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Author Topic: Golden Gifs  (Read 432 times)

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Golden Gifs
« on: 04/14/17, 09:13:31 PM »
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I made these to say thank you to @Niarra for her Tournament Gold event a couple of weeks ago. Sorry for the delay in posting them!

Special cameos by @Orell and @Iaera. Please notify @Anyone else whose character was there!

I knew some of the Palace history, but not the bit about Jaade crashing that barge. That's good lore, right there.  :grin:

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Re: Golden Gifs
« Reply #1 on: 04/14/17, 10:55:45 PM »
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Hahah, these are great!   :aww:  :grin:  :aww:

Which reminds me I need to post some revisions to the rules and get cracking on the underworld Sabacc competition...
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Re: Golden Gifs
« Reply #2 on: 04/14/17, 11:08:39 PM »
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Sil's dress actually looks better than I thought. I put it together so badly.
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