on your team. What was missing here was testing exactly what sort of PVP flagging is permitted in the Yavin SH, something which I never had enough people online (and from opposing factions) at the same time to do. I don't suppose anyone else has tested what sorts of flagging are permitted there?


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