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Author Topic: Looking for someone to do planetary quests with - lowbie levelling  (Read 768 times)

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I am by no means new to the game, but if there is one thing I always loved about it, it's the voiced quests cutscenes with players from different classes. Heroic 4's will be sorely missed. In that spirit, and because of the new expansion coming up, I'd like to polish my knowledge of the different planetary storylines leading up to it by levelling a sentinel.

Ideally I'd like to play with anyone not of the jedi knight classes, or at least not male jedi knight to avoid the goofy confusion of having the same answers and voices. I am on an asian timezone with a fair amount of time on my hands between 10 am and 11 pm AEST.

We can RP these quests or just go for them together, only adding appropriate banter when we see fit. I have personally disabled 12x XP but it isn't a requirement - I won't leave a planet until all non repeatable quests are done!

My character is a twi'lek male very much light side aligned with a strong sense of duty and currently on Coruscant. Character development is possible and encouraged! I'm open to a master/padawan dynamic, being a sidekick or improbable allies through a war-torn planet.

Let me know here if you're interested or whisper Tygrus.

See you in game!
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