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This website is a home for a great community, and I know that many of us frequent it daily. It is a home that further provides all sorts of wonderful amenities, beyond just that of a community forum - such as the HoloNet wiki, the Strongholds listing, the GuildNet features, and the Chatroom we use both for our RP events and for socializing. I would like to try to do something to support it.

My PVE guild recently had great success with a site fundraising initiative that my GM came up with, and I would like to try to replicate that success here. So I am hosting a contest for the month of February, the month with that oft-reviled lovers' holiday in it (from which I am drawing inspiration for the contest name). I'm hoping denizens can take this opportunity to...

:aww:Show The Love :aww:A Fundraising Effort & Raffle for

Goal: To raise as many donation funds for the site as we can in the month of February! Those funds roll over into subsequent months, so maybe we can help the site out for many months to come.

This fundraising effort will take the form of a raffle, in which anyone who donates to the site in February is entered for a chance to win in-game prizes, which will be enumerated below. It's 100% organized and funded by me, and though I got permission from the site admins to do so it's important that no one take this to mean that I am speaking on their behalf, or that they are pressuring the community to donate. The admins have funded and maintained this site for us through dry spells and good spells, and never put the burden on the community in any way. I'd just like to reward that generosity by sharing the load!

How it Works: Below I will try to outline how it works. If people have questions not covered here, I'll update this section as they get answered.

 :lightside: The contest will look at donations in the pre-set increments that can be found on the Donations page, using the last six: $5, $10, $15, $20, $25, $50.

 :lightside: Any donation that hits any of the above-listed increments will count as an entry into the raffle. Meaning: if you donate $5, you get one entry. If you donate $15, you get three entries. If you donate $50, you get six entries. Multiple donations can go toward this total, but they will be summed up and then broken down by these increments to determine ultimate raffle entries (i.e., you could donate $5 on 2/3 and $10 on 2/20, together that would count as the $15 increment and three total entries).

 :lightside: Participants would need to pick the option, when donating, for their name to be publicly shown. This is entirely so that I, as a normal site user, can have access to see how many entries into the raffle people will be getting. It's not meant to cause anyone to feel uncomfortable that they're donating more or less than other people. At the end of the day, we are all donating for the same reason: because we love the site. Those who, for any reason life circumstances might be throwing at them in February, can only donate $5 don't love the site any less than those who can donate $50. In fundraising, every little bit helps!

 :lightside: On Tuesday 2/28 at 7:30 PM Server Time I will be in the chat room to do the prize drawing in real time. Each person will be assigned numbers equal in quantity to the number of their entries, and then I'll use the /roll function to see what numbers win! For example: If the contest gets a total of 40 entries, and you are entitled to three of them, you might be assigned numbers 11, 12, and 13, and if any of those are the result on a /roll 1d40 then you win! (You don't have to be present in the chat room in order to win; I'll post the winners on the forums too of course.)

 :lightside: The window for donations will start on February 1st, and end on February 27th.

Prizes: The part everyone ultimately cares about!  :grin:

Grand Prize: 30 Million In-Game Credits
Second Prize: First pick choice of the below-listed prize items.
Third Prize: Second pick choice of the below-listed prize items.

Satele Shan's Sparring Lightsaber
Satele Shan's Dualsaber
Thexan's Lightsaber
Bastila Shan's Armor Set
Atris's Armor Set
Juhani's Armor Set
Nathema Sithspawn Mount
Ragebound Monolith Mount

:aww:Show The Love :aww:
I hope people will participate! If anyone has any questions please ask, and if anyone spots a flaw in any of the contest's structuring logic please speak up. I'll post any updates to the contest in this thread.

This is a wonderful idea Niarra! Thank you for organising it and for offering up the prizes!  :aww:

One week into February! I'll post a bump-up reminder here once a week. If you can donate to the site this month, please do - you might win prizes!  :cake:

Just another reminder about this fund raising raffle, now that we're a little past the half-way point of the month. If we can get a couple more entries, I might increase the grand prize pot! (Shameless bribery.) And remember that even if you don't want/need any of the second and third place prizes you can always sell them on the GTN for credits.

I really wish I could spare the cash for this month, but all my finances are tied up in debts that I absolutely must settle. But, hey, I did pay 100% of January tho'! I hope that accounts for somethin'. :aww:


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