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"Prize in the Skies!" GSF Contest @ Begeren Colony June 20th - 30th


Hey everyone,

   I wanted to inform all of you about a contest I'm sponsoring on Begeren Colony to coincide with my Campaign for GSF proclamation I posted on May 29th.  In order to facilitate this to the best of my ability I created a website on Enjin to host the contest.  Introducing:

"Prize in the Skies!" at

This contest is designed to motivate casual players to participate in GSF by offering prizes as an incentive to queue up.  This concept is still in its experimental stage but my hope is that it will be well received by the players on Begeren Colony.  I will be hosting another "Prize in the Skies" contest on Begeren in July as well, and may carry this contest to other servers if it gets enough traction.   

Please feel free to visit the website for contest rules and more information.  It is a work in progress and will probably need some additional tweaking to get everything dialed in, but the basics are in place and the contest is now live.

Thanks for the info.  I'm a bit hermetic after a move but enjoy GSF and will check it out!


Contest winners for "Prize in the Skies" @ Begeren Colony June 2016


   Thank you to all who participated in Campaign4GSF's inaugural "Prize in the Skies" contest! The winners are as follows:

Grand Prize:  Vector-srw

2nd Prize: Ladyof'thelords

3rd Prize: Kurnos

Bonus Prize: Zaximus

   To ensure that this contest remain fair, impartial and 100% legitimate we posted a transcript of the prize drawing in our Gallery section at  We will be holding this contest once again in July with much bigger and better quality prizes so stay tuned and please continue to voice your support for GSF.  Queue up! Post on the forums! Reach out to new players!  Thank you for your participation and I hope you join us again for our next round of "Prize in the Skies" in July!


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