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[Event-Series Recap] The Blue Jedi Crusade!
« on: 10/01/15, 08:13:20 PM »
NOTE: Except for the 1st thread here, yours truly will likely use a "spoiler" format for the pictures in the subsequent posts - it just saves a LOT of load-time, not having to load pictures for posts that you have not reached, yet.

August through September of 2015, <THE JEDl ORDER> community of guilds was host to a special, 32-event "adventure-series". Dubbed "The Blue Jedi Crusade", those who took part in the series experienced a grand host of adventures that spanned many worlds, and pioneered the limitations and possibilities of owPvP (open-world PvP). There were PvE and RP events, as well, constituting what yours truly considers to be his 3rd masterpiece-work. This thread details the individual adventures of the Blue Jedi, as we advanced through the Crusade - beginning with an RP-delve, in this first thread. That said, it my *greatest* of pleasures to present to you all my Magnum Opus as an MMO events-host:

"Greetings, Archive-Puruser!"

"While I am(or was, depending upon what year you are reviewing this holocron!) an active proponent of the renewed Great Galactic War following the broken Treaty of Coruscant, yours truly is not without manners; introductions are in-order! I am Jedi Master Ahlvis No'vaik, now an 11-term member of <THE JEDl ORDER> 's Jedi Council - and Grand Marshall of The Blue Jedi Crusade. As part of my punishment, it is my honor to present to you a personal account of the events that have led up to my sentencing.

"It might not have happened at all, were it not for the initial blurred-ness of the darned vision that started this whole doomed effort! A couple of months ago, Jedi across the galaxy began to have visions of the ruins of the Sith Temple, and of lightsaber-wielding men marching over it...."

Parts of the vision were crystal-clear, even from the initial onset. Other parts were quite blurred....

"Despite the haziness of parts of the Force-vision being experienced, there was distinctly a figure who commanded these troops - a half-masked man, garbed in white. Given that yours truly was the best-known half-masked Jedi in the Order at the time, many of the Order's seers agreed that the vision referred to yours truly!"

This was NOT the first time that we Jedi have mis-interpreted a Force-prophecy - and something tells me that it probably won't be the last time, either!

"I was not one to hide my resentment, of the Sith: Yours truly wasn't strong enough in the Force to feel my master's passing during the Sacking, though the nutrient gas that is my life's work did allow me to sense the passing of most of my former-Padawans. In retrospect, perhaps I am to blame for not seeking counselling for my bottled-up rage for the actions of the Sith.

"Soon, enough members of the Order had received this Force-vision to warrant action. Not one to pass up an opporunity to take out my aggressions and hatred upon the Sith that have ruined our galaxy and Republic, yours truly decided to exploit this vision - whether it truly referred to me, or not. My sincerest apolagies to Knight Meew and others, whom were unknowing pawns, in my grand design."

A recipient of the Force-visions is called before the Council, preceeding an Initiation Ceremony

Unable to receive Force-visions myself, I must admit that yours truly was curious if this half-masked figure was actually me, or not. Either way, I *definately* wanted to march over the Sith Temple!

"Knight Meew was called before us, and related the vision. Many present had shared it - but also its haziness. While some would later dissent, the seers present at the time unanimously agreed that it was most-likely I who was the half-masked Jedi in these visions. While there were voices of opposition amongst the gathering, their cries fell upon deaf ears; the Council in this time had mostly also faced great loss at the hands of the Sith Empire. As such, my request to marshall a grand effort against the Sith was granted!

"Thus begins our story - and also my march towards a prison cell, here upon an Agri-Corps world whose name I am not allowed to include, in this holocron. Many Jedi would be cut down, in the battles to come - even Councilmembers. However, even if the bloodloss was for naught, I know that we had also completed cultural contributions and even fulfilled Senate requests, along the way.

"All of these tales, in good time. For now though, grab a drink, get comfortable in your chair, and prepare to hear all about the adventures (and the *mis-adventures*) of The Blue Jedi Crusade!"

Since multiple people have now asked me via messages: The Blue Jedi is not a reference to anything pre-existing (that I know of) ; Rather, a Blue Jedi in this series is a Jedi who has sworn fealty to the Crusade, and is dedicated to fighting the Crusade against the Sith Empire.

I will add another post to this thread every 3-4 days. The series ran August-September of 2015, and many of the battle-events successfully sparked owPvP - some of the battles the PvP-oriented of the BG community may recognize and remember!

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Zero Hour Invasion of Belsavis, Battle of Belsavis II
« Reply #1 on: 10/06/15, 04:19:48 AM »
NOTE: Am documenting the first two events in one post, as they were duplicate Commander-Run style of battles, that did not spark owPvP. Also, while some posts will include RP-commentary, some will not. For the majority of the battles, I will leave the commentary out-of-character, to help set the tone for what was learned, in fighting each of these battles.

Zero Hour Invasion of Belsavis, Battle of Belsavis II

To begin the Crusade, the Blue Jedi hit Belsavis, twice. In the early part of the Crusade, our group was not yet 100% on how the Conquest Commander bases operated: 'How long until a Commander respawns? How many people does it take to fight a named vs. an unnamed Commander? What is the best way to assault the enemy bases?' And so on. These questions and more would be answered, but all in good time. It was 6:30pm Pacific time Saturday 01AUG2015, when Zero Hour arrived, for our invasion of Planet Belsavis, and a follow-up attack occurred the next day, Sunday 02AUG2015.

The Zero Hour battle was also the only events-battle that featured an in-character briefing, aboard the Belsavis Orbital Station:

Spoiler: Briefing Pics • show

An introduction was given, and then the group went planetside. From there, we coordinated to move as a group, just in the case of any enemy players. At this point in the war, I'd not yet begun to talk with the opposite faction of our community about the Crusade. We'd get a big fight only a couple of battles into the series - but for now, this was all new, to almost all of us.

Spoiler: Zero Hour Pics • show

Spoiler: Belsavis II Assault Pics • show

The first round of attacks on the base resulted in three wipes, for our group. Thanks much to Murugan for lending us his expertise, for the fight. We'd initially thought to battle him next to the wall in-sight of the turrets and droids, but it took too long to down the turrets and droids before laying into the Commander - whose enrage timer is generous, but not in-exhaustible.

Following a successful downing of the Commander, we poked around the enemy base, for a short time.

Spoiler: Occupied Imperial Base Zero Hour • show

Spoiler: Belsavis II • show

The initial plan was to down the Commander fast, then hang out in the base for a good 40ish minutes, trying to attact owPvP. We were still a ways from this goal, though it certainly would come, in time. Much was learned about the Commander mechanics, in-particular when the timing would be right to alert the other faction about when to attempt to interdict/intervene. These first two event-battles provided a hint at what was to come, once the series got into full swing! This format would become standard; Later, when players would ask why we were fighting large groups of imperial players, I found it most-useful to inform them that we'd intially come out to a target in order to achieve that week's / part of that week's Conquest weekly goals.

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Blue Jedi on the Pilgrim Trail!
« Reply #2 on: 10/09/15, 10:57:25 PM »
To preface, yours truly feels that it should be mentioned that a LOT of our specialty-events in THE JEDl ORDER are done as "classes"; They teach at least something, but classes are covers for RP or PvE events, since class-attendances are required to advance in guild-rank.

Crusaders on the Pilgrim Trail: RP 101

On Tuesday, 04AUG2015, members of the Blue Jedi made an important pilgrimage, upon Planet Belsavis. Here are some holo-captures and Master Ahlvis No'vaik's notes, of the pilgrimage:

"I should probably mention that of all the different worlds that yours truly has set foot upon, that Planet Belsavis is my personal favorite. No, it's not the culture - and it's *definately* not the people; Yours truly is a being who enjoys basking in gorgeous settings and who saves his vacation-holos. I'm telling you this, in case any of my opinionation un-intentionally emerges, in my descriptions of our travels and adventures, upon this world.

"Our first stop was to a dear friend's place of residence, on Planet Coruscant. We Jedi are not much for lavish personal dwellings, so it's fun to know some privateers. In Needleman's case, I think his decoration possesses just a little too much effort to please...."

Spoiler: Residence of Needleman • show

"Once briefed on the dangers of Planet Belsavis - those both above and below - the Crusaders made our way to our base camp, for the pilgrimage.

"For anyone who may not know, Planet Belsavis is a prison-world. However, this world possessed such a designation *LONG* before the Galactic Republic was formed. Since it fit the bill so nicely, we decided to simply re-occupy the world when it was found, and use it for it's originally-intended purpose. It's better than buying a whole moon, just to stick prisoners upon, right?"

Spoiler: Gathering Up • show

"You know, I've never understood the appeal of having a driver or even a driver-droid, while travelling. I mean, a spaceship, sure - what, are going to miss out on seeing a couple of stars? But planetside.... No, your time would have to be in great demand, in order to be willing to miss out on some scenery, as Planet Belsavis possesses!"

Spoiler: Some Great Scenery • show

"Ah.... And here, we enter a most-interesting part of Belsavis: its underground highways. I'm not just show-boating, when I mention to Padawans that few living beings possess a greater knowledge of Planet Belsavis's ancient, underground highways, as do I. We came here with a group, this day, but I've actually been here countless times, with just a many Padawans. It felt odd, bringing a group through the underground sections."

Spoiler: Underground Byways • show

"....And out, back into daylight, we emerged. The highway goes underground at several parts, emerging on the surface at points relevant to either prisoner management or geographical neccessitation. Ah - and if you look, we're about to pass through 'The Tomb' region. It's my overall favorite bit of.... well, *nearly* un-spoiled nature, in all of the galaxy. One has to look close, in order to spot the artificial elements.

"There are other adventures that we Blue Jedi would come to share in this part of Belsavis, but I've only included relevant holo-captures. After all, we were not stopping here; our desintation lay just beyond this little piece of paradise."

Spoiler: A Little Piece of Paradise • show

"And here we are! All of the Crusaders who embarked upon the pilgrimage made it through, with only a few scratches to show, for it. The Oasis Republic Outpost is NOT well-visited, but nonetheless requires upkeep and some occasional monitoring."

Spoiler: show

"It was a long road, that bore the breadth of Planet Belsavis's largest 'temperate zone'. Along the way, we garnered our Blue Jedi some sights that will be with them, for the rest of their lives. Aye - we didn't vanquish any Sith this day, but yours truly has commanded lesser operations before; I know that a war can't just be all-battles. After all: if you lose a war, don't you want more to show for it, than lost lives and a bad battle-record?

"There's a lot more we got into, on Planet Belsavis. Rituals, artifacts-hunting, etcetera. I'm on-record and in-custody; I have no reason to withhold any details.... *Almost* any details. I'll tell you everything we found upon both worlds of our different campaigns - but not all at once. Being a prisoner of the Jedi, I feel like a weight has been temporarily lifted, from my shoulders. All of this free time has also made me quite reminiscent and introspective. I want to tell you the whole story of our Crusade, but that will take time. Bear with me, and yours truly will keep the stories coming...."

This event was main-hosted by Needleman, of <Republic Privateers> , one of our sister-guilds. I co-hosted, though did have to lead the group at several parts, per my familiarity with the area.

In a few different Crusade events, a guest-host was allowed to orchestrate, while I provided support and structure, from the sidelines. Needleman did much of the briefing and narrative, with myself filling in any holes that I'd wanted to be included, in the event.

The "class" element was minor: controls and familiarity with the chat-boxes and channels were covered, a travel-bug in southern Belsavis was covered *and* experienced, players gained new quick-travel points, and I taught the group about how the underground highways link south to north, in the west of Belsavis.

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Datacrons Of Belsavis: PvE 101
« Reply #3 on: 10/14/15, 07:17:52 PM »

Datacrons of Belsavis: PvE 101

On Wednesday 05AUG2015, the Crusaders set about an RP-themed datacron-hunt, upon Planet Belsavis. Heres are the relevant holo-captures, as well as the Grand Marshall's notes, of this day:

"With as beautiful as Belsavis is, I suppose any spectators might have thought we were on-vacation, without the proper details being given, of this day. It's not rare, for war efforts and armies to spare energy in attempts to either develop new paths to power, or to locate pre-existing means and use them for their own ends. We were basically doing just this; While there is a dark-side taint that perhaps may always reside upon Planet Belsavis, there were a few Force-imbued objects that had been felt by our diviners that were not specifically imbued with dark-side energies.

"Here, we gather at the base camp, in preparation for facing the dangers of Belsavis's wilds."

Spoiler: Base Camp Gathering • show

"While Belsavis's roads are old, many of them are surprisingly still intact. Others, the Republic has repaired, ourselves. Most of these objects were well-off any beaten paths, however."

Spoiler: Of Roads and Rocks • show

"The vast majority of Belsavis's secrets lay underground. If you want something hidden for a short time, place it out of the way; If you want the possibility that something will remain hidden forever, BURY it."

Spoiler: This.... must have taken the builders some digging • show

"This last one requires what we call a leap of faith. I'm glad no one's faith was off by just a little to the left or a little to the right...."

Spoiler: It is all from the perspective you look at it! • show

"With this, our final artifact had been found, and removed for later study. While yours truly had been hoping for something like a Rakatan super-weapon, most of these artifacts contained information about the old prison and its inner-workings. If nothing else, we'd added to the Republic's database of information on the Rakata of old.

"This was a nice break from the front lines, but we had a job to do; It was about time to do more damage to the Sith, again! We'd return to specialty missions, but not until a great deal of further fighting was done."

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Three Battles of Preclusion
« Reply #4 on: 11/05/15, 02:46:29 PM »

It's been a minute since my last post, here. As you might suspect from the dates, this is greatly due to the big, recent 4.0 release, for SWTOR. As 1 of 2 people in the JEDl community's number-2 spot, yours truly has many, many obligations and responsibilities, in addition to the want to explore the new content. Things have begun to simmer down, though, so I'd greatly enjoy resuming my "refined" recap of this great series; The original on our internal community's site is quite crude, by comparison.

Since one of the Crusade's events was cancelled per mechanics, the next three events were all battles. I thought to combine them all into one post, since only the last one features any owPvP - and only on a small scale.

Battles of Voss and Ilum, Alderaan and Quesh, and Corellia

The following battles were our first tastes of both defeat, as well as owPvP. There was another event to occur between two of these battles, but it was discovered that a game-mechanic was incomplete or needed much more preparation than I was okay with having a group do, in the span of a single event.

The first of these three battles was the Battle of Voss and Ilum, which went off without a hitch. Since the Voss commander had gone down so quickly and easily, Ilum had been added spontaneously. This battle took place on the evening of Wednesday 05AUG2015. By now, the process of hitting a commander was mostly stream-lined: survey the field, position the commander, take him down!

Spoiler: Surveying the Field • show

Next, we positioned the Commander, and struck at him hard!

Spoiler: Commander Positioning • show

And finally, our reward and a little bit of poking into the enemy's base.

Spoiler: Republic Victory! • show

Then, it was time for a *slight* change in climate: from warm Autumn weather, to dead-of-winter on an embattled world.

Spoiler: Just a LITTLE colder.... • show

With two Commanders down, we called it a day. Our victory-streak was about to be rudely broken, however....

Next, on Saturday 08AUG2015, the Blue Jedi Crusade struck at it's next targets: Planets Alderaan and Quesh. Just as in the last battle, the environment between the two worlds was somewhat.... noticeable.

Spoiler: Alderaan Defeat • show

I would have taken more screenshots, but this assault had NOT gone well, for us; This is about the only shot I got, of our two attempts at the named Commander. However, I was inclined to take many more screenshots, while we assaulted our second target, on Quesh.

Spoiler: Surveying and Positioning • show

We were much-more careful, having faced being repelled at Alderaan. Here, the Quesh Commander received the brunt of our resentment!

Spoiler: Revenge.... On someone else • show

Satisfied with at least a partial victory on the day, the Crusaders took our plunder, and departed. We would eventually return to Alderaan - and with much better results!

The next day, Sunday 09AUG2015, we would encounter our first taste of owPvP. While the fight wasn't big, nor grand, I *do* credit the screenshots garnered from this battle to have inspired the heavy involvement of the Sith-half of our community, in many of the battles to come. The battle started rather slowly, and we were looking forward to an easy take-down, of the Commander. However, we'd been spotted, on our way to him - and were caught, in the midst of our battle, with him!

Spoiler: Initially Some Easy Going • show

Soon, imperial reinforcements of another kind arrived, to assist their NPC bretheren....

Spoiler: Imperial Reinforcements Arrive on the Field • show

We faced fierce and well-prepared enemies, against this group of Imperial players. Their gear outmatched our own - but we weren't about to give up! We tried several different approaches, including flanking, surrounding them, and even attempts at separating one or two of them, from the others.

Spoiler: Tactics Change • show

After several attempts, though, we'd decided to call it an Imperial victory. While a loss, it didn't much feel that way, to those in-attendance; They were happy to have fought some Sith and gained some owPvP kills, on the day - the first such opportunity the series had afforded them. The fighting wasn't bad, though the Imperials certainly had our number!

Spoiler: Imperial Victory • show

At this point in the series, I'd started to worry that we might not inspire any owPvP. Even herein, the scale had not been very large. However, it proved okay in versus-numbers, for our group's composition, this night. As such, I was very quick to recap this event, and spread screenshots of it, all over JEDl's community forums. Immediately, the Sith officers were very interested - especially the PvP clan of our Mandalorian guild, which received quite the boost, in this era.

I yearned for more battles like this, and was about to be blown away, by the numbers that the very next battle would come to draw - and not just from our own community's guilds! Keep reading as I keep posting - you're about to be treated to the part of the Crusade where the owPvP really began to prosper and grow.

Thanks to the imperial players that we encountered, this day; Without you, our event would have been quite bland, by comparison. The next event was a recorded video of a Jedi Ritual - but the very next battle was quite probably the largest of the entire war-series!

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Jedi Ritual of Cleansing: Belsavis
« Reply #5 on: 10/04/16, 02:35:16 PM »

It took me an unreasonable amount of tries to finally get Fraps to recognize the mic I was using, and as such, you cannot hear my voice in this video - nor most - that I have, from this series. While this video is going, you were intended to be able to hear my directions to the other people that you can hear in TS; We weren't as practiced as to recall all the steps to the ritual, without guidance and at the same time! You can hear anyone else who speaks during the video just fine, however.

Jedi Ritual of Cleansing: Belsavis

On Tuesday 11AUG2015, a powerful group of Jedi met upon the surface of Planet Belsavis. Here are the Grand Marshall's notes, of the occasion:

"For millenia, the original world-prison of the Rakatan Empire remained un-touched, on Planet Belsavis. However, upon the Republic's discovery of this world, we decided that it worked so well as a prison, that we simply hijacked it and constructed modern facilities over the decrepit, ancient ones. However, as easy as this sounds, it was not without it's pitfalls; There are - to this day - great and powerful evils contained beneath the surface of Belsavis.

"This day, our mission was simple: Reduce the dark-side taint, present upon Planet Belsavis. Since many prisoners of the ancient Rakata were dark-side Force-users, they left a taint that has remained on Belsavis, for countless millenia. This day, however, we Jedi decided to remove at least a part of it!"

Spoiler: Gathering for the Ritual • show

"It took us some time to feel out the choreography of the ritual. However, we eventually became confident of our success. After many hours of meditation and practice-choreography, we were finally ready to begin!"

Check Auto-Settings; Video offers 1080p, if any lower than this by default! Links to a YouTube video.

"Upon completion, our Ritual of Cleansing was a success! While ultimately it would likely take hundreds - if not thousands - of like-rituals to fully eradicate the dark-side presence of the Force upon Planet Belsavis, we could all immediately sense the good that we'd done, in the progress that we'd made.

"Just more proof that no matter how ancient or embedded evil is, it *CAN* be rooted out, by those who would seek to do so. Our work as Jedi is never complete without responding to the evils of the galaxy - be they alive and marauding, or sleeping and haunting!"

In reality, we spent about 45 minutes working on 8-step choreography, and about another 10 or 15 minutes in filming. I usually give it 2 goes at filming, and then display the better of the two - or both, if I feel that the ritual-participants did well; This was not the first such event that our community had taken part in. These make for some unique events, and offer a rare opportunity to use the visual effects of our characters' abilities in a group-display setting.

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The Gigantic Battle of the Black Hole
« Reply #6 on: 10/04/16, 06:58:11 PM »
The Gigantic Battle of the Black Hole

On what became a less-than-average Wednesday, on 12AUG2015, The Blue Jedi Crusade resulted in its very first major open-world PvP battle. Remember that any RP-notes from the Grand Marshall are in "parentheses"-paragraphs; Out-of-character notes are not.

"Sometimes the largest of life's battles begin with but a spark; Even snowballs can become ice-boulders, if they roll down the right mountainside. Such became the case for us, in choosing the target for this day's raid. For those who do not know, the substance known as 'hypermatter' is amongst both the most-potent and the most-commonly used fuel-worthy matter to drive starships' hyperdrives. So, when we chose to raid an imperial-held extraction site for the stuff on Planet Corellia, we really were asking for a bigger fight than we had imagined.

"After arriving in this already war-torn Corellian sector, our raid-party gathered up for what we expected to be moderate defenses. 'Moderate' turned out to be.... a *slight* mis-calculation."

Spoiler: Gathering Up for the Initial Attack • show

At the time, the Conquest-goals were for the guard-sentries. However, we ran into the un-expected obstacle of turrets that were nearly invincible, that could ALSO just 1-shot players to death. As such, it became neccessary to draw the NPCs out of the immediate range of the turrets.

"The posted guards proved to be little match for us. Rather, the greater threat lay in the over-powered cannon-turrets that were posted at the Imperial base of operations, in the Black Hole region. As such, luring the Empire's fighting force away from their base's defenses quickly became a priority, in running down the defenders."

Spoiler: Initial Assault on the Empire Base • show

"While we managed to lay waste to the permanently-assigned troops, we had greatly underestimated the number of reserves that the Empire could call upon, in order to assist their base's defenders...."

By this time in the series, our community's dark-side guilds had now expressed full interest in taking up the fight, against us. Once enough players from <Mando'ade Aliit>, <THE SlTH ORDER>, and <Imperial BlackOps> had shown up, both sides began to spam the server's community-channels, to inform the server of the large battle in the Black Hole. Being an instant-transport destination, players from other guilds immediately began answering the call - to great effect!

Spoiler: The REAL Battle Begins • show

"While our initial assault took a good few minutes to be beaten back from the Empire's doorstep, we soon found them upon ours!"

Spoiler: Fight at the Republic Base • show

"Soon, the battle had normalized - and a front was established near the center of the Black Hole sector. This front would face several back-and-forth momentums, however."

In all reality, without a singular, shared Teamspeak line, the battle was mostly chaos. Most of the major owPvP battles that would come to follow ended up sharing a similar format - with only the final, series-ending battle being any different. In reality, I had only wanted to provide something unique and fun, that few of us had seen since the days that the Ilum PvP-dailies had still been in-service. This event certainly surpassed my expectations and hopes - and gave me just the encouragement I needed, to feel confident that we could continue to spark such massive battles.

Spoiler: The Front Stabilizes • show

The back-and-forth would continue throughout the fight, as only eachothers' bases could provide bounty and point-ticks for the Conquest weeklies.

Spoiler: More at Our Base and midMap • show

"In the end, Republic High Command got involved - and additional Republic units were added to the division-sized battle. After heavy losses, our own units were forced to withdraw, and leave the others to continue the fight. A bloody day - but few crusades are without such bloodshed! Once we regained our strength, the Blue Jedi would fight another day!"

This footage stops about 1 hour into the event. The fight began to wind up about 20 minutes into our event, and the streets were flooded with in-fighting for nearly an hour and 50 minutes. Ultimately, I hadn't imagined that owPvP could be kept going for so long, and our community had other events pre-scheduled that we ourselves largely withdrew from the fight, to attend. Those that remained reported to me through /whisper's when the fighting finally died down - nearly an hour after I myself had to leave!

In order to embolden the Empire-side of our internal community, yours truly decided to call this battle an Imperial victory. After all, our stated goal had been to complete the Conquest weekly, and our efforts had both validly and solidly been stopped. Battles of this magnitude were *exactly* what I'd hoped to achieve, and you can certainly bet that we'd gained a LOT of know-how and experience, from this rather-successful format.

With this endeavor having been such a success, yours truly would come to follow suit with future owPvP battles: favoring PvE-based goal-oriented formats, in easy-to-reach dual-faction locations. Other lessons would come to be learned by varying the location of battles, such as odd player-respawns in places such as Planets Quesh and Voss. In total, this was counted as the 2nd of what would become 11 owPvP battles that the Crusade would come to spark - the 1st being the smallest, and the 2nd *possibly* being the largest; some of the other battles were roughly the same size, but it's very difficult to accurately measure the attendance of owPvP battles. Keep reading, and I'll come to share all of the struggles - RP and otherwise - with you, from The Blue Jedi Crusade!

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Advanced PvE: Beasts of Belsavis
« Reply #7 on: 10/05/16, 09:48:29 AM »

Advanced PvE Class: Beasts of Belsavis!

On Thursday 13AUG2015, Master Gotis led the Crusaders in an Advanced PvE Class, dealing in both tanking mechanics and the 2 world-bosses of Planet Belsavis. Here are the Grand Marshall's notes, from the day:

"This day, the Blue Jedi faced sights that would send other forces running in the opposite direction. Follwing our acceptance of a Senate in-quest to help rid Planet Belsavis of a couple of it's greater threats towards further reclaimation, the Blue Jedi headed for the more-remote regions of the world of our first campaign. Gathering upon the shores of the Waters of the Primal Destroyer, our intrepid group of Crusaders planned their move and mode-of-attack."

Spoiler: Sizing Up the Beast • show

"Having engaged the beast, the battle was quickly joined by its offspring!"

Spoiler: Unholy Alliance • show

"Needless to say, the ancient behemoth's ferocity swept us off our feet...."

Spoiler: Going Airborne • show

"In the end, though, none of the beasts could withstand the might of our Crusaders!"

Spoiler: Nightmare Vanquished • show

"With one down, we were but one to go! Next, Master Gotis led us in stalking an even more-dangerous prey."

Spoiler: Upping the Ante • show

"With the trap was laid, we made ready for battle...."

Spoiler: Just a Large Bear Trap • show

"Dreadtooth fought tooth-and-nail - and so we were required to do the same. Blood, sweat, dust, and slime flew about this wrecked part of Section X!"

Spoiler: Blood Sweat Tears and Slime • show

"The battle was long and difficult - but in the end, another blight upon the galaxy was cleansed, from it! The Crusaders brought down their targets, and decided to call it an evening."

Spoiler: Hopefully Bowels that Would Not Release • show

Thanks to Master Gotis, who hosted this event, as part of the Crusade series. There were few guest-hosts, but the offer had been up, to any community-officers wanting to take part. Likely a second crusade would find more volunteers, as few players had seen such a series successfully orchestrated, previously.