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Author Topic: Hello everyone.. :)  (Read 2661 times)

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Hello everyone.. :)
« on: 09/11/16, 05:13:26 AM »
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Hello ;) my name is FamilyTechy.. happy to be here
LCD monitoru remonts
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Re: Hello everyone.. :)
« Reply #1 on: 09/11/16, 10:30:49 AM »
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Make sure you check out the weekly community rp events that are on the calendar! Also, in game, if you haven't already joined the community channels! Use /cjoin to join Republicooc pub side, Imperialooc imp side and Rp on both sides. The Rp channel is used as a galaxy wide open comm channel. If you're interested in pvp, ops or gsf, there are community channels for those too, but I'd have to look them up. Let me know if they interest you and I will, or someone else who knows them may add them below.

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Re: Hello everyone.. :)
« Reply #2 on: 09/11/16, 01:03:34 PM »
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Welcome! If any questions on specific guilds or events or other needs, just ask!