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For several months now I've been aware of the presence of characters on planetary PvP instances that seem to be grinding credits in select areas. Though the behavior is suspicious and I have reported it to Bioware a few times, I've resolved to use this situation to my advantage to begin burning out all these open world PvP achievements. I've currently obtained all the PvP achievements for Tatooine, and am presently working on Alderaan.

Regretably, there don't seem to be any of these suspicious characters on Nar Shaddaa, where I am only 34 kills away from obtaining 100% achievements for the planet.

HELP NEEDED: I need to "borrow" another player here for maybe 15-20 minutes sometime this week to grind 34 kills on them to wrap up my Nar Shaddaa achievements. I'd be happy to reciprocate (all you need is a total of 50 kills on Nar Shaddaa).

Monday or Tuesday work great for me and it won't take long.

Also, I'll be grinding these suspicious accounts for kills on Alderaan for awhile before moving on to Hoth next (where I've seen more) if anyone ever wants to join me.

Glory to the Empire!

*raises hand* I'm really good at dying! :grin: I'll help you out!

*goes to stand with Meili* I am also very skilled at dying and would be happy to help!

LOL I love how we're like 'Ooh! Pick me! Pick me! I'm soooo good at dying!"  :whee: :lol:

Attention Republic military and Jedi Order personnel!

I need 20 House Thul kills on a Republic character to finish 100% of all Alderaan location achievements. I know of a spot where i could grind two mobs at a time solo but that would take awhile and I want to knock it out quickly and give other people an opportunity to complete this achievement if they like, as well.

If anyone wants to group for this let me know. I'm healing. We can go to the PvP instance to Outpost Talarn to take down the commander and earn flagship plans too if anyone wants to.

This should take around half-an-hour to complete.


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