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Author Topic: [Republic Sale Runs] PUGs for Hire  (Read 1977 times)

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[Republic Sale Runs] PUGs for Hire
« on: 09/27/15, 08:00:48 AM »
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Hello Begeren Colony. <PUGs for Hire> is a group of friends/guildmates who formerly called BC their home but decided to transfer back here prior to the expansion to help people attain specific Mounts/Titles/Gear or just achievements from the tougher content. With 4.0 coming in a few weeks, all operations in the game will be buffed to 65 and thus significantly increasing the difficulty of attaining some of these items, if they'll even still be possible to attain (ie, Kell Dragon/Dread Master gear). This will lead to even less people doing the content and for those that are, significantly higher pricing. So now is the best time as any to get these items. Here is what we offer:

Price list:

Warstalker (NIM EC): 4,000,000
Dreadslayer (Dreadful Entity): 5,000,000
From Beyond (NIM TFB Timed): 8,000,000
Dragonslayer (NIM SV Timed): 8,000,000
Gate Crasher (NiM DF Timed): 11,000,000


Avalanche Tank (NIM EC): 4,000,000
*Helix Hyperpod (NiM TFB): 9,000,000
*Titan 6 Containment Vehicle: 9,000,000
Wings of the Architect (NIM DF): 15,000,000

Achievements (Non-title runs. Can also be last-boss kills only)

NIM TFB : 6,000,000
NIM SV: 6,000,000
***NiM DF: 9,000,000


Crest of the Dreadmaster: 15,000,000 (Price reduced by 1m for every applicant, down to a min of 10m per. So if you have friends, get them to book also)
7/10 HM Ravagers/ToS (All loot): 35,000,000


Warstalker + Avalanche Tank: 6,000,000
Dreadslayer + Dreadful Orb: 7,000,000
*From Beyond + Helix Hyperpod: 15,000,000
*Dragonslayer + Titan 6 Vehicle: 15,000,000
Gate Crasher + Wings of Architect: 22,000,000

Deco that drop from the Final Bosses of TFB, SV, DF and DP are available to be purchased during runs as well as independently

*Not a guaranteed drop, so upfront payment is required
**Availability of this run subject to change depending on who's available. If you want it, go ahead and book it, and we'll see if we can make it happen or not
***These runs require a decent amount of contribution from the buyer (As DPS). Please be prepared to do your role as well as you can

Reply here or send me a message to go over booking and such. Thanks

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Re: [Republic Sale Runs] PUGs for Hire
« Reply #1 on: 09/27/15, 12:29:21 PM »
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Well, nice of you to offer to help get stuff for people. Most of what I want comes from FPs and this is out of my price range regardless but maybe someone will need this.
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Re: [Republic Sale Runs] PUGs for Hire
« Reply #2 on: 10/01/15, 10:02:55 PM »
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Just did SnV NiM Dragonslayer title run with PUGs for Hire...most fun i've had doing ops in a long time and I now have the Dragonslayer title, and some cool armor. I would highly recommend them for anyone who wants help getting those hard to get items, mounts, or titles.

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Re: [Republic Sale Runs] PUGs for Hire
« Reply #3 on: 11/28/15, 10:00:42 PM »
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This kind of stuff just makes me laugh.  If you can't get through the content when it is gear and level appropriate (much less this stuff back before 4.0 dropped and you could rofflestomp all the old stuff), you shouldn't get the rewards.  Turning it around though, selling runs seems cheap to me.  If you wanted to "help" anyone, you'd help them learn to complete these things for free so they can be successful and help others be successful, increasing the entire skill level of the server population over time.  When Vrook Lamar merged with Begeren back in the time of the Dinosaurs, the PvE side of things was fantastic, and a large part of that was the fact that guilds worked with each other, and there was a strong and supportive raiding community.  All teh hardcorez abandoned ship, which is fine with me because they are nothing but bad attitudes and obnoxious commentary.  My point being, big progression guilds that focus only on their amazing rep but give nothing back to the server are really just leaches.  They skim the top of the skill level and then leave the rest of the server with the C, D, and F teams.  To do that, not give back to the community and THEN sell runs through content for cosmetic gear and titles and such that are supposed to be rewards for working hard and earning them just makes the whole thing pointless.  I mean seriously, doesn't everyone laugh at someone wearing the Warstalker title in 2015?  It is meaningless.
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Re: [Republic Sale Runs] PUGs for Hire
« Reply #4 on: 11/28/15, 10:54:19 PM »
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While I don't know if they are still offering to help people get things, I would assume that it's meaningless regardless, at least it is if you don't care about the bragging rights. However, I do like the option of being able to buy decorations from people who do run ops. I personally have no interest in them aside from decorations.
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Re: [Republic Sale Runs] PUGs for Hire
« Reply #5 on: 11/29/15, 12:19:59 AM »
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I would like to remind people to please keep it civil in here. There isn't anything wrong with a guild deciding to offer carry slots for difficult content for in-game credits. There is also nothing wrong with not partaking of their services for whatever reason you might have.

What isn't okay is being insulting or pulling a thread off-topic because you have a personal dislike for a practice which doesn't violate the SWTOR TOS. @Joshwar if you would like to hold a respectful debate on this topic, you are free to start a new thread, but a debate on this is not appropriate here. Further discussion of the pros and cons here will result in warnings.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled sales thread, thank you!