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Author Topic: LF an RP partner  (Read 978 times)

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LF an RP partner
« on: 10/11/15, 02:44:52 AM »
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It's time for a poorly formatted wall of text! I got back into SWTOR a few weeks ago and have been slowly easing myself into RP again, but most of the people I knew before have quit or are unavailable for RP. I was too anxious to ask for a partner here before, but it's letting up at least temporarily. Here are my main characters and a summary of their backstories:

Darth Malají Vaal (Sith Assassin), an incredibly evil and sadistic Sith Alchemist trying to increase her power base and knowledge of the dark side. She's my main character for everything, especially RP. Currently looking for a female apprentice or high-ranking Imperial military officer to RP with.

Phayri (Sith Sorcerer), a Sith driven to insanity by her overuse of the dark side. She's very fun to RP, and other people have told me that she's fun to be around as well despite her dark sided intentions. Possibly looking for a female master to RP with.

Agent Serama Lirus (Scoundrel), a counter-espionage and counter-terrorism agent in the Republic SIS. She's only level 55 right now so the last few planets are off limits, but she's a great partner if you want to do some spy/military stuff.

Myanis Dugaal (Jedi Guardian), a Jedi Master in exile due to the fall of her padawan. She distrusts the Republic and has radical ideas about how the Jedi should enforce peace or justice, so she's slowly falling to the dark side right now. She's been on Rishi for about 7 years so an introduction would work best on that planet.

I have three characters who don't have a set story yet, but two are below level 55 and I may not finish them before KOTFE. I also have a couple that I don't RP on often because they're either unleveled or not currently important, but I can do something with them if it's required.

I'm looking for someone who can RP sometime between 9:00 PM and 6:00 AM EST (evening/night in Australia, early/mid-day in Europe), though a bit earlier is fine too. I prefer Sith/Jedi (or unaligned force users) RP, military-style (including SIS or Sith Intelligence) RP, [Edited by Arbiter] (completely optional). Not so much a fan of mercenary/smuggler RP but I do have one bounty hunter Imp-side just in case. I'd prefer to RP with female characters (anyone important to my characters like an apprentice would have to be) but it hopefully won't be a problem if that's not possible. I also try to remain at least semi-lore friendly, but I am willing to bend canon if it improves RP. Lastly, i'm not a fan of combat RP unless it's free form (which rarely ends well) or with a pre-decided winner (which is hard to decide).

This is probably gonna be a bit too specific for me to find anyone, but i'm trying anyway. I'm likely going to bed soon after posting this as well, but i'll answer any questions when I wake up.
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Re: LF an RP partner
« Reply #1 on: 10/11/15, 11:51:04 AM »
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