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Author Topic: Gray Coalition: Voss Recon  (Read 1845 times)

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Gray Coalition: Voss Recon
« on: 01/03/17, 01:42:02 PM »
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Okay! Time to actually schedule this damn thing!

On Saturday, January 14th at 3:00 PM Server Time (aka PST), I'll be running an event for Coallition forces that takes place more or less at the same time as KOTET Chapter 1.

If you've played KOTET, you can probably guess what might happen >_>.

This will be a Chatroom Event (since cross-faction), and we'll be using a rolling system I used, um, a while ago when I last ran a dice'd event, info listed down below, no traits or anything you have to figure out :).

I'll have an IC intro message from Quarasha when we get closer to the event, shall be fun... >:D.

It's a basic rolling system, to work as follows:

Attacks (and other contested actions) would roll: 1d100 +WotF -HP

<= 9: Attacking character screws up some part of their attack and take a "hit".
10-39: Defending character does something to negate the attack (if they're getting shot at with a blaster, they dodge the shot or duck behind cover, for example).
40-89: Attack goes as intended, defender take a "hit".
90+: Attack goes even better than intended, defender takes 3 hits.

All that said, hits work a bit differently for the event. Enemy NPC's will have health based on their intended importance, of course, and for them hits will just reduce their health until they hit 0.

For player characters, taking a "hit" is not necessarily damage. Players can choose for a hit to be anything from being physically injured, to emotionally shaken, to knocked off balance, to whatever they want, so long as it's a rationale for them becoming less effective, or ground down, in the fight. It's entirely your choice what, RP wise, the hit means for your character.

The mechanical impact of Hits, however is that they give a stacking -5 penalty to your attack rolls (that's the HP notation) for every Hit you take past 2 (3 hits means you roll at -5. 8 hits means you roll at -30), but your number of hits is halved, rounding down, after each encounter completes, to denote that you've got some time to recover from the fighting.

And, yes, this means that you won't get knocked out by me. You can decide that your char gets knocked out, of course (and can make a miraculous recovery at an opportune moment when your turn comes back up). It's entirely up to you.

The other part of the combat system is Will of the Force:

Every time a player gets a hit on an enemy (or a sudo-hit on a skill check), they get a Fate Point. During any of their rolls, they can use any amount of FP's they accumulated for a stacking +10 to their roll, allowing them to make their attacks possibly automatic successes if they choose.

(If you use a Fate Point on a roll, you don't get back bonuses from that hit)

And, to give you a reason to save them up: At every 20 point interval over 90 that your roll is, you do +1 damage. So:

Roll of 90: 3 damage.
Roll of 110: 4 damage.
Roll of 130: 5 damage.

And so on.

...and I thoroughly encourage people to save their character's dramatic "This is why I rock!" moments for these bonuses :D.
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Character List:

Pub side: Lien Orell, Kyri Orell, Shaantil (possibly Dumas), Norland, Everen (bank alt ATM), Quarashaa (Pub version of the real Quarasha), Merrant

Imp Side: Quarasha, Effet Ornell, Arazel, Zedney, Zhel, Asori-Alnas

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Re: Gray Coalition: Voss Recon
« Reply #1 on: 01/03/17, 10:22:09 PM »
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Just to check chars, will this begin during conflict? Little before?  Trying to figure out which character to bring.

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Re: Gray Coalition: Voss Recon
« Reply #2 on: 01/04/17, 12:37:22 AM »
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Just to check chars, will this begin during conflict? Little before?  Trying to figure out which character to bring.

If you mean, will the event start with combat quickly? Unlikely, still need to fill out the plan but I prefer to have some time pre-and-post event for stuff to resolve.

If you mean, when does the event take place in relation to KOTET Chapter One? Shortly before.

Very shortly.

Bring an umbrella.
Character List:

Pub side: Lien Orell, Kyri Orell, Shaantil (possibly Dumas), Norland, Everen (bank alt ATM), Quarashaa (Pub version of the real Quarasha), Merrant

Imp Side: Quarasha, Effet Ornell, Arazel, Zedney, Zhel, Asori-Alnas

Offline Orell

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Re: Gray Coalition: Voss Recon
« Reply #3 on: 01/04/17, 01:15:13 AM »
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Moving the time up a few hours (could push it up to 2pm too), so that people don't have to miss the wedding :).
Character List:

Pub side: Lien Orell, Kyri Orell, Shaantil (possibly Dumas), Norland, Everen (bank alt ATM), Quarashaa (Pub version of the real Quarasha), Merrant

Imp Side: Quarasha, Effet Ornell, Arazel, Zedney, Zhel, Asori-Alnas

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Re: Gray Coalition: Voss Recon
« Reply #4 on: 01/04/17, 09:13:44 AM »
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Thanks- yeah just helps to know if any char there would be there for some other non-military reason first. 

Re: Gray Coalition: Voss Recon
« Reply #5 on: 01/04/17, 09:53:29 PM »
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Would it be possible to observe the RP? I ask because Xyrna's player and I have recently made some adjustments to our characters' histories which'll help explain our continued absences here in the community. One of these things is gonna more or less require Thyssen to return to Coruscant for a time, after the Tatooine Star Fortress business is taken care of.
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Offline Orell

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Re: Gray Coalition: Voss Recon
« Reply #6 on: 01/13/17, 01:07:17 PM »
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"Members of the Coallition, we may have found a lead on a very, very important person."

"There is information suggesting that two high-value targets, both for the Alliance combating Zakuul and for Zakuul itself, may currently be on the world of Voss. While much of it is still unconfirmed, I have secured access to Voss in order to try to find out more."

Our goal is investigation and reconnaissance only. If these targets are present there, then openly engaging them without reinforcements would be a poor idea. Still, bring weapons. Just in case."

"Quarasha signing off."

Just a reminder, still tomorrow at 3. And Thyss, no objection to people watching :).
Character List:

Pub side: Lien Orell, Kyri Orell, Shaantil (possibly Dumas), Norland, Everen (bank alt ATM), Quarashaa (Pub version of the real Quarasha), Merrant

Imp Side: Quarasha, Effet Ornell, Arazel, Zedney, Zhel, Asori-Alnas

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Re: Gray Coalition: Voss Recon
« Reply #7 on: 01/13/17, 03:08:34 PM »
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I won't be able to join due to work, but please pretend that Vedriat's ships and/or people are there doin' their thing. I hope you all have fun!
Republic: Brinla Ruun|Dassalya Nasadee|Mihzarwi Taan|Nulaa Ulair|Tamminick Nasadee|Doz Jalth
Imperial: Adeliey Innesaud|Sadhara Zinn|Vedriat Azaera

Re: Gray Coalition: Voss Recon
« Reply #8 on: 01/13/17, 03:55:18 PM »
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I'm leaving my sign up, but i don't actually know if i'll be there, i have to bring my mom's dog to the vet tomorrow :/ for a check-up. I'm pretty sure it's at 9:00 AM CST, but it could be all day with petsmart's vets :/
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Re: Gray Coalition: Voss Recon
« Reply #9 on: 01/13/17, 06:19:35 PM »
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Slight change of plans for me: I'mma bring my Rogue Knight Vindild.

Offline Orell

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Re: Gray Coalition: Voss Recon
« Reply #10 on: 01/14/17, 02:27:25 PM »
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Just a reminder: this starts at 3PM in the Chatroom, Deep Space!
Character List:

Pub side: Lien Orell, Kyri Orell, Shaantil (possibly Dumas), Norland, Everen (bank alt ATM), Quarashaa (Pub version of the real Quarasha), Merrant

Imp Side: Quarasha, Effet Ornell, Arazel, Zedney, Zhel, Asori-Alnas

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Re: Gray Coalition: Voss Recon
« Reply #11 on: 01/14/17, 09:14:14 PM »
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Vindild and Daimren during the final fatal showdown with the Exarch.

Offline Orell

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Re: Gray Coalition: Voss Recon
« Reply #12 on: 01/14/17, 10:38:21 PM »
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A note on this below: This is a chat log for the event, without the rolls, OOC chatter, poeple talking entering and leaving the chatroom, links to music, etc. It will not read like a normal written scene, but should at least be an entertaining thing in its own right.

Additionally: For the first part of the event, Gabe's character was being run by ThyssenKrupp, as agreed between the two. Also, LVT and Drakeheart had to leave at points.

I had a blast with this event, was glad to get back into doing an event, the rolling makes some amazing shit happen at times...

Orell / GM: Quarasha's ship is something of a luxury corvette, rather like the Phantom's used by Imperial Intelligence in it's hey day, but without many of the intelligence add-ons. Still, it makes for a fast and comfortable ride...
Erednash / Vindild: *Vindild spends most of his time off to the side, meditating and honing his Shatterpoint sense.*
Orell / GM: Quarasha triggers the comm. "...almost there. Ready to find our beloved ex-emperor?"
LVT / The Viper: "If he's there."
SivWysan / Daimren: Daimren chuckles, adjusting his hybrid black-ops pilot/captured mando armor. "Not counting my thranta chicks til their hatched on that one."
ThyssenKrupp as Gabe: Gabriel Thorne leans back in his self-assigned seat, dressed in his usual set of black and red beskar-like armor, save for his helmet, which he currently has propped in his lap so that he can run a rag over it. He still sports fresh scars -- most small and almost unnoticeable -- from the previous Coalition operation, both on his flesh and on his gear. At the sound of Quarasha's voice, he tosses the rag to the side and slips the helmet on. "Our luck's held out this far. Why should it stop now?"
Erednash / Vindild: "I doubt he will be here," the former Zakuul Knight says.
Orell / GM: "Optimism! It's a wonderful thing! What could- no, nevermind, shouldn't finish that sentence," she chuckles as Hyperspace disengages and the Sith Lord steers them down towards Voss' surface.
SivWysan / Daimren: *grins at GAbriel* "As the Admiral is fond of saying, just because Luck's sent you a few love notes is no reason to assume you're going steady."
Orell / GM: "I'm going to steal that."
Orell / GM: The descent to Voss has a strange air to it. The illusive, hidden world, ruled by Force Users that were experts at seeing the future, wise leaders that could tease the truth from those visions, and a lot of people that wanted the galaxy to stay away... and yet even the Force-blind could tell that something felt just a little bit off, just a little bit wrong.
ThyssenKrupp as Gabe: A last minute weapons check has Gabriel nodding in satisfaction. Blaster rifle and pistol? Check, fully charged. Slug-thrower? Check, fully loaded. Knives? Other necessities? Apart from the lack of a mug full of hot tea, he was good to go. To Daimren, a possible smile is exchanged. It's impossible to tell through the helmet.
SivWysan / Daimren: "Haha good luck with that. I'm pretty sure you DON'T want my Uncle's romantic hisotry to rub off on you in that regard. Its pretty legendary"
Erednash / Vindild: "Isn't he the one that lost his pants in the former Nar Shaddaa Star Fortress?"
SivWysan / Daimren: "I do believe his report stated it to be a 'glorious sacrifice for hte people'"
SivWysan / Daimren: *suddenly grows a bit more somber, as he feels the miasma in the air*
Drakeheart / Vol'ret: A sith, dressed in armoured black robes, a dual-sided lightsaber hanging from his belt, frowns as they near the world's surface, he pulls his hood down, revealing a padawan braid dangling just in front of his ear, "Something is wrong."
Orell / GM: Quarasha's luxury corvette lands on the world, settling on the landing pad, curious onlookers stealing a glance at the VERY pretty vessel. "Alright, we're here. In case you couldn't tell by the thump." Quarasha shrugs at the team as she exits the cockpit. "The bad news is that we're going to have to split up."
Erednash / Vindild: *Winces as his meditation is interrupted by the Force Imbalance, getting up as the ship lands.*
ThyssenKrupp as Gabe: Gabriel shifts uncomfortably back and forth, as though something underneath his armor were riding up on him. Those who were Force-sensitive, however, would feel the tension coming off of him in waves. "So we're going in blind? No digital topography to guide us?"
SivWysan / Daimren: "Some Jedi would say none are truly blind with the Force. But I'm not an asshole."
LVT / The Viper: The viper himself was dressed in a masked purple and black robe and mask.
SivWysan / Daimren: "... well, less than 30% of the time anyway"
Orell / GM: "We're gathering information for the moment. And I do have a map of the city."
LVT / The Viper: He takes a look around at the assembled group. "Split up how?"
Erednash / Vindild: "Those Jedi have obviously never met someone that lost their eyes," Vind snarks.
Orell / GM: "In order to gain access to Voss, I had to trade a favor with an old colleague. Nothing too critical, just..." she sighs. "...shopping trip. How galactic empires rise and fall, everyone."
ThyssenKrupp as Gabe: Gabriel stands up and makes his way over to the cockpit. He takes a few moments to look around and what awaits them all outside, before turning his head to look at Quarasha. "Could I get a copy of that data?"
Erednash / Vindild: "If it's alright, I'd like to see the Tower of Prophecy. The Voss Mystics remind me of the old Scions of Zakuul."
Orell / GM: "A certain Dark Lord has just been hankering for some examples of stone-worked art from various Force traditions."
Orell / GM: Quarasha hands Gabe a datapad with a map of the city.
Orell / GM: "While I'm doing that, and making a few other diplomatic overtures, you'll need to head to a tea house." She brings up a map of Voss-Ka, a building in the south-eastern section of the city, abutting the mountains, highlighted. "Owned and operated by Halan-Tal. I don't have too much information on the man, but proprietors are proprietors."
Orell / GM: "My information says that he heard from one of his patrons about Former-Emperor Arcann and his mother, Senya, seeking aid from Voss healers. Try to find out who might know where they are and if they're still on world... ideally, without pissing off the locals."
SivWysan / Daimren: "So buy lots of tea, play nice, don't start anymore wars than needed"
ThyssenKrupp as Gabe: "Appreciated." Gabriel mutters, not wanting to talk over the twi'lek. After copying the necessary information to his own datapad, and then uploading it to his helmet's HUD, he hands Quarasha her device back.
Erednash / Vindild: "Arcann..." *The Force-Sensitives would be able to sense the rising anger from the former Knight.*
Orell / GM: Quarasha hands over a small, lightweight package. "I have about a ton of dried, vacuum-sealed tea leaves from Gatalenta in the hold. Jedi are said to have enjoyed the brand, so..." she shrugs. "Might help at least, one of you has to have a salesman bone in their body."
Orell / GM: Quarasha stops talking, waiting for questions.
Drakeheart / Vol'ret: "So where is the part of this mission where dividing forces is required...?" The Sith keep his hands clasped in front of him, calm and collected for one of his tradition.
ThyssenKrupp as Gabe: Gabriel hefts the package in his hand. Ah, tea. Wonderful tea! But that would have to wait.
SivWysan / Daimren: "I'm Alderaanian, and know tea, if it helps. Though can let others do talking and just give tips"
Orell / GM: Quarasha looks at the Sith. "I'm dealing with stupid and trivial work, you're doing the actual mission."
Drakeheart / Vol'ret: "Oh, I had believed you were simply the taxi."
Orell / GM: Quarasha shrugs. "I largely am. Plus the woman that hunted down this lead from a seventh hand rumor."
SivWysan / Daimren: Frowns slightly, glancing around their entourage. "So, um how civilian are we supposed to look for this proprietor? Not sure a bunch of Force users in armor is low key"
ThyssenKrupp as Gabe: Gabriel looks down at himself. Nope. Definitely not going to be passing for a civilian anytime soon!
Erednash / Vindild: "Going it alone at this point would be unwise," Vindild tells Quar. "With your permission, I would like to accompany you, Madam."
SivWysan / Daimren: "Have a few spare disguises if needs be- though not sure you're all my size"
LVT / The Viper: "I am decent enough at hiding myself."
Orell / GM: She shrugs. "Say we're strangers with strange customs? Mandalorians practically mate in their armor, you'd be surprised how often it works. Besides, Arcann and Senya may be here... and I have a poor feeling about things."
LVT / The Viper: The Viper looks at Quarasha. "This tea for the rumor then?"
Orell / GM: Quarasha shakes her head at Vindild. "I'm not the one hunting the ex-Emperor, I'm the one buying bad art. They'll need you more, and I can take care of myself."
Drakeheart / Vol'ret: "We are a group of offworlders. This is Voss. Our arrival will have be noticed no matter our disguise."
Orell / GM: She nods at the Viper. "Tea for Rumor, if needed."
Orell / GM: "Always useful to have a bargaining chip around."
Erednash / Vindild: "As you say..." *He's oddly hesitant about this, but listens to her regardless.*
ThyssenKrupp as Gabe: Gabriel hands the tea over to Viper. "Here. The longer I hold onto this, the more I'm likely to give in to temptation and fix myself a mug."
Orell / GM: "Alright. May the Force serve you well out there, and try not to start a war..."
LVT / The Viper: The Viper looks at the package for a long minute, as if deciding what to do, but he finally ends up taking it anyway.
ThyssenKrupp as Gabe: "Hard to start a war when you're already knee-deep in the middle of one."
LVT / The Viper: The Viper mused. "Small house..."
ThyssenKrupp as Gabe: "I'll just... keep a lookout." Gabriel says. One glance into the establishment was all he needed to ascern that it wouldn't be in anyone's best interest that he wandered around inside relatively unchecked. Not with what he was wearing, anyway. It'd be like a Rancor in a ceramic shop.
Drakeheart / Vol'ret: "Hmmm. Quaint."
Orell / GM: The Teahouse is nearly empty, but a short Voss man rises to greet them. "Offworlders! Welcome, welcome, I have not seen so many of you in some time!"
ThyssenKrupp as Gabe: Gabriel leans in just long enough to provide the Voss native with a casual, friendly wave, before turning his attention back out to the streets.
Drakeheart / Vol'ret: When no one else speaks up, Vol'ret offers a nod, a polite smile adorning his face, "Thank you, mister..." The sith draws the word out, looking expectantly to the man.
Orell / GM: "Ah, I am Halan-Tal, and welcome to my tea house." He looks at the odd assortment here. "...have you had Voss tea before?"
Erednash / Vindild: "I would certainly love some myself."
Drakeheart / Vol'ret: "Once, before the madness that is our present universe... Is there any kind of tea you would recommend?"
Orell / GM: "Wonderful!" He scurries off to pour some cups for the group. "The harvest from the crops near Pelath-Ri have been quite good as of late, I always try to have a fresh pot ready."
ThyssenKrupp as Gabe: "I am jealous of you all." Gabriel's voice would come over comms to all those involved in the operation, carrying with it a mixture of sincere annoyance and good-natured comedic timing.
Drakeheart / Vol'ret: "Excellent, that would be wonderful Halan-Tal." The Sith taking a seat nearby.
Orell / GM: Gabe would notice some of the Voss starting to look up at the sky, murmuring to each other.
Orell / GM: Halan-Tal brings over the glasses.
ThyssenKrupp as Gabe: Gabriel steps away from the building. "Somethin's up. The natives are restless."
Erednash / Vindild: *Vindild grabs his cup, then suddenly turns his head towards the ceiling.*
Orell / GM: "I'll... assume you're all not the same species?"
Orell / GM: Halan-Tal follows his gaze. "..........yes, I've been meaning to repaint...?"
Orell / GM: What looks like a few Voss Commandos run past Gabe.
SivWysan / Daimren: *Daimren smiles, clasping his hands with perfect Voss ettiquette and a bow* "Many thanks, Halan-Tal. Most gracious of you."
Drakeheart / Vol'ret: "Hm. I should think not." The human Sith smirks, politely accepting the cup of tea and sipping it, "Thank you, indeed."
SivWysan / Daimren: (he has, as an aside donned a mid-level Alderaanain trader's tunic over his armor, one that also covers part of his face)
Erednash / Vindild: "... find shelter. Quickly." *He takes a quick gulp of his tea before placing it back on the table and running outside.*
Orell / GM: "Ah, so wonderful to meet polite foreigners. The Zakuul ones... quite rude. Always talking about how Zakuul tea is-"
Orell / GM: Halan-Tal blinks.
ThyssenKrupp as Gabe: Gabriel's voice comes over the comms again, sounding just a bit more urgent this time. "Something is definitely going on out here. Several military-types just ran by."
LVT / The Viper: "We've heard a lot of this place."
ThyssenKrupp as Gabe: *Vindild would arrive just in time to see Gabe unslinging his rifle and bringing it up into a low-ready position.*
LVT / The Viper: The Viper final speaks, after talking a calm look about the tea house. "Bigger on the inside."
SivWysan / Daimren: *Daimren smiles, politely, then grows more alert*
Orell / GM: As you leave the tea house and look up, the cause of the commotion is obvious: Hundreds, thousands of new stars in the sky, streaming down towards the city...
SivWysan / Daimren: *reaches out in the Force for danger or strong feelings nearby*
Drakeheart / Vol'ret: Ignoring the concerns of his colleagues, and turns to Halan-Tal, "I've found Zakuulian tea to be... uninspired."
ThyssenKrupp as Gabe: Gabriel immediately takes a knee. "Of all the rotten... WE'VE GOT INCOMING!"
SivWysan / Daimren: "Regretfully, Halan-Tal, it appears we have some less-polite foreigners, a great many. Do you have a place of refuge you could move to?"
Orell / GM: Halan-Tal blinks again, muttering "...it's... it's now..." He rushes off to the back room of the teahouse.
Orell / GM: What must be thousands of ships in orbit and thousands of Zakuul transports descend... and as they get closer, individual Skytroopers are descending as well, opening fire on the city below and landing in the courtyard in front of the tea house...
SivWysan / Daimren: "So much for disguises," Daim mutters. *calmly takes the tabbard off, and draws his lightsabers.*
SivWysan / Daimren: *He pauses briefly, though, fiddling with something on his wrist*
SivWysan / Daimren: *Ignoring the chaos, Daimren begins... texting. He attempts to slice his way into the Voss capital traffic network to gain some intel on the assault vectors, and the safest possible route to guilde civilians or our own forces out of the city*
SivWysan / Daimren: *then, almost absentmindedly he ignites his lightsaber to block any stray shots :P *
Orell / GM: If there's a safe way out, good luck finding it, the words Chaotic Mess come into play right about now. Still, at least you turn aside a few quick shots.
LVT / The Viper: The Viper will deal with the Skytroopers, giving them a wide slash.
Orell / GM: Success! One of the skytroopers, clearly of the "cannon fodder" model, falls to the Lightsaber.
Erednash / Vindild: "God damn droids..." *Vindild would look more towards one of the skytroopers, and attempt to crush a crucial component with the Force*
Orell / GM: The Skytrooper seems unfazed, the component seemingly to be moved slightly from the model Vindild was used to...
ThyssenKrupp as Gabe: Gabriel braces his rifle against his shoulder. He had focused on one Skytrooper in particular, sighting it in as it came ever closer. Once it landed, he exhales and depresses the trigger, hoping to strike a critical blow to the mechanical soldier!
Orell / GM: The droid explodes like a clay pidgeon as the power core is hit, turning its landing into more of a stuttered fall.
Drakeheart / Vol'ret: "I am not fond of uninvited guests." The Sith turns to the Skytroopers, leaping out at the group. In one motion, he draws his saber and slashes, only one-half of the blades igniting as it arced through the air.
Orell / GM: Another one falls, the Skytrooper bisected before it can turn it's blaster on the Sith.
Orell / GM: Three more of the droids land however, with the two remaining ones, and they open up on the party...
Orell / GM: Voss start streaming into the tea house, and looking back at the entrance you can see Halan-Tal motioning for people to get inside. Children can be seen in the scattered mob.
SivWysan / Daimren: *Daimren handles the brunt of initial defense, taking a few seconds to recover his balance and getting a few grazing shots that singe his robe. Finally he lights his second blade, drops into a more formal Alderaanian Blademaster form*
SivWysan / Daimren: "Well, polite or not time to roll out a proper carpet." *he suddenly rushes forward, rolling into a bladestorm intended to drive multiple foes back/regain some breathing room for our forces to regroup*
Orell / GM: Daimren's attack does manage to open up a bit of room for the Voss to move through, but the Skytroopers seem unharmed.
LVT / The Viper: The Viper is using Shien, playing safe and agile. A quick block and a slash after to disable another skytrooper.
Orell / GM: The Viper's strike cuts the droid's blaster in two, and it's leg as well, toppling it over unarmed.
LVT / The Viper: "Looks like Quarasha was right, if Zakuul is responding this way."
Erednash / Vindild: *Vindild dodges the first volley of blaster shots.* "That, or Vaylin has gone further off the deep end than she already was." *He throws his saber in an arc, hopeing to get one of the droids.*
Erednash / Vindild: *Misses with his saber throw, and takes a glancing blow to his off hand while retrieving it.*
ThyssenKrupp as Gabe: Gabriel's next few shots go wide for one reason or another, leaving him a prime candidate for reprisal. Several Skytroopers, some on the ground and some in the air, unleash a barrage of blaster fire his way, forcing him to run to the nearest piece of cover that WASN'T the tea house. Along the way he would sustain a few minor glancing blows to his armor, enough to leave it smoking in places, but otherwise not damaged. "Bastards... I just finished buffing this!" He'd duck out of cover, take aim, and attempt to bullseye another droid!
ThyssenKrupp as Gabe: Rolled: 1D100 [ 9 ] , Score: 9
ThyssenKrupp as Gabe: Gabriel receives another glancing blow, this time to the helmet. It staggers him, and sends him back into cover, which is subsequently made the target of a malestrom of incoming enemy fire!
Drakeheart / Vol'ret: Having been forced back after his initial assault, Vol'ret ignites the other side of his saber, allowing the other two saber-wielders take to the offensive as he backs out, using both sides of his saber to deflect shots back to the droids.
Orell / GM: The deflections help the civilians rushing past, but the droids continue to fire.
Orell / GM: More land, more and more, another wave of fire pounding on the team and the... surprisingly sturdy tea house.
SivWysan / Daimren: *Daimren takes another hit, a bit more serious this time though his armor still prevents grave harm, as he finds his imperfect advance leaving him forward in the midst of enemies*
Orell / GM: The wave of blaster fire washes over everyone, and the tea house starts looking very, very attractive, especially given what looks like armor plating under the walls. There seem to be no more civilians around this area looking for rescue.
Orell / GM: "Inside, inside!" shouts Halan-Tal, holding the door open for the party.
SivWysan / Daimren: *Daimren frowns, not liking the thought of being pinned down- but prepares a disciplined retreat- while attempting a few more halfhearted strikes utilizing his two-handed Shien style*
Drakeheart / Vol'ret: Vol'ret continues to attempt his defensive retreat, failing after taking a hit to his chest, absorbed only by his armour, "Blast..." With a grimace, he spins, diving back for the teahouse.
LVT / The Viper: Hark wordlessly retreats, while deflective nearby blasts.
Erednash / Vindild: "Yup... Voss Mystics akin to Zakuul Scions..." *Vindild gives a large Force Push at the horde to help cover the retreat into the tea house*
LVT / The Viper: He seemed hard pressed, as the blasts came a lot closer this time.
Orell / GM: Halan-Tal slams the door shut behind them, locking it and the sound of heavy bolts can be heard from teh door.
Orell / GM: "...one of the Interpreters came to me, several years ago. He said that a Mystic had a vision about my teahouse." Halan-Tal shrugged, leading everyone into the storage room in the back. "It had seemed very strange, that a tunnel would save lives."
Orell / GM: Inside the back room, Halan-Tal pulls open a small door door, revealing a small, stone passage carved into the rock. "This leads to a cavern. That cavern leads to the other side of the mountain. We will be safe the-"
Orell / GM: A pounding on the door to the tea house. Then a sound that cuts through the murmurs and quiet sobs of the Voss packed into the tea house... a lightsaber ignited, cutting through hardened steel.
LVT / The Viper: Hark will connect his comm to Quarasha, while they licked their wounds. "We found the enemy." He looks at the Voss. "We should go, now."
Orell / GM: Halan-Tal seemed to pale at the sound. "...I... do not know if the way forward is clear... please, one of you come with us?" He looks around at the large crowd of Voss inside. "...it will take time to get everyone inside. We... need some to hold them off.
Drakeheart / Vol'ret: Vol'ret pounded his chest once, twice, focusing on the door that's about to be cut through. He twirls his saber once over his head, then sets himself between the door and the crowd behind him.
Orell / GM: There must be dozens of Voss packed into the tea house... and it doesn't look like any of them know how to fight.
LVT / The Viper: "I shall guard the group."
SivWysan / Daimren: *Daimren nods, gratefully* "Your vision is most appreciated. I can stay... a few of us may have friends to contact offworld as - this will only take a second" *taps his comm, in hopes of getting a warning call out to Lucreziaa in the Coalition Fleet*
ThyssenKrupp as Gabe: "No, I'll do it." Gabriel says. How he had managed to make his way inside, nobody would know. He hefts his rifle in his hands and nods. "The rest of you are more valuable here, and better equipped to deal with the threat."
Orell / GM: Halan-Tal gives the rest of the group a pleading look. "...please, do not die. May the Mystics see your victory..."
Orell / GM: The sounds from the door are starting to worry...
SivWysan / Daimren: "And to your safety as well, friend."
LVT / The Viper: The Viper walks up to the door and sticks his lightsaber through to where he assumes the knight is.
ThyssenKrupp as Gabe: "They'll be fine. Now go on, I'll be right behind you." He pats Halan-Tal on the shoulder, nodding as he does so, as he can't see the reassuring smile through his helmet. "You all... Oh." He blinks at Viper's actions. "Yeah, you got this. May the Force be with you. All of you."
SivWysan / Daimren: Daimren attempts from a different angle...
Orell / GM: No luck, and you can hear the Knight shout a laugh. The door finishes cutting through, and you can see why: The Lightsaber Pike's reach comes in handy as he charges in, four Skytroopers behind him.
SivWysan / Daimren: *Daimren takes a second to recover, using his offhand blade to guard them both as he retreats*
Orell / GM: The Knight thrusts at the Viper, while suppressive fire pours upon the rest of the party.
LVT / The Viper: A sharp riposte from the Viper as he finishes his ancient and odd looking Makashi salute seems to piece the knight's guard as he nicks him.
Erednash / Vindild: *Vindild was still somewhat out in the open, only able to see the Knight heading towards the Viper with his Force Sight, and takes several bad hits from one of the skytroopers.*
Drakeheart / Vol'ret: Vol'ret, not having a good day, suffers a second hit, this time to his unarmoured leg, and growls with the pain. His stance is forced to shift as he attempts to compensate for the pain.
Erednash / Vindild: *Doesn't see the Skytroopers coming with his Force Sight, but it doesn't matter, either. With the noise it makes and horrible aiming, he's able to deflect the shots towards one of them, most hitting the head or weapon arm.*
Orell / GM: Maybe the Force, maybe a miracle, maybe just expert training, but Vindild turns every aimed at him back around at the attackers, the entire squad of Skytroopers falling from the counterattack!
Orell / GM: The Knight blinks at the display and the sudden lack of backup...
Erednash / Vindild: "Pro tip: Start running," Vindild snarks, senseing te reaction from the Knight.*
SivWysan / Daimren: "Hot damn," Daim murmers. "Quite good at killing your old friends"
Drakeheart / Vol'ret: Glancing around at the fallen troopers, Vol'ret gives a nod of approval, before twirling his saber. He lifts his hand towards the Knight, giving a "Come and Get Me" motion... That was also a Force Pull, in an attempt to pull the Knight off his feet.
Orell / GM: The Knight stumbles, put off balance by the sudden tug of the Force.
LVT / The Viper: The Viper will push the the attack sending a sharp duelist thrust at the enemy as he finds his opportunity with the Sith as a distraction.
Orell / GM: The thrust is aimed right at the Knight's hear- right at where the Knight's heart USED to be, the stumble just getting the Knight free from danger.
SivWysan / Daimren: *Daimren grins* "Noted. But seems to me the party's just getting started". Recalling some of his early fencing lessons against shock-staff wilding rival houses, Daimren follows Viper in with crossed blades, attempting to bind and thust his weapon up from beneath, then slide a fierce kick to continue his imbalance and possibily trip
Orell / GM: The Knight barely manages to get out of the way of the twin blades, but his pike isn't so fortunate, cut in two, the Zakuul warrior having to roll with the kick to find his feet again...
Orell / GM: The Knight had been listening, however. "Traitor!" He shouts, lunging at Vindild with his bisected, but still empowered, weapon.
Erednash / Vindild: *Attemps to twirl out of the way, but still takes a hit to the leg.* "And how would you have liked taking part in The Decimation's?" *Somewhat limping, he aims to take out one of the Knight's legs to avenge his own.*
Orell / GM: The Knight doesn't see the strike coming and his leg is cut in two, the Knight laying on the ground, helpless. "I... I did what our Emperor demanded... you... ran..."
Orell / GM: The Knight lets go of his Lightsaber, shock setting in...
Erednash / Vindild: "Arcann is no Emperor of mine. And neither is Vaylin."
Erednash / Vindild: *With those last words, Vindild ignites his saber one more time, burying it in the Knight's head.*
Orell / GM: The Knight does not try to fight it, staring at Vindild, still staring at him, his gaze locked on the blind man... always accusing...
SivWysan / Daimren: *Daimren whisltes* "Note to self. Do no piss of ex-Zak Knights"
Orell / GM: The battle still rages outside, and you can see turbolasers from space pounding down on the surface as well. The mountain may be the only safe place remaining... and you can see no Voss outside, just fire, ruin and corpses.
Drakeheart / Vol'ret: Vol'ret watches the exchange between the two Knights, then glances to where the civilians ran, "As lovely as that show is, might I recommend a retreat?"
LVT / The Viper: The Viper nods.
Orell / GM: There's a roar from overhead, and as you look outside, you can see Quarasha's Corvette hovering fifty meters up. Your comms light up. "First one that says 'I told you so is left behind. I'm going to try to land in the courtyard, get aboard fas-"
Orell / GM: She's cut off as her ship rocks, taking fire from above and below, a small explosion dances across her starboard wing.
Erednash / Vindild: "... we should hurry, then."
Orell / GM: "...damn it, starboard stabilizer's hit... find a place to hide, I'll try to get down somewhere safe!"
LVT / The Viper: The Viper seems to really want to say 'I told you so'.
Drakeheart / Vol'ret: "That is advisable, pilot." And Vol'ret takes off running towards the tunnel.
Orell / GM: The return fire continues to pour onto the shiny, shiny ship and she banks away, heading east, away from the city and towards the mountain.
SivWysan / Daimren: *Daimren tries to quickly send her telemetry to our estimated escape route, and that Coalition fleet has been called*
LVT / The Viper: Viper will follow the Sith, letting him go first through the tunnel, watching for signs of the other party.
Orell / GM: Daimren receives a signal indicating "thank you, good to know, bit busy right now".
SivWysan / Daimren: "Caves it is... probably best we collapse the way behind us... any one got ordenance good enough to make it look like a bomb?"
Erednash / Vindild: "Not needed. I might need some help with this, though." *Once everyone is through, he beings applying the Force towards the cieling, attempting to bring it down.*
SivWysan / Daimren: *Daimren does a duel saber-throw, helping to carve out stone for the others to pull down*
Orell / GM: Under the assault from the sabers and force users, the near end of the tunnel starts to collapse... perfectly, exactly as it should, the collapse blocking the entrance without starting a chain reaction, almost... fortold.
Orell / GM: Walking through the thin tunnel is a quiet affair, after the choas of the battle outside. The distant echoes of blaster fire, explosions and the occasional scream still manage to make it through the cold walls as you push your way through, following the only way forward.
Orell / GM: After what must be a half hour of walking the tunnel opens up into a large cavern. The Voss are crowded into it, dozens of them, conversations crisscrossing in the echoing cave.
Orell / GM: The cavern has an obvious exit, leading east to the other side of the mountain. Gabe's there before anyone else, would he do anything?
Erednash / Vindild: *Vindild immediately seeks out the tea shop's owner.*
SivWysan / Daimren: *Daimren shudders.* "That was... worse than most of the Core worlds. Here's hoping they don't thnk to check the other side of the mountain. We'd best keep to cover "
SivWysan / Daimren: *It takes him a few moments to absorb the losses in the Force, as the focus of battle wears off, he stumbles against the wall several times with the enormity of the genocide*
Gabriel Thorne: Gabriel brings his rifle up to his shoulder and makes sure the coast is clear, maybe set a couple of smoke flare down for possible extraction should it be possible.
LVT / The Viper: Hark had been through this a few times before by now. The Viper seems to have shut down his emotions as best he can, instead.
Orell / GM: Halan-Tal hurries up, looking both overjoyed and terrified. "...heroes, thank you. Thank you for surviving, the Mystics must protect you. Your friend is here as well," he says, pointing to where Gabe's set up.
Erednash / Vindild: "Your Mystics are quite intriguing. I would like to learn more about them, when the situation allows for it."
Drakeheart / Vol'ret: As the group approaches, Vol'ret makes his way to the tea house proprietor, "Halan-Tal... In light of very recent events, I must confess that my compatriots and I did not arrive at your door by happenstance..."
Orell / GM: Halan-Tal nods at Vol'ret. "...yes, yes. The Mystics, they must have saw your arrival..." He looks at Vindild. "...and as would I... I will speak to the interpreters on your behalf, I swear it..."
SivWysan / Daimren: "Daimren arrives behind Halan-Tal, coughing gently to announce his presence. "We were honored to serve- though wish we could have done more. My sorrow this suffering has come to your world."
LVT / The Viper: The Viper sighs, and interjects after a moment. "We heard that the former emperor was on this world, and that you would know."
Orell / GM: He nods at Daimren. "The mystics saw. They have always seen. They have seen victory here, they must have."
Drakeheart / Vol'ret: The Sith looks to Daimren, then to the Viper, nodding. Then looks back to Halan-Tal.
Orell / GM: Halan-Tal looks at the Viper. "......Emperor? Do you mean the Zakuul one? The only ones like Zakuulans... I sell tea to a merchant that takes it to the Shrine of Healing. He said an old human woman asked him to take her son to the healers there..."
Orell / GM: "......that is why you-" He blinks, a look of horror crossing his face. "...is that why they came?"
LVT / The Viper: "I see. The Shrine of Healing."
LVT / The Viper: The Viper nods.
Orell / GM: "......the mystics would not miss this... there must be a reason...", but Halan-Tal's words sound hollow now.
Drakeheart / Vol'ret: "I am truly sorry, Halan-Tal." The man tries to place a hand on the Voss' shoulder, an in effort to assure him.
SivWysan / Daimren: "It may be, I fear it is why the attackers have come as well. We had tried to move quietly, but I fear others had their own sources for rumors"
LVT / The Viper: "How do we get to the Shrine of healing?"
Erednash / Vindild: "If they are anything like the Scions, it is for the good of Voss, and for the Galaxy. Even if it brings pain now, great joy will come later."
Orell / GM: He blinks at the Viper. "...it is to the north-west. A long, long ways. Hours by foot..."
LVT / The Viper: "Perhaps Quarasha might provide us transport then."
LVT / The Viper: The Viper hands the man the packet of Tea he was given. "For your services and losses. I hear it is rare."
Orell / GM: He blinks at the Viper, taking the packet. ".......you saved my life. Many lives. Thank you, all... I hope you find your way."
SivWysan / Daimren: *Glances at the former Zakuulan Knight, mystified*
Gabriel Thorne: Gabriel turns back to the Voss tea maker, "Are you and your people going to be okay here, or...do you want me to stay and guard the exit?"
LVT / The Viper: Viper nods at the rest of the group, and motions that he is ready to move out.
SivWysan / Daimren: *Daimren clasps his hands, bowing* "We all serve a greater plan. Do no loose faith, even in these dark times"
Orell / GM: "...we will endure. I do not think the invaders will look for us here."
Orell / GM: Halan-Tal bows to the group, and there's a scattered cry from the civilians, wishing the guidance of the Mystics upon the groupl.
Gabriel Thorne: He nods at the Voss and walks toward the rest of the group ready to continue on with the mission.
SivWysan / Daimren: "Be wary. I attempted to inform some allies of where you retreated- they'll drop aid if they can get there safely later"
Orell / GM: Halan-Tal nods, watching the heroes leave.
Orell / GM: Exiting the caves doesn't take too long, just enough bends in the path to make it hard to find without taking five hours to explore. The exit of the cave is free of the battle, at least, although the sound of turbolasers and explosions can still be heard, even this far away.
Orell / GM: It's difficult to see overhead, however it does look like a battle is going on in space. Tiny flashes of light, marking exploding ships and blaster fire... and a strange, arcing green beam creating brief constellations in the night sky.
Orell / GM: Turning your eyes back to the ground, there is an odd shape, maybe a hundred meters away, and the occasional shine in the dark night makes it clear: Quarasha's ship is downed there, just behind an small mound of rocks.
Erednash / Vindild: "Let's hope she's not injured."
LVT / The Viper: Hark will start making his way there.
Gabriel Thorne: "I'm sure she's fine. Has to be."
Orell / GM: As you get closer, you hear the unmistakable hum of a Lightsaber, an indistinct voice and then the sound of lightning... and then Quarasha screaming.
SivWysan / Daimren: *Daimren starts- shifting into Force stealth and moving as quiclky as he can under cover*
Erednash / Vindild: "... you were saying?"
LVT / The Viper: Hark'll pick up speed. Still wordless.
Erednash / Vindild: *Goes off on a Force-powered sprint*
Orell / GM: As you get in view, you see an odd plateau in the fighting. A tall Zakuul Exarch wearing crimson-tinted armor has Quarasha in his grasp, his Lightsaber in her gut, the beam sticking through her... and Quarasha looks to be clawing at his helmet.
Gabriel Thorne: Gabriel follows in a (Non force powered) sprint as well.
Orell / GM: Those strong in the Force could sense something wrong from the pair. The Dark Side, powerful and pungent, trying to drain the life out of the Exarch into Quarasha... and trying to drain the life from Quarasha into the Exarch as well.
Orell / GM: The Exarch pulls the Lightsaber out of the Sith, striking her in the head with its hilt, sending her to the ground, weak, groaning, clutching at the hole in her side. "...thank you for the lesson, Quarasha."
Orell / GM: Those that were on the Coruscant operation would recognize the voice: Velstas.
Orell / GM: Velstas stares down at Quarasha, kicking her in the ribs before turning back at the Force users, raising his Lightsaber, waiting for the first attack...
SivWysan / Daimren: *Daimren strides forward arrogantly, trying to keep the Knight distracted* "Alright you two, that is some seriously fricked up dancing, and I suffered ballroom classes on Alderaan".
SivWysan / Daimren: Suddenly mid-charge he shifts to a more grounded 1-bladed stance, hurling his offhand blade as a feint and trying for a strong strike to the Knights' lower left legs
Orell / GM: Velstas bats aside the thrown lightsaber, blocking the blade and leaning in to use his head... or at least helmet.
SivWysan / Daimren: The Knight unfortunately sees right through Daimren's confusing assault, lunging forward with a parry and brutal headshot riposte- which the Aleraanian KNight narrowly escapes with a back-ward Force lunge
Drakeheart / Vol'ret: "Leave my pilot alone, Knight." Vol'ret rushed at the Exarch himself. He threw his saber at the Exarch, the twin blades making an intimidating circle, but this was a feint... Sliding in beside the fallen pilot, Vol'ret attempts to scoop Quarasha up, and leap away from the fray.
Orell / GM: Velstas takes the feint seriously, backing away as the Sith makes off with the 'pilot'. (2 WoTF for Drake now)
Orell / GM: "Demoted to pilot?"
Erednash / Vindild: *Takes full advantage of Velstas falling for the faint. Useing his Force Sprint as further momentum, he leaps into the air and comes down on the Exarch, gravity adding to the strength of his blow.*
Orell / GM: Velstas staggers under the blow, but his Lightsaber does come up in time, just forced down to a knee at the unexpected strike.
LVT / The Viper: The Viper lashes out himself putting himself in between Quarasha/Vol and the Exarch subtly, almost as if he didn't want to draw attention to the action. As he does so he finishes his salute, and then strikes with precision at the locked in foe.
Orell / GM: Velstas just manages to push Vindild away when the Viper strikes, the Lightsaber managing a shallow cut on his armor.
Gabriel Thorne: Gabriel takes cover behind a piece of debris, aims his rifle at the knight, loads up the underslung grenade launcher with some smoke grenades and fires off a couple of the grenades at him. As the smoke appears, he begins firing some rounds from his cover. (Good? >.>))
Orell / GM: Velstas roars in anger as the blaster bolts pound into his armor, falling back a few more steps... and everyone around can see the anger coming from him.
Orell / GM: He lashes out with the Force, sending a blast of lightning at Vindild and Viper each.
Erednash / Vindild: *Gets blinded by the anger amplifying Vels' Force power, getting a hefty dose of lightning as he is unable to see it coming or dodge*
Orell / GM: The Viper manages to dance away from the blast, however.
SivWysan / Daimren: Daimren attempts to press his attack- continuing to use his 2nd saber for occasional Force-lashes but fighting more cautiously with classical one blade against the veteran Knight
Orell / GM: Velstas' defense is still strong, turning aside Daimren's swings... until the second blade darts in under his guard, adding another cut to the Exarch's chest, another growl of anger from him.
SivWysan / Daimren: Daims basically a tank-sentinal, which that was an option IC)
Erednash / Vindild: *Shakes his head to help clear his Force Sight, he locks gazes with Velstas.* "I've already killed one of my former bretheren today. Don't make me destroy you." *Secretly, he's expecting the Exarch to take the bait and attack the traitor, readying a counter attack should that be the case.*
Orell / GM: Velstas roars, the words cutting... deeper than it normally should, and he charges Vindild
Erednash / Vindild: *With his Shatterpoint, he identifies a weak point in Velstas' rush. Dancing out of the way, he strikes him from behind before the Exarch has a chance to correct his charge.*
Orell / GM: Velstas slumps forward at slash across his back, the man's focus beginning to waver. "...bastard..."
Gabriel Thorne: Gabriel pops out of cover to fire more blaster bolts at the Exarch, but the blaster begins to run out of ammo as he continues to fire. He crouches down and begins to reload his weapon as the battle continues ((I had already begun writing. >.>))
Orell / GM: Velstas wards off Gabe's continuing fire and strikes at Vindild, trying to cut him in two, without the training needed to properly control his rage...
Erednash / Vindild: *Avoids a few of the strikes, before sensing another chance. Allowing himself to take one hit, he takes the opportunity (and possibly confusion from the Exarch, if he wasn't expecting Vind to go into one of his attacks), he batters Vestas' saber arm, trying to either cut it off or disarm his opponent.*
Orell / GM: Velstas' hand keeps a deathgrip on the lightsaber... but the wrist isn't as lucky, the dismembered hand falling to the wildgrass of the plains. "...s-savages..."
SivWysan / Daimren: *Daimren locks his gaze with the exarch, accepting the need for a death blow* "WE're not the ones who murdered a planet today. Force have mercy on your soul"
Orell / GM: Exarch Velstas lunges at Daimren, summoning the same power he was using on Quarasha, the power that felled and nearly killed the Sith... and is stopped by the thrust, cutting into the Exarch's chest, into the heart, and the mad Exarch goes silent.
SivWysan / Daimren: *Daimren falls back on one of his most lethal forms- an ancient Alderanian single-strike death blow Shien riposte. He falls to his knees blade down to the ground, restoring his center to avoid taking glee in his foes demise*
Orell / GM: For those that check on her, Quarasha still breathes, and while the wound in her gut is clearly the biggest concern, it doesn't look like she's about to perish. Still, her appearance would raise comment: Her skin pale, her eyes sunken in, an orange tint to her eyes. Those strong in the Force would tell, the Dark Side's taint is strong in her right now.
SivWysan / Daimren: Arising he nods respectfully to Vind, then looks back for Quar.
Erednash / Vindild: *Takes a look at the Exarch as he slumps to the ground, dead.* "Another needless death. Be it rage for Valkorian's death, blind loyalty to Arcann, or reasons your own..." *His sorrow aggravates his injuries, and he slumps to his knees in pain.*
Gabriel Thorne: After the duel, Gabriel pops himself out of his cover "Is she alive?"
SivWysan / Daimren: "A strange one," Daimren murmer's softly. "Embracing the DArk more than most.". Steps over, alarmed. "Are you alright?"
LVT / The Viper: The Viper will go into the ship and return with a medkit.
Erednash / Vindild: "Nothing a bit of Kolto won't be able to fix." *Vindild is obviously in pain, but he gets back to his feet regardless.* "I'm more worried about Quarasha."
LVT / The Viper: Viper will start treatment on the injured, starting with Quarasha.
Orell / GM: Quarasha groans as she gets treated, blinking her eyes open. ".........fuck this week..."
LVT / The Viper: "Payback for the punch." Is... the Viper joking?
SivWysan / Daimren: *nods, eying the Sith, who he does not know as well a CAben, cautiously*
SivWysan / Daimren: "Anyone without healing, I'm thinking of checking the perimeter. make sure the Exarch wasn't followed"
Orell / GM: She blinks at the Viper. "........I'll let you repay it for real. In a week or two."
Gabriel Thorne: Gabriel gets out of his cover and begins to walk towards the rest of the group. "We still have a 'Shrine of Healing' to investigate. and clear."
LVT / The Viper: "I wouldn't worry about it." Hark will treat the rest of the party, and if they're stable enough to move, carry them aboard the ship and off..
Orell / GM: The ship's sensors show the fight in space change. What was once only Zakuul's fleet, the Alliance and the Gravestone had shown up, taking chunks out of the Eternal Fleet... and now, suddenly, a large division of the Sith Empire's remaining navy exits Hyperspace, tearing into Zakuul's flank.
Orell / GM: "...Velstas..." Quar says, grimacing. "....what happened with him?"
LVT / The Viper: "He's dead."
SivWysan / Daimren: *Daimren smiles, getting a ping on his wrist-computer as he returns* "Alirght, the Dauntless made it... and brought some friends!"
Erednash / Vindild: "Dead. Another senseless sacrifice." *He looks up to space, not being able to read the ship's sensor's but still senseing the change up in space.* "Looks like he'll be the last one today, at least."
Orell / GM: "..........ugh. Wonderful. Now I have to thank you people..." There's a weak smile on her face.
Orell / GM: Lights wink out on the tactical scanner. Some of it Zakuul ships going up, but mostly hyperspace departures, hundreds of them... the Zakuul Fleet has been routed.
LVT / The Viper: "...Should we still swing by the shrine of healing? It seems things are concluding?"
Erednash / Vindild: "I could use some healing myself... plus, our mission isn't over yet."
Gabriel Thorne: Gabriel slings his Blaster rifle over his back and crosses his arms, "If that's where Arcann is, then we should at least go check it out. Or we could send in a tip to the Outlander."
SivWysan / Daimren: *Moments later a massive, bulky looking bulk-transport comes screaming in at speeds no ship of that class should manage. Several panels lift, revealing hidden military grade turbolasers and fighter-bays. Several Wraiths Assault-wing ships come out, and 3 shuttles- 2 heading for the cave and one for us*
LVT / The Viper: "It seems he's already here."
Orell / GM: Quarasha gestures over at the comm panel. "...speed-dial 8 is my Alliance contact... probably in system."
LVT / The Viper: The Viper will hand Quarasha and the ship to them, and then... take a shuttle to get to the Shrine of healing.
LVT / The Viper: Nicely.
SivWysan / Daimren: Jedi Commander Lucreizaa is in our nearest shuttle- she waves everyone over, promises aid to the locals and the use of her personal shuttle for our evac
Orell / GM: Quarasha leans up before the Viper departs. "...and... I mean it. Thank you. Allies... are good things to have."
LVT / The Viper: "...Remember that the next time you punch me. Since it will happen."
SivWysan / Daimren: *Daimren and Lucreizaa discuss the situation above- she promises she relayed calls for help through Hutt Space, hopefully some other Coalition folks will make the party too*
Orell / GM: She sighs, staring at the tactical screen. "...and the outlander will take all the credit," she mutters, taking a little smile for herself as she sees the civilians being evacuated.
SivWysan / Daimren: DAimren shrugs. "Eh, let him be the target"
Erednash / Vindild: "Let them have it," Vindild states. "I've had enough of the spotlight for today."
Gabriel Thorne: Gabriel shakes his head "So...we're just aborting the mission?"
Gabriel Thorne: "If we're not going to the temple, we should at least help the refugees and mop up the remaining hostiles."
Gabriel Thorne: "I'll see you guys back at the base then." He unslings his rifle and heads towards the sound of blaster fire, to assist the rest of the people that are fighting back against remaining Zakkies
Character List:

Pub side: Lien Orell, Kyri Orell, Shaantil (possibly Dumas), Norland, Everen (bank alt ATM), Quarashaa (Pub version of the real Quarasha), Merrant

Imp Side: Quarasha, Effet Ornell, Arazel, Zedney, Zhel, Asori-Alnas