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Author Topic: Resurgence  (Read 3876 times)

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« on: 04/26/17, 07:54:38 PM »
This thread may serve <Imperial Wild Space Command> guild members and other players RPing Imperial faction characters associated with the conflict on Iokath.


Imperial Shipyards

Grekken grunted as his elbow slammed into the underbelly of the M-7 Razorwire he was worming his way under.

“Ugh!” Grekken rubbed his aching elbow concealed by his oil-stained coveralls. “Norri. Slide me the hydrospanner.”

An instant later the requested tool came sliding too quickly along the floor, hitting his affected arm just above his sore elbow. “Ah! Careful Norri!”

The counterpart Imperial technician still standing next to the bomber squinted at the void of space outside the shipyard hangar. “What the…?”

“Huh?! What’s that, Norri?!”

“Grek, come look at this!”


Grekken sighed and began squirming his way out from underneath the belly of the bomber. His face flushed red from the laborious effort, the pain in his arm, and the frustration of dealing with his comrade.

“Empress’s teeth, Norri. What is it…?”  Grekken slowly stood up as he looked out the hangar at the amassing of Imperial capital ships near the shipyards.

The two technicians stood silently, mouths wide open as several more Harrower and Terminus-class ships came out of hyperspace, directly facing them.

Bridge of the Ziost Avenger
Imperial Shipyards

A young naval officer walked briskly up to the bridge’s observation deck. He stopped at the base of the platform, quietly observing the two senior officers looking over the shipyards the fleet had just arrived at. One officer was donned in a standard Imperial Navy uniform, the other wore the more customized white and red of an Imperial moff.

Clearing his throat, he enunciated clearly, Moff Heermann, all vessels of Task Force Iokath have arrived without incident from Belkadan.”

The white-clothed figure turned his attention slowly from the shipyards and planet below to face the young officer.

“Good, lieutenant. Alert the shipyard authority to see our ships rapidly refueled and put the fleet on standby. If we don’t hear from the Empress’s forces soon we deploy to Iokath in ten hours.”

“Yes, sir.” The young officer shot a smart salute then turned on his heel and headed off to resume his duties.

It had been one week since Empress Acina had deployed to Iokath with a large Imperial force to seize its technology and resources for Imperial use. Imperial Wild Space Command, which Heermann oversaw, was estabished to conduct operations in the region of Wild Space and normally would have spearheaded this operation. That the Empress herself was personally taking charge spoke immensely to the importance of the undertaking.

There had been no word of Acina’s progress since her forces arrived over Iokath. Something, perhaps the alien technology on the manufactured sphere, was blocking her signals. The plan was for Wild Space Command forces to augment her shortly after arrival, once the all clear had been sent. If no such word was received, Heermann was to hastily arrive in force seven days after Acina’s departure and pick up where she left off.

Heermann checked his chrono and sighed. He wasn’t eager to take his forces blindly into a fight that, as he was left to suspect, the Empire might have been losing.

A communications officer sprinted up to the observation deck from his post. “Moff Heermann. Captain Aradenn. We’re receiving a transmission from the Empress’s fleet.”

“Put it through, ensign. Quickly.”

The holoimage of a pureblood Sith lord came into view over the holoprojector. “This is Lord Abraddon calling the Ziost Avenger. Do you read me, Moff Heermann?”

The moff and ship captain stepped up to the holoprojector. “This is Moff Heermann, Lord Abraddon. What is the status of your mission?”

The moff clasped his hands behind him and assumed an erect posture as he addressed the Sith. He learned from the example of Grand Moff Illyan Regus, under whom he’d served during the Cold War and the Battle of Ilum. Regus respected the Sith, but never allowed subservience to overshadow tactical military necessity. Heermann perceived it was his successes on the battlefield that protected him from repercussions from any offended Sith lords.

“The Empress directs you come with haste to Iokath. The alien technology which disabled our fleet has been eradicated. Our troops land on the sphere’s surface, and the Empress leads our glorious fight to victory against the Republic and Eternal Alliance.”

“Tell the Empress we are coming, Lord Abbradon.”

Heermann turned to his colleague. “Captain Aradenn, alert the fleet to follow us in the jump to hyperspace. We depart for Iokath immediately.”

After a nod and note of acknowledgement from the captain, Heermann returned to the observation deck, clasped his hand behind him again, and watched his fleet redirect itself for the jump to war.
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Re: Resurgence
« Reply #1 on: 04/26/17, 09:41:40 PM »
The Oasis Lounge
Outskirts of the Dune Sea, Tatooine

Captain Ke’rii Ogasawara departed his cantina, taking out his holocomm as he headed to his personal quarters at the back of the Oasis Lounge. The dual sunset was setting on the horizon and he couldn’t shake his nerves.

Yes, he had been around Iokath, but never on the surface. It wasn’t safe when he was there, but… that odd girl, Medley, the strange little Jedi... actually handed him a piece of Iokath technology. He shook his head as he crossed the sandy grounds, typing his message to Moff Heermann in the hopes he would receive this knowledge in good time.

Hell, the Moff probably had him blocked, and he wouldn't blame him. They weren't exactly buddy-buddy... considering how the two first met. Ugh, Ke hated his 'problem' with authority. But he had to at least try to get in contact with Heermann. If he didn’t, then he might find out the hard way that the Jedi had a piece of this technology.

And stars only knew what else was on the surface of that blasted planet!

He unlocked the door to his office and went inside. He looked into the red-glowing encasing where he had locked up his trusted associate, Tut. Tut was his best friend, most trusted business partner and the Jawa that brought him into the clan.

“Get up,” he demanded of the Jawa, who looked up at him with half glowing eyes that were still partly asleep. The small creature mumbled something. “We’re going back.”

The Jawa found his footing and protested with a little hop. The hour was late and Ke's urgency was hardly as important as his own sleep!

“No. Now! When I say to do something now, I mean: now,” Ke sighed with irritation and looked to Tut. “We’re going back to Iokath, and this time... boots are hitting the ground.”

The Jawa rambled in protest.

Ke’rii looked down at his holocomm and finished his encrypted message to Moff Heermann. “Damn bastard better get that,” he mumbled and went to his desk and grabbed some research documents and diagrams he had yet to download into his cybernetics.

He looked up at Tut as the Jawa fell silent.

"Come, or don't come," Ke shook his head. "I don't blame you if you want to stay here, but I'm going."

Quickly, Ke headed to the door.

Tut stood a moment to weigh the options, then sighed and mumbled something before following his friend...
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Re: Resurgence
« Reply #2 on: 04/27/17, 04:46:22 AM »
Ziost Avenger, Mess Hall
Imperial Shipyards

Lord Mei’li Bluedark stood alone in the mess hall aboard the Ziost Avenger. She stared out the window, at the distant stars. Any other day, this activity would bring her peace and serenity. But not today. Today, her mind was elsewhere. Her mind was on Iokath, and it made her stomach twist in knots.

First the task force would be deployed and their presence on the ground would make it safe for her and the others in the Wild Space Department to actually go to the planet.

They would make it safe. Very safe, she tried to convince herself. Moff Heermann ran a tight ship and a tight operation. She trusted his men and his judgement.

She didn’t have to be aboard the Ziost Avenger, but she wanted to. She wanted to be here for her own personal reasons, but now that they were close… now that they were one jump away from war and she felt sick with nerves.

For too long she had just been a mother, and not a warrior. Was she still alert enough to protect the others from danger? Yes, she had a lightsaber. Heck, she had two! But was she practiced enough now for the requirements of battle?

Mei closed her eyes and drew in a deep breath. “Now is not the time for self-doubt, Mei’li,” she scolded herself aloud.

And when she opened her eyes and looked out the window once again, the stars were turning to starlines as the Ziost Avenger made the jump to hyperspace.
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Re: Resurgence
« Reply #3 on: 04/27/17, 09:17:06 AM »
Bridge of the Stormwatch
In Hyperspace
En Route from Sernpidal to Iokath

The former flagship of the Reydovan Sector Defense Fleet had found its niche here, Admiral Bardin Krysiak mused. No longer running and hiding from the Eternal Fleet, or keeping its distance from supposed "Imperial" authorities, it was now part of the Fourteenth Mobile Fleet of the Imperial Wild Space Command. His Army contemporary, Arik Daltyn, had been promoted to Moff and made governor of Reydovan Prime, left to sit on the Republic border while the real work was being done out here. Though if the rumors were true, Krysiak mused, the Republic border would heat up soon enough. It was similar to how the admiral's elder brother, General Bassel Krysiak, had been given the same job on Nikaea more than a decade ago, only to be murdered by Jedi-backed insurgents.

Though the thousand men of the 54th Light Recon had adjusted well enough to being back in "mainstream" Imperial service, Krysiak wondered about the other, more...volatile passenger onboard. "Captain Faril, take the conn."

"Yes, sir."


Stormwatch, Observation Lounge

He had the deck to himself, more or less. The troops were all in their barracks decks, preparing for what was to come, and the officers and men were all attending to their shipboard duties. That was as he preferred it. The less he had to deal with anyone, the better. He had yet to even speak with Heermann - most of that was the moff's work in organizing this expedition, but it was in no small part to his own personal decision. He would not grovel at Heermann's feet like a submissive slave, and so he would keep his distance until this alien feeling of shame had left him.

A familiar presence interrupted his isolation. "What is it, Admiral?" he asked in a voice barely above a whisper.

Krysiak heard him, nonetheless. "Just wanting to look in on you, Lord Malagant. You haven't spoken a word since you arrived, and you've been...like this since we left Sernpidal."

"And did you not stop to wonder if there was perhaps a reason?" Darth Malagant turned, his eyes burning red with the dark side, an elaborate tattoo of a similar color covering most of the burn scars on the right side of his face. He did not look pleased to see anyone "looking in on him".

Everyone onboard had avoided him, and he had avoided them. They were wary of his temper, especially now that he had essentially been reduced to just another pair of lightsabers in the service of the Imperial Military. He wanted to stay away from them, so that they would not see him humbled, embarrassed, ashamed. Nonetheless, he was here, and once they arrived on Iokath, he would prove to Metheius and the rest of the naysayers on Dromund Kaas that he had not lost his mettle.

But he did not like being pitied, as he could see the admiral was doing. "If I wanted something from you, I would ask for it. Or have you forgotten how to deal with a Sith?"

Krysiak's expression became one that Malagant was rather surprised by: annoyance. "I have not forgotten, Lord Malagant - nor have I forgotten your decision to scatter us into deep space. It ended up costing Admiral Durant his life, and I have done my best to uphold his memory ever since. We would have preferred to stay in the Empire, and follow Acina into battle at Voss and against the assault on Dromund Kaas. But you chose to send us into hiding, and now we have to live with that." His voice broke slightly. "You are not the only one who has something to prove here, my lord." With a stiff bow, he turned and walked away.

Malagant stared after him, rage boiling up within - and then he turned and looked back out the viewport, a pensive look on his face...
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Re: Resurgence
« Reply #4 on: 05/06/17, 04:00:18 PM »
Operations Center on the Ziost Avenger
In hyperspace en route to Iokath

Moff Heermann turned slowly around from the window and walked steadily toward the holo table where his senior officers had gathered in person or via holo.

“Gentlemen, we’ll arrive at Iokath shortly. I want to review the battle plan one final time before we arrive.”

The moff stepped up to the strategy table, pressing a button which populated the table’s display with a large image of Iokath.

“Upon arrival, Task Force Iokath will assume a defensive posture here, away from the main Imperial force and the fleets of the Republic and Eternal Alliance. The Logisticator will press forward with the esteemed Annihilator Squadron toward the corridor leading to Iokath’s surface.”

Heermann looked at each senior officer to ensure they were grasping the concept of the operation.

“Captain Soumis’s Annihilator Squadron will escort the transport to the surface and provides air support while the troops establish a base of operations.”

Heermann turned away and looked back out at the passing stars as the officers pondered over the operational map.

“It is vital that upon arrival, we establish a foothold on the sphere’s surface as soon as possible.”

Turning around to face his staff again, he continued.

“Remember, gentlemen, the battle for Iokath will be won on the ground, not in space. The Iokathan technology has already proved to be immensely powerful. If we can secure enough local weapon installations, we can turn them against the Republic ground and naval forces and ensure our hold on the sphere.”

A flashing red light and beep from the holotable signified an incoming message. Heermann walked back to the table and pressed the comms channel button.


The voice of the bridge’s sensor officer responded.

“Moff Heermann, we’ve made contact with the Empress’s fleet and will be dropping out of hyperspace over Iokath momentarily.”

Heermann switched off the comms channel and returned his attention to his officers.

”You have your orders. Dismissed.”

Heermann followed his staff out of the room as he made his way to the bridge.

His part in the battle for Iokath was about to commence.
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Re: Resurgence
« Reply #5 on: 05/06/17, 10:48:29 PM »
ConflictBattle for Iokath
Date23 ATC
OutcomeImperial victory
     * IWSC lands first wave of troops on Iokath's surface
* Sith Empire* Galactic Republic
* Moff Nicohlas Heermann* Captain Mortaan
* Imperial Wild Space Command     
      * Task Force Iokath
         * Gage-class transports
            * Logisticator
         * Starfighter formations
            * Annihilator Squadron
         * Personal starships
            * Shengli
* Republic Navy
      * Wanderer-class transports
         * Golden Spiral
      * Flashfire scouts (x2)
* heavy hull damage to Logisticator         
* heavy hull damage to Shengli
* heavy shield damage to Golden Spiral
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Re: Resurgence
« Reply #6 on: 05/06/17, 11:23:21 PM »

Bridge of the Ziost Avenger
In orbit over Iokath

Lieutenant Drevill couldn’t believe he was serving aboard the flagship of the Sith Empire’s youngest fleet, positioned over the newest hotspot in the war with the Galactic Republic. A young man, he had become accustomed to the occupation of the Galaxy and the suppression of his civilization under the boot of the Eternal Empire.

All that was over now. The Empress herself was spearheading this renewed campaign to eliminate the Empire’s old enemies.

Drevill walked briskly from his post at the sensor station to the bridge’s observation platform, where a white-clad officer silently stood, observing the battle raging some distance away.

His confidence was suddenly overcome by slight nervousness, Drevill cleared his throat before assuming a rigid posture.

“Moff Heermann, the Logisticator reports heavy damage but confirms their arrival at the designated coordinates. They’ve begun disembarking their troops and request permission to withdraw from the zone to seek the protection of the fleet for repairs.”

The tall, solitary figure was silent for several seconds before he quietly answered.

“Relay the request to Admiral Krysiak. Tell him he has my consent to deploy two Terminus destroyers to cover the Logisticator’s movement back to the fleet.”

“Yes, sir,” the young officer sharply acknowledge before turning on his heel and heading swiftly back to his station to execute the moff’s command.

Heermann moved to the other side of the observation window, looking out now at the vast, artificial sphere before him. Teasing him with the rewards it held if only anyone could muster strength enough to claim them.

The initial phase of the campaign succeeded by the skin of its teeth. If Wild Space Command was to be of any use to the Empress, Heermann had to get boots on the ground at the earliest possible time.

The Logisticator, which was transporting the first wave of IWSC grounds forces to the sphere’s surface to establish a foothold, had been intercepted by a Republic force of near equal size. Heermann had underestimated the aggressiveness of the Republic forces, a mistake he did not intend to make for the remaining duration of this campaign.

Heermann’s thoughts were interrupted by the arrival of another member of the sensor staff.

“Sir, our scanners have located the Shengli, a vessel on the Sith Intelligence watch-list, floating several dozen kilometers from the fleet’s position. Scanners detect two lifeforms aboard, one human and another... smaller, but the ship’s life support systems are failing and the passengers will be dead in an hour.”

Would that be so terrible, Heermann thought to himself.

The moff turned and faced the officer. “The Logisticator reports the captain of that vessel sliced his way into their systems and facilitated the recharge of their shields. Without his aid, our initial assault on Iokath would have ended in disaster. Is the Shengli far enough away from Republic positions that the Ziost Avenger can approach it and bring it in with our tractor beam without incident?”

“Yes, sir.”

Heermann nodded. “Then do so. And inform my adjutant to bring me an Imperial Mark of Grand Loyalty. This hero will need to be properly awarded.”

“Yes, sir.”

Heermann returned his attention to the taunting sphere before him. A sick feeling in his gut told him this alien world would have plenty of unpleasant surprises in store for him and his men.
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Re: Resurgence
« Reply #7 on: 05/06/17, 11:34:45 PM »
((events occur immediately after the Battle for Iokath: Corridor Skirmish))

The Shengli was hurting bad. Very bad. In fact, she was half dead as her hull filled with smoke. Little Tutix was scrambling to extinguish the fires, and the jawa looked up when he heard Ke’rii cursing from above.

Suddenly the ship took another jolt, this time it wasn’t blaster fire.

“Hang on, Tut!” Ke’rii called, barely able to give warning, not even sure the little guy could hear him.

Tut went tumbling as the ship jolted. Black smoke began to pour in and all the alarms started wailing... again.

“Boss!” Tut called out in Jawaese, finding his footing and hanging onto the railing of the stairs. “Ship broken!”

“Hang on!”

The Jawa squeezed his glowing yellow eyes shut and hung on for dear life. For sure this time it was the end! How many lives did this ship have anyways?

The full burn lasted a few good standard minutes.

She rattled. She shook. And Tut wondered if this bucket of bolts would even stay together! And though the burn lasted a good few minutes, it felt like a lifetime to the Jawa!

“BOSSSSSSS!!” Tut screamed at the top of his lungs. “TOO MUUUUUCH!!”

The lights flicked, sparks flew and then The Shengli shuddered and came to a hard stop.

Tutix was tossed again!, and he let out a high pitched yelp.

Upstairs, Ke’rii screamed. Not curses (not this time anyway) and not words… he just screamed. Then hit the console as the lights turned off and the ship fell dark for a moment.

Ke took several breaths in the dark and stared out into the nowhere, deep space. They were stranded.

The emergency lights flooded the ship’s interior with a crimson hue.

“Life support failing,” started the robotic, yet inevitable, reiteration sequence of the ship’s vocal warning system.

“Tutix?” Ke called out, and didn’t get a reply. He turned and headed towards the hull. He coughed as he came into the black smoke. “TUT, DAMMIT ANSWER ME!”

A moan and a grumble came from below and Ke ran down the stairs. He couldn’t see a kriffing thing!, and immediate tapped his cybernetics to get heat sensor reading. He didn’t even dare to look at what he did to his baby’s engine. That burn was brutal! Instead, he searched through the smoke and found a little warm blob in the corner under the stairs.

The little blob was, of course, Tut huddled in fear.

“BOSS STUPID!” Tut yelled at him.

Ke crouched down, covering his mouth and nose with the sleeve of his jacket. “Dammit! Get out from under there! Now’s not the time to cower in a damn corner! The ship’s hurt and we gotta fix her. I need you to help me.”

“Life support failing.” repeated the warning.

Ke held out a hand to Tut, who took it as he crawled out from under the stairs. Immediately the Jawa whacked Ke on the arm.

“Hero die! Boss be stupid! Boss think he hero!” Tut yelled and proceeded to hit his boss.

“TUT!” Ke yelled. Now really was not the time to throw a fit! “Kill me later, okay? I need you to be able to focus. Can you do that for me?” He coughed. “Run a damn air filtration… if we can… We’re running out of breathable air!” He had to keep his friend focused and composed.

Tut whacked him again and began to feel his way through the darkness. A few bumps here and there and eventually he found the storage container where they kept their emergency life support kit. He threw the ‘useless’ items onto the ground and rummaged until he found masks.

The jawa stomped back over to Ke hand handed him the mask. “Boss put on! Boss stop being stupid!”

As Tut headed up the stairs, Ke’rii wondered why he didn’t think of that… he placed the mask over his face and tapped his cybernetics again to get a technical readout of the damage.

“Life support failing. Warning: Oxygen levels depleting.” … that damn warning.

Ke felt sick as the technical readings came back from the engine. He stood quietly, studying.

Up on the bridge, Tut could be heard mumbling to himself as he worked to repair The Shengli’s shield defenses.

“Tut! Forget the shields!”

The Jawa protested loudly!

“I mean it! I want you to transfer that power into the engine. If we can give at least one thruster power, we may be able to get somewhere…” and jian ta de gui that ‘somewhere’ may have to be that Republic transport, the Golden Spiral... though he’d aim for Iokath, but it wasn’t just his life on the line here… it was Tut’s and he’d do whatever he had to do to keep his crew safe.

Ke made his way back up the stairs, where he was greeted by Tut, who was already arguing his move.

“I’m the captain, you do as I say,” he looked at him for emphasis. “But you do it when I say to. Got it?”

Tut huffed but nodded. They’ve made it this far in life together…

Again… “Life support failing. Warning: Oxygen levels at 65%.”

Ke’rii remained calm and looked at Tut. “See what you can do about the air, I’m going to call for help.” He turned and went back to his pilot’s seat. Inside, he was panicked. He was freaking out. His baby has never been hurt this bad! Those ad be a yialeti'r Starfighters! Space jocks! Ugh! He clenched his fist. This ship was his home. He punched the console with anger, then took a deep breath. “Calm down, Ke,” he said quietly to himself and pulled up his communications.

He hesitated on opening a channel to all nearby vessels. He really didn’t want to be taken in by the Republic again. Another brief moment of thought, and he opened a channel to nearby vessels with valid Imperial codes. He took a breath, “Please have enough power, baby,” he spoke quietly to The Shengli before speaking into the communicator. “This is The Shengli calling in a distress call. Is anyone out there? We have suffered massive engine failure. Coordinates are…” he had no clue… “...I’m sending out a beacon for any nearby vessels…” and good grief he hoped pirate ships weren’t lurking around…

Ke’rii sat back in his chair as he sent out his distress call. He sat quiet a moment and took a technical reading of the backup power generator he was using to power the ship’s communications. Even it’s power was low… he closed his eyes, silently cursing himself. Why did he have to rush to get out here? Why didn’t he do proper assessment like he always does?

The Shengli was silent. She was still, and then…

“Life support failing. Warning: Oxygen levels at 52%.”
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Re: Resurgence
« Reply #8 on: 05/07/17, 10:10:24 AM »
Bridge of the Stormwatch
Holding Orbit, Iokath

Admiral Krysiak folded his arms across his chest as he looked out the viewport at the metallic sphere before him. As Moff Heermann had instructed, he had sent a pair of Terminus destroyers to escort the Logisticator back to Belkadan. "So, this is Iokath," he said. "Looks charming."

"Looks like a place for battle." Krysiak wheeled around at the sound of that voice. Malagant stood there in a new suit of heavy armor, the embroidered hood pulled up to shadow his face. His lightsabers hung at either hip. "Has it begun?"

"The Logisticator has deployed its troops and fallen back. I'm waiting for word from Moff Heermann to send down the 54th. We sent the Corvidae and the Photep to escort the Logisticator back to base."

Malagant gave a solemn nod and walked up to stand next to the admiral, looking at the glowing sphere before him. "So this is the new center of the universe," he mused. "First Makeb, then Ziost, then Zakuul...now here we are." He sounded amused. "Proof positive that the Living Force has a sense of humor, Bardin - and it reminds us that the universe does not revolve around Coruscant or Dromund Kaas."

"Yes, my lord," Krysiak said cautiously.

"Well, then..." Malagant glanced over at Krysiak with a slight grin. "Ready my shuttle, Admiral. As soon as we get the go, I will see for myself what awaits us."
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Re: Resurgence
« Reply #9 on: 05/08/17, 10:04:17 PM »
Observation room, The Eye of Mortis
Holding Orbit, Unknown part of Republic space

The gentle sound of the engine humming was merely interrupted by the constant buzzing of the dark-and-red lightsaber. The blade cut cleanly half the sparring droids before it became calm again. A blur, and another round of the metallic spheres meet their hurried expiration date in the floor.

Haar hand sweep the sweat out of his forehead, as he moved behind to grab a tower. Not even the distant explosion of a Republic convoy disturbed his silent training. No sound, just his lightsaber and himself.

His thoughts were quickly interrupted when a officer appeared from the door. The scar-filled face of the long time veteran and friend graced a smile as he approached Haar.

"I assumed I would find you here, My lord." The officer said as he passed him by to stare at the explosions. The hulls of several cruisers and cargo ships were torn apart as they floated pitifully into the space. "Moff Heermann announces victory in Iokath, the corridor has been pierced and the first troops are in the ground. Your orders?"

"He did it then." Ryshias smirked, half being pleased by the success of the operation, other half being excited by Heermann's also. He moved his eyes towards the officer, nodding. "We're going then. Prepare the fleet to jump to Dromund Kaas for some R&R before we go into the front again, Captain Dracker."

"At your orders, Lord Haar." The officer saluted, and moved in swift rhythm towards the exit. Ryshias was alone again, then stared to the debris of the attack.

"Well then...let's see what Iokath is all about." He gave a smile, as his green eyes turned to the corrupted red. Haar turned away, and prepared to dress up for war.

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Re: Resurgence
« Reply #10 on: 05/11/17, 09:00:18 AM »
Hangar Deck, Ziost Avenger
In orbit over Iokath

Moff Heermann had directed his orderly to collect the last of his tactical pack items from his quarters and meet him on his personal shuttle. He stepped through the blast doors to the forward lower hangar bay as two more shuttles filled with Imperial shock troops ascended and propelled forward en route to the artificial sphere before them.

An army lieutenant colonel approached the white-clad officer, walking in the brisk, rigid manner customary of mid-level Imperial officers. “Sir, the last elements of the brigade are departing the fleet for Iokath’s surface now.”

“Good,” Heermann acknowledged as he walked in step with the officer. “Our base of operations is completely secure then?”

The accompanying officer tilted his head slightly. “The forward units are mopping up some of the indigenous droids along the perimeter but we expect action along our front for a while, sir.”

“Very good, colonel.”

The officer stopped in his tracks, shot a sharp salute to the moff, and briskly proceeded to his own shuttle.

Moff Heermann’s path was intercepted by another officer, a major on his intelligence staff. “Yes, major?,” he queried as the officer offered a smart salute and fell into lock-step with the moff.

“Sir, we’ve a holorecording of our… Republic ‘interest’ making a speech before the Senate. His statement was… nonconforming to the mission you assigned him.”

Heermann stopped dead in his tracks. Looking around the buzzing hangar for a more secluded area, he gestured to the intelligence officer to following him over to some crates. “What did he say exactly, major?”

“He made a string of anti-Imperial statements and seemed to be spurring the Republic to greater military action here, sir. On Iokath.”

Heermann rubbed his chin, turned from the officer and took a few steps while deep in thought.

“Sir? How do you wish to proceed?”

Heermann sighed, turned and approached the officer. “I expected treachery on his part at some point but not now. He hasn’t confronted all the former Coalition leaders and he desperately needed the support we’re lending him. And this… speaking to the Galactic Senate… it’s not his style. Do I have that correct, major?”

The officer nodded sharply, “Colonel Exephos’s behavior is not in keeping with his psychological profile, sir.”

The moff clasped his hands behind him as he thought in silence a little longer. Finally, looking up at the officer, “Get our Republic asset to try and make contact with him. Discreetly. And try to ascertain what is going on. If Exephos returns to the Valor-class cruiser we provided him have our men detain him for questioning.”

“Yes, sir,” the major acknowledged before offering a rigid salute and proceeding out of the hangar bay.

Heermann had never as much as hinted to Exephos that he was leading Imperial reinforcements to Iokath. He did not suspect this seeming treachery was directed at him or his unit. Something was afoot, but the moff had greater concerns.


The white-clad officer stepped aboard his personal shuttle, followed closely by the two guards who’d been standing watch at the ramp. As the guards took their seats, Heermann stepped up to the cockpit and firmly gripped a handle above his head.

The shuttle pilot looked and received a silent nod of permission from the moff to proceed. Punching in coordinates for the artificial sphere, the pilot steered the craft out of the hangar and headed for a convoy of Imperial landing craft heading for Iokath’s surface.

The convoy proceeded along the starboard side of a Terminus-class destroyer positioned between the convoy and Republic ships much further away that might be attempted to assault their advance on the sphere.

Heermann looked out at the ever-approaching alien world. It could be that there were more enemies here than he was aware of.

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Re: Resurgence
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Hangar Deck
Ziost Avenger

Mei’li was tightening the straps of her armour as she made her way down the corridor. She walked in step with the rest of the members of the Reclamation Service as they headed towards the hangar. Her nerves were high, but she concealed it well from the others.


A familiar voice called out to her, and she looked up to see an officer heading for her. It took her a moment to realize it was her brother, Ke’rii.

“Well don't you clean up,” She said with a smile as her brother matched her pace. “What is it now… Captain?”

“Yeah, yeah,” Ke said, not here to listen to his little sister boast about his newly appointed position with the Imperial Navy. “Look, be careful down there. It's not like other places.”

The Sith Lord smiled and let out a soft laugh. “Please, I'll be fine.”

Ke’rii caught her by the arm and pulled her off to the side. The gesture caught the attention of one of Mei’s team members.

“What are you doing?” Mei asked, stunned, and speaking louder than she had anticipated. The rest of the Reclamation Service carried on. “I've been in the field before.”

Ke'rii was watching as the others round the corner before looking back at his sister. “I know,” he said “And I don't doubt you, it's just.... it's a manufactured planet. The Force may not work like it should.”

Mei’li smiled, amused. “And suddenly you know so much about the Force?” there was humor in her voice. Ke had never shown an interest in the Force, except for when they were kids and he would have her pull pranks on his friends.

Ke just gave her a look that said he may know more about it than he's led on. “Can you just trust me?”

Mei narrowed her eyes and was about to spram.

“Droids don't have feelings or emotions,” Ke continued and took her hand placing a small device in it. “This may help. Put it in your comm, okay?”

And he started to walk away.

“Wait, what is this?” he called after him, but glanced over her shoulder. She didn't want to miss her shuttle.

He turned, walking backwards for a moment. “Just a little something,” he said and turned forward again.

Mei'li watched as her brother exited through the blast doors and disappeared from sight. Her gaze shifted to the device. It was obviously something he had put together from scrap metal and spare parts. Turning it over she found the connector that would slide nicely into place on her holocom.

With a shake of her head she attached it to her comm.

“Why do I feel like a test subject…” she mused softly to herself as she pocketed the device and continued to the hangar.

Crew Deck
Ziost Avenger

Ke'rii sat on his bunk in the crew quarters as he was not authorized to go to the surface of Iokath… yet. He hoped he would soon, but for now, he was staying on the Ziost Avenger.

But that didn't mean he didn't have his loophole.

He leaned back and tapped a switch on one of the cybernetics. A map pulled up, visible only to him in his right eye. The visual was sketchy at best, but he was able to fixate on Mei’s location.

He hit another switch and was able to receive data signature of nearby technical devices. Other comms, blasters, the shuttle's engine and consoles. All were clearly marked with an Imperial signature.

Now he would just have to take notes on the unknown digital signatures on the planet's surface. Isolate and identify them, and start properly categorizing what was down on the surface. He took a breath, hoping the code he used in the prototype would hold up against whatever waited for the others.
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Re: Resurgence
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Wild Space Department Lab, Ziost Avenger

Hateya sat at her desk, in the Wild Space Department lab, on the Ziost Avenger, frowning at her datapad. She tapped at it and printed out the latest orbital report. Moff Heermann had put her in charge of the exploration project. She still wasn't sure if that command made her technically the superior officer of Lord Mei'li Bluedark, but she was assuming not. She knew rank meant little with Sith. She had her team, whom she would command and Lady Bluedark, with whom she would do everything she could to collaborate. However, she no longer had her initial misgivings about a Sith in the department. Lady Bluedark, Mei, seemed interested in the research, even beyond what she was personally seeking, willing to collaborate, and even, sociable. She knew, of course, that with Sith, disposition could take a 180 in less time than it took for a salute, but she had to admit that the Sith she'd met so far in IWSC all seemed very... reasonable.

She went over to her printer to collect the piece of paper. While most people made hard copies on more resilient flexiplas, she always preferred paper. The feel of it, not the artificial smooth of plastic, the sound of how it crinkled, plus, it was much easier to destroy if necessary. Heck, you could chew and swallow it if need be. She brought the report back to "her wall" as her team was now calling it. She didn't know yet what she was looking for, specifically, but she did know what she was looking for - hidden treasure. She had an instinct, looking at geography, topography, the demographics of a place, to pick off where to go hunting. Her instinct wasn't always right, but it was right far more often than wrong.

Moff Heermann had allowed her group to tie into the reporting systems that were continuously feeding information back to the Ziost Avenger, other than those requiring a higher security clearance - troop movements and their adjustments on the ground. She didn't need those though. What she got included enough scans and communications for resource distribution to figure out where the large contingents of troops were at. She didn't need to know what they were doing or where they were going, just the amalgamated data of where groups of people were. She had distributed data analysis among her team, though she hated doing so. She usually preferred seeing all the data herself, looking for patterns, but there was just too much of it. So she had one member keeping track of where people were, one keeping track of energy signatures and distribution, one member keeping track of orbit and one putting together updated maps as more and better scans and records came in. She herself was monitoring the data coming from their slicers on the ground, updating plans of the global network as information came in, and then she was putting it all together on her wall.

She walked over to the wall in question, with a partial map of Iokath in the middle, being assembled piece by piece, currently made up of five different printouts. Around it and on it she had various pieces of paper identifying high energy readings, high population concentrations and ships in orbit. She had started making notes to herself in various colours – ships of interest in orbit, energy signatures of note, unknown structures. Right now, with the latest orbital report, she was adjusting ships in orbit and adding a new one. This one, however, was of interest. It was definitely not Imperial. But, while it seemed to carry Republic identification, the movement of Republic ships, towards and away from it over the last two hours, suggested to her that it was perhaps not part of the Republic fleet. She looked over the partial map she had for the area it was heading towards, sifting through her coloured marks and comments.

She glanced at the big picture again. The bulk of the population density was around the high energy signatures. She knew that on the ground troops of every colour were trying to establish footholds, were trying to find weapons manufacturing facilities, trying to gain control of whatever superweapon was down there that had apparently caused all the radiation that had kept people away for so many months. Bases would have high energy signatures, so would manufacturing plants and any superweapon, whatever it happened to be, she assumed. What interested her more at the moment were areas of particularly low energy. Iokath was an artificial planet and as such it had a high base energy signature, but there were areas on her map where the energy signature seemed muted, either reduced or contained. Most of the areas she’d been able to identify structurally as seeming like biomes, areas where organic life was being maintained, though for what purpose she didn’t know, like the one where they had retrieved a technolith. She thought maybe the energy levels were kept down to protect the life forms from excessive electromagnetic radiation. Her gaze wandered back to the edge of the map close to her mystery ship. There was a low energy signature near there. Unlike the other biomes, however, this structure was smaller and, what most caught her attention, seemed to have a higher concentration of network connections going to and from it. The biomes had, in fact, very few connections to the global network. This structure, however, seemed like… a distribution hub?

This was a place to hunt. She understood that the focus of the troops was establishing control on Iokath, but she didn’t want the Empire to miss out on possibly important information or technology by ignoring other areas. Especially areas that seemed to have attracted someone else’s attention. She grabbed her datapad and started writing up a memo to Moff Heermann.

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Re: Resurgence
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Report from Captain Hateya Talutah to Moff Nicohlas Heerman

Subject: Exploration of unusual Iokath biome

Wild Space Department members: Captain Hateya Talutah, commander, Reclamation officer, Lord Mei'li Bluedark
Military support: Lord Zorrue, Lord Rixus, Lord Erednash, Darth Karmic

The biome in question did indeed prove to be more than a biome. The plant life within was consistently and without exception that we found, from Yavin VI. Samples were taken for DNA analysis and comparison to the matching species from Yavin IV. Panels at the entrances to each room were reasonably easy to slice, but displays all came out in an unknown alpha-numeric code. Reclamation officer, with his talent for patterns, was able to decipher a general sense for some of the read outs. We were able to use these panels to gain access to the central biome room where we found a console with additional security controls, locks and unlocks for other parts of the biome, as well as a map of the biome. At the time, we found that everything was in an unlocked state.

As we moved to the lower level of the biome, it was clear that the lower level was no longer house to plants and organic forms, but was rather the maintenance and control level. Four rooms were located at this level. One contained controls for the environmental systems and the energy distribution systems for the biome, one contained waste processing equipment, one contained security systems and the last contained more protected equipment.

As we reached the lower level, exchange of fire could be overheard. In the room with the security systems, we found three heavily armed people, whom we assume to be pirates, though their armour seemed very similar to Mandalorian armour. With them was a Rodian slicer. The three pirates were engaged in combat against the biome security systems, lasers and droids. Lord Rixus, Lord Erednash, Lord Mei'li and Darth Karmic dispatched the security systems and, upon failing in any attempt to negociate with the pirates, eliminated the three of them and saved us from a thermal detonator one of them dropped in desperation. The terrified Rodian slicer, who spoke with broken Basic and identified himself as "Wematin", was very willing to help us in our mission after reassurance that we would not kill him. He was able to access the security systems console in that room and shut down all remaining security systems in the biome, as well as finish unlocking the fourth room.

We entered the fourth room, where we found many more lasers and droids than in any other room, though all was dormant when we entered, thanks to the slicer who remained with us. Lord Zorrue ensured that all lasers were permanently disabled and was assisted by Lords Rixus and Mei'li in destroying the dormant droids as well. We were able to deactivate the security field around a console at the very back of the room that contained a droid head and I alllowed Wematin to continue slicing into it, with the instructions to transfer everything he could to a datapad, as he was clearly better equipped and more skilled at such a task than any of our group. He provided me with a datapad containing a significant amount of information on the Iokath communication and information network of that sector, as well as what he described as part of an encryption key.

Upon exiting the biome, we found ourselves facing a security droid larger than anything I've yet seen on Iokath, taller than any of the technoliths, a droid easily 20 meters in height. Reclamation officer was hit by one of its blasts and propelled off the top of the biome. Lord Zorrue indicated that she would attempt to find and retrieve the body as well as any technology he was holding. Our team, myself included, fought against the droid, very effectively as a team, and destroyed it. I had instructed the Rodian slicer to take cover inside the biome as we fought. When Lord Erednash went to retrieve him, he was no longer there and he found only an open panel to ventilation and circuit systems.

A team of slicing specialists was sent to examine all the computers of the biome, however, within half an hour of their arrival, more Iokath defense droids arrived, and Republic ships could be seen moving in to investigate. At this point, the team was evacuated and air support destroyed the biome.

I accept full responsibility for the loss of the Rodian prisoner, as I should have had the foresight to have him restrained. I also accept full responsibility for the loss of life of my team member, Reclamation officer. This officer served valiantly in helping with deciphering some of the Iokath display language, however he proved unprepared for combat and endangered both the mission and its members. I would like to coordinate with Lord Alnas to create a schedule of regular combat training for all members of the Wild Space Department who wish to participate in field work. I will no longer allow any member who has not completed these training sessions and received Lord Alnas' approval of their combat readiness to take part in any field work on Iokath. If you would prefer I work with someone other than Lord Alnas, please advise me of your recommendation. Lord Bluedark, with her Sith training, is of course an exception to this limitation. For the time being, however, she and I are the only members of the Wild Space Department whom I will approve for field work on Iokath.


Our team continues to analyse the contents of the datapad. What they have found so far confirms what the Rodian slicer had told me. The networks of Iokath function with multiple redundant pathways - information networks, communication networks, even energy distribution networks. The path taken seems to shift between available pathways with no, as yet, detectable pattern. This makes the networks very robust. It would be impossible to interrupt every possible pathway and when one is blocked the system can adapt and continue to use others. It would be impossible to intercept specific information as it is impossible to predict what pathway it will follow from each node along the path. It would also be very difficult to infect the network with any type of virus, as infected pathways could easily be contained and eliminated with no effect on the system as a whole. Our forces on Iokath have reported an abundance of droids continuously seeming to be in maintenance tasks on the planet. I believe this is because large numbers of droids are continuously tasked with not only maintaining the multiple pathways, but, I believe, also with continuously creating new ones.

The one particular file on the datapad, the one the Rodian referred to as a key, seems to be a partial encryption key. The partial key itself gives no clue as to its use, how many parts there are, nor where to find the other parts. My current hypothesis is that there are multiple parts hidden away in similar places around Iokath and that, put together, they may be a key to deciphering either the overall, global network structure, or perhaps to identifying the pattern through which the various networks shift pathways. In either case, or even if it is a key to something else, I recommend that identifying other possible locations of parts of the encryption key and acquiring all parts should be the top priority for Wild Space Department at the moment, and that this mission receive appropriate, continuing, military support, reconnaissance support, air support and the support specifically of a slicing team.


  • That all non-Sith members of Wild Space Department receive intense additional combat training and that no member be assigned to field work on Iokath without approval of the military trainer.
  • That Wild Space Department's top priority be recovering the remaining pieces of the encryption key.
  • That Wild Space Department receive the support of a slicing team for this project.
  • That Wild Space Department be given adequate military ground and air support for this project.

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Re: Resurgence
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ConflictBattle for Iokath
Date23 ATC
* Sith Empire
* Captain Ha'teya Talutah ( @Seraphie )
* Imperial Wild Space Command     
      * Task Force Iokath
         * Wild Space Department
            * Iokath Expeditionary Unit
* Reclamation officer ( @Nicohlas )* Lord Mei'li Bluedark ( @Mei )* Lord Zorrue ( @Sebrik )
* Lord Rixus ( @NovaZero )* Lord Erednash ( @Erednash )* Darth Karmic ( @Karmic )

* Reclamation officer          * 3 pirates
                              * 1 Rodian slicer, name Wematin, unaccounted for

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