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Author Topic: For Those That Wish To Know  (Read 984 times)

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For Those That Wish To Know
« on: 02/22/16, 01:01:22 AM »
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((The following message was recently broadcasted across the Holonet, under an account that, upon closer inspection, doesn't appear to even exist. Attempts were made to trace the source of the transmission, all of which ended in failure. The message found its way into the inboxes of a number of high-profile individuals, yourself included, for fifteen minutes before deleting itself and all signs of its existence.))

"Greetings and salutations and all that. Don't bother trying to find me, you'll fail. After all, I'm just one Dead Man among many. I am unique, however, in that I do tell tales.

You may have heard rumors about me, and my abilities. I won't bother confirming or denying them. The point of this message is, you are among the very select few that have caught my attention as potential clients. You are influential, powerful, wealthy, and most importantly, wishing to find secrets and information others would have kept hidden. As an information broker, this is where I come in.

Should you wish to acquire my services, there is a little-used private chat server originating from Hutta, currently operating under the name of 'The Afterlife Club'. Create a profile there and post a basic job description, how much you're willing to pay, and where you wish to meet. Feel free to delete the profile later, the moment the message is sent, I WILL know of it. Do not attempt to set a trap; I will know of it, and I will make sure you suffer for it. You are free to bring bodyguards, however, so long as their presence is noted in your message and they are plainly visible.

Three more things to be aware of. One, I am not an assassin. I will not take jobs requiring the death of another. Get a bounty hunter for that. Two, I reserve the right to refuse any job offer if I deem it contrary to my interests. Rest assured, once I take the job, however, I will see it through to the end. And three, attempting to renege on payment will result in the details of your job being made publicly available. I'm sure neither of us wish for that to happen, so let's play fair.

Looking forward to a working relationship."