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Author Topic: Simple PVP Tips and Tricks  (Read 1048 times)

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Simple PVP Tips and Tricks
« on: 03/25/17, 07:17:52 PM »
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I've wanted an excuse to revive the PvP board here, so I thought I could easily do that with some quick and simple tips and tricks for PvP.  Experienced PvPers will probably know all or most of these.  The goal here is to provide a little reading material for RPers who want to get better at PvP.  I'll add more tips as time goes on.

Random Tips

Resolve Resolve is a game mechanic designed to protect against being stun-locked.  Each stun and root placed on you fills up your resolve bar.  The resolve bar is found on the outer ring of your character portrait and fills up white once it is filled.  Two stuns will fill it.  Once it is filled, you have immunity to CC (Crowd control ie; stun, root, pushback) for a short duration until resolve is lost and you are stunnable again.
Don't Break Sleep Dart There is rarely reason to break an out of combat stun from a stealther.  Breaking the stun is a waste of your escape.  Just let your resolve bar fill up.

Learn When To Use Your Stun(CC) Breaker Try to keep it for the moment you absolutely need it.  Having your stun breaker on cooldown is an easy way to get killed or let the enemy cap a node after they've stunned you.  There is no need to try to break every single stun that comes your way.

Keybind If you cannot map all of your abilities to keybinds, at the very least, keybind your most used or most important abilities.  If you're still clicking your hot bar, you're at a severe disadvantage.  Keyboard turning is slow, and you will be outplayed by a PvPer who knows how to strafe.

Node Defense  Keep your camera panned on the node you're supposed to be defending.  Never look away for more than 8 seconds.  I've seen it all too many times - a defender standing in front of his node and not looking behind him.  It leads to an easy cap and also ties into a lesson in tunnel vision.

Tunnel Vision Awareness is a major key to PvP.  You should be aware of what/who is coming at you, where your teammates are, the score, and where you're positioned.  You should never be so focused on something that you lose sight of all else.  Unless you're in an arena, there are probably more important things you should be doing than having your vision tunneled by an intense 1v1.

It's Not Just Numbers  Objective based maps aren't just numbers farming.  Sitting in mid as a Jug and farming 4 million damage at the end of the round is probably not doing much for your team.  Stay objective focused.  It's how you win warzones.

Stun Capping If you're a stealther trying to cap a node, your goal is to either kill the defender or stun him and cap.  The latter can be achieved easily if the defender is an inexperienced player.  If you sleep dart/mind trap (Out of Combat stealth stun) the defender and he breaks it with his stun breaker, you can CC him again and most likely get an easy cap.  In any circumstance, you want to be able to stun the defender as long as possible if you know he doesn't have his stun breaker available. 

You could attempt this by opening combat with him and attempting to force him to break a stun in any way possible.  Once he's done this, make sure his resolve bar isn't filled, then flashbang (If Operative/Scoundrel) and cap.  Or stealth out and sleep dart/mind trap (If Operative/Scoundrel and Sin/Shadow).  You'll need to be quick and have good positioning, because these stuns don't last longer than the time it takes to cap.

Map Related


1. Pass the ball.  No, really.  You have a team.   You have a huttball passing ability.  Use it!  Don't be the guy or girl who refuses to pass when they're at 5% HP and being ganked by 7 enemies. Pass the ball before you lose the ball!

2. Your leap, holotraverse/shadow stride, and movement speed increasing abilities can be used with the ball.  You should always be looking ahead as a ball carrier, searching for enemies or friendlies that you can jump or teleport to.  There are not many things more satisfying than jumping to an enemy who just left his spawn, using him to gain an easy goal.

3. When attacking a player with the ball, there's no need to randomly stun or root him.  Save your stuns and roots for times when the ball carrier is running over an inactive fire pit or sludge trap.  It also gives your teammates chances to use their pushback abilities at important times.  If he's already been stunned countless times for no reason, his resolve bar is going to be full and he won't get knocked back.


Bridge Defense  On the bridge section of the map, when attackers attempt to extend the bridges to get across to the next set of doors, defenders only have one chance to stop them at those bridges.  If a defender dies, he's sent to the set of doors past the bridges and is forced to watch his teammates fight for their lives and slowly die off.

However, defenders can get back to the fight at the bridges by jumping, teleporting, or being pulled by a friendly or enemy over the gap below.  There is a small area in the center of the map where this can be done.

https://clips.twitch.tv/LaconicPolishedYogurtHassanChop  Here is a clip from Snave so you can see exactly what I mean at this part.

Defense Stop chasing away from the doors.  Every defender far away from the door is one less defender a would-be bomb planter has to go through.  A team who fights on the doors never loses the doors.

Alderaan Civil War

Now It....Might Be About Numbers? and Stalling This map can potentially get very strategic and mathematical.  If you attack a node alone, and the enemy team has 2 players on that node, somewhere else on the map your team should have a player advantage. 

If you attack a node and the enemy team draws 3 of their players back to defend that node, your team now has a 2 player advantage somewhere else on the map.  See where I'm going with this?

A very valid strategy that good stealth players can pull off is stalling their* node at the beginning of the round.  A stealther need not even cap this node, but can stall them from capping for as long as he can.  Should the plan go smoothly, your team should have at least one node of their own while your teammates battle it out for mid control.  The node you own slowly eats away at their points until they can cap nodes for themselves.

If you can stall long enough, the enemy team may have even asked for reinforcements, bringing two or even three players to the node to try to kill you and cap.  Most likely you will not be able to keep them from capping for too much longer at that point but again, a major benefit to this is you drawing as much of their team away from the rest of the map as possible, giving your teammates the advantage on the other 2 nodes.

*Typically in Alderaan Civil War, each team will send one or two players to cap "their" node on their right hand side.

Novare Coast 

Same tactics with stalling and numbers applies here. 

4v4 Arenas

Sudden Death  When the timer runs out in the 4v4 arenas, sudden death begins.  In this situation, toxic gas will appear on the outer edges of the map and swiftly make its way inward to the center of the map.  A cunning stealth player could potentially hide from 4 enemies until sudden death and win the round. 

To do this, you must make sure to not be on the outer edges when sudden death begins.  You will take damage.  You need to make your way to the middle, where you won't take damage from the gas until it reaches that spot.  When it does, you cannot heal through it or force-barrier your way through it.  You need to make sure you have the most health possible because once the gas hits the middle, everyone loses health quickly and begins to die.  The last one standing (or falling to their knees as the death is inevitable) wins.

If the enemy team is oblivious to sudden death, there is nothing you need to do except sit in the middle and watch the gas kill them before it kills you, as they most likely won't be sitting in the very middle of the map.

If the enemy team is aware, you need to damage them as much as you can and protect yourself as much as possible, in order to lessen their health and sustain yours.  The goal is to be at a higher HP than they are, if you're all sat in the middle, before you all get hit by the toxic gas.  Those with lower HP to start with will of course die first.


Disregarding objectives for a moment:

Healers Your role is to keep your teammates and yourself alive.

Tanks  Your role is to protect your healer so he or she can keep you and your friends alive.

DPS  Your role is also to protect your healer and kill enemy players.

Everyone should be interrupting enemy healers or attempting to distance them from their teammates.  An easy way to keep tabs on enemy healers is to Focus Target them.  You'll be able to see whenever they start casting.  A good player can turn around, interrupt or stun the healer, turn back to his opponent and continue the fight. 

Often times focusing a healer in a PUG doesn't work, because tanks simply taunt, and DPS are left free to batter you and your teammates while you try to kill a healer who sits healing himself.  Rather than waste time doing this, your team can shut a healer down by multi-tasking.  Interrupt and disrupt healers but keep fighting whoever else you're fighting. 

Class Specific Tips

The following are Imperial but of course apply to their Republic counterparts.

Concealment Operatives

 Exfiltrate(roll)  In the Concealment Operative discipline, Exfiltrate gives 200% dodge chance during the ability.  This is 1.5 seconds of dodging pretty much everything.  You can use this ability twice every 10 seconds which translates to 3 seconds of damage immunity every 10 seconds.  This is not just a mobility ability.  It is one of your most important  defensive cooldowns and you should learn to use it often during fights.


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Re: Simple PVP Tips and Tricks
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This list is far from complete and open to additions from the community.  Ideally it will be continually updated throughout the following months and years and stickied.

Reserving for space.