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August 2018
Aug 16: Jedi Night - 7:30 PM PDT
Aug 16: Jedi Night: A Night at the Museum - 7:00 PM PST


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Author Topic: Jedi Night Weekly Event Thread  (Read 8901 times)

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Re: Jedi Night Weekly Event Thread
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Just a heads up @Niarra, I have a rare break from tabletop night on August 16, so if you need a hand with anything really, I'm available to help.

Thank you for the offer, but the museum should actually be fairly low-key on the GM side. It's 50% "let folks RP somewhere other than the oft used ol' guild SH for a night" and 50% adventure, so not too much bookkeeping on my side for that one. But if time permits and you'd like to have a character at the museum on their own business, certainly feel free! I'm more than open to folks bringing non-Jedi characters along for the free-form portion, or even with agendas of their own, as long it's understood that when I get to the running-the-investigation portion of the night I'll be focusing on only one team and one agenda, as per the premise of the event. But hey, if folks have cause to be shadowing or monitoring the Jedi at their business, who am I to argue?  :evil:

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