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Author Topic: Resurgence  (Read 3877 times)

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Re: Resurgence
« Reply #15 on: 05/25/17, 10:27:35 PM »
Veshok Terrace Apartments

Artheer hurried into his private apartment, locking the door behind him. Withdrawing his sidearm, he proceeded to swiftly but quietly execute a room-clearing procedure in his domicile, ensuring he was indeed alone.

Moving into his bedroom, he opened a pressure-release wall panel next to his work table. Hidden in the hole within was another holdout blaster, about twenty-thousand Republic credits, some classified Republic High Command reports, and an Imperial procedure for clandestine communications. The eager officer grabbed an encrypted holocommunicator, taking it to the desk and sitting down.

After going through the standard protocol to ensure the safeguarding of his transmission, an Imperial naval communications officer appeared on the holocom.

“Codename Taris to Ziost Avenger. Do you read?”

“We read you, Taris,” the naval officer responded.

“I have a priority message for Moff Heermann. Transmitting clearance now.”

After a few brief seconds, the Imperial responded. “Clearance confirmed, Taris. Be warned that your transmission to Iokath’s surface may be a bit choppy but we’ll do what we can to maintain the connection for you. Ziost Avenger out.”

Artheer watched as the choppy image of an unorthodoxly young Imperial moff came into the display. “Colonel. What do you have for me?”

“Sir, you’re aware Colonel Exephos was to meet today with representatives of the Jedi Order? Well, I got into the meeting and it… took an unexpected turn.

Exephos revealed, under presumed surveillance, that his recent advocacy for aggression against the Sith Empire is driven by some sort of… cabal, that’s allegedly holding his son hostage and pulling his strings.”

The imperial moff adopted an expression of confusion. “What? What cabal?”

Artheer shrugged slightly. “The only name the colonel dropped was of one Senator Antileen. He said she was his principal contact and that he’d never met any other member of the organization. He suggested though that its members probably extend to the highest ranks of the Republic government, military, and industry.”

“And the Jedi?,” The moff inquired.

“Exephos reached out to the Jedi, principally members of the Custodum, for assistance. I don’t know if that means he knows whether or not this conspiracy extends to their order or not.”

Artheer’s gaze quickly shifted out the window of his apartment, where the lights of a Justicar enforcement speeder began flashing as two of their men exited the speeder to accost a transient outside.

“Sir, Exephos ousted my Imperial affiliation at the meeting. I denied it and I think the Jedi were too distracted by the information he presented on the cabal to pay any attention to it. I got out of there fast but request exfiltration. My cover is blown and I can do no more good here, sir.”

Heermann nodded as he rubbed his chin. “Very well, colonel. You’ve served the Empire well for many years now under deep cover and you will be invited here as a hero. I’ll notify Sith Intelligence of the need to arrange for your extraction immediately. In the meantime, seek the protection of our Justicar friends and await further instructions.”

“Yes, sir. Taris out.” And with that, Artheer disconnected the call.

He rose from his desk and watched as the two Justicars outside handcuffed the transient and aided him into their speeder. He proceeded over to his closet, retrieving his Republic Army-issue duffle bag, and proceeded to collect his things.

Finally, it was time for him to leave the Republic.

10 hours later

Vengeance Outpost

Moff Heerman took a moment to rub his eyes before exiting his quarters. He had cause to think back to Grand Moff Regus’ command of Imperial forces on Ilum. The old man had made it seem so easy, but Heermann knew better now.

Exiting his room, he headed immediately for his command center. Upon entering, the staff was called to attention.

“As you were,” the moff ordered as he took a seat at the briefing table. “Colonel, you may begin your brief.”

Heermann’s military intelligence chief stepped up to the briefing holo. “Sir, in light up the new developments revealed to us by our Republic asset, we suggest the implementation of what we’re calling Operation Undercut.”

The colonel cleared his throat before continuing.

“The objective of Operation Undercut is to… stir the pot, if you will. Execute a single drastic action to get this alleged cabal our agent referred to to stick its head out. To see what elements of its organization might mobilize, and consequently be exposed, in response to such an action.”

Heermann nodded at the officer. “You have such a drastic action in mind?”

“We do, sir. We know that the Zabrak have adopted a harsh stance against Colonel Exephos. Our proposal is to deploy the Undaunted, the captured Republic Valor-class cruiser we provided to Colonel Exephos to aid in his hunt of the Hypori Coalition leaders, to Iridonia, to strike directly at assets belonging to Clan Noth.

We believe this action will instigate more hostility between Exephos and the Zabrak, and may also turn the Jedi he seeks to make an ally of against him. More importantly, it should provoke some response, however small, on the part of the alleged cabal. Sith Intelligence says they will be paying close attention to Senator Antileen’s movement and communication during this time to try to identify other elements of this secret organization.”

Heermann studied the holodisplay of Iridonia closely. “Alright, colonel. You have authorization to proceed with Operation Undercut. After the mission let’s get our men off that ship and destroy it in Wild Space. Our attention needs to be focused here, on Iokath. I don’t want us getting lured into this intrigue with Exephos.”

“Yes, sir.” And with that acknowledgement Heermann watched as the wheels of the Imperial war machine turned in plot, now directed against Iridonia.
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Re: Resurgence
« Reply #16 on: 07/17/17, 06:47:34 AM »
Bridge of the Stormwatch
High Orbit, Iokath

Admiral Krysiak raised an eyebrow as he saw Malagant enter, wearing what looked like a leather trenchcoat over his armored chestplate. The blood-red metal was stained with blood, machine lubricant, and scorch marks from blaster fire. "You said it was important, Admiral," the Sith Lord said without preamble.

"I did, Lord Malagant. Colonel Tekan?" He indicated the tall Cathar next to him - Menrim Tekan, commander of the 54th Light Recon. He had been commander of Malagant's temple garrison on Yavin 4 before. Tekan had been trained by the late Commander Varan, and was one of the few people who remained in Malagant's inner circle that he trusted implicitly.

"Ever since setting up out here, Commander Heermann's had the Wild Space Astrography Service running around looking for new planets to settle or collect resources from," the colonel said. "They've found one about two weeks ago. A water planet they've tagged as IC-711. The commander has authorized it for colonization, after they send a military expedition to the planet to prepare it for civilian habitation. The 54th has been tasked as part of the first wave. We've done our bit for Empress and Empire here on Iokath, and we've done it gladly, but now that the war is in full swing, the commander has us doing the sort of job we're trained for. Reconnaissance."

"And this has what to do with me, Colonel?"

Tekan met Malagant's gaze. "You've chafed under this exile, my lord, I know you have. We all have." He indicated both himself and Krysiak. "Metheius took your home, your sanctuary, brought you low in the eyes of the Empire. He denies it publicly, of course, but he lies, and anyone with sense knows it. With this new water planet, perhaps there is a chance to make a new home, to start fresh."

Malagant's eyebrows rose. "You want me to join you in the settlement expedition?"

"Yes, Lord Malagant, I do. You have experience with preparing worlds for Imperialization - no matter that you had to burn them to cinders because it didn't take. For all that it's under 'new management', the Reydovan Sector remaining in the Empire, even in spite of Revanites and Insomnius nearly giving it to those corpse-lovers on Shadren, is proof of your success, and be damned to the naysayers." Tekan flashed a slightly feral grin. "Plus anything to blast the starch out of that pompous bastard's underpants will do me good, and I think it will do you a lot better. For all that he says this was the Empress' will, I think he liked it a little too much for my comfort."

Malagant turned to Krysiak, who said, "He's right about doing our bit for the Empire, my lord. We've proven our loyalty enough for even an armchair general like Metheius. Moff Heermann's given me the fleet; perhaps this can be something for you. The troopship Voidseeker is prepared to take the colonel and his men; I'm sure they can fit the Shadowlight in their hangar."

He silently considered that for a moment. Tekan was right; Metheius, for all that he talked about the good of the Empire, had enjoyed publicly humiliating Malagant a little too much. He had bragged about how he had "broken Sith who lived like kings" in a public rebuttal to Darth Haar endorsing the Shadren state (one of the few things Malagant agreed with his "tormentor" about, and he'd wondered what Ryshias was thinking). Metheius had not truly minded when Insomnius - before she decided to sell her soul to the Shadren secessionists - tried to make Malagant into her puppet, as he had once tried to do to the Jedi she had been more than a decade before on Nikaea. He'd only come begging to Malagant's door when the Miraluka had turned traitor.

The pompous ass had thought he could turn Malagant's own people against him, making Lazhna into his little pet. Malagant would have a surprise for both of them...

"When do we leave?" he asked finally.
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Re: Resurgence
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Hangar bay of the Eye of Mortis
Low Orbit, Iokath

Darth Haar's armored boots echoed around the room as they collided with the floor, the weight of the man making the metallic sound even louder than it should. The dropship had just landed by the time he was already walking towards the red robed guards; Imperial Guard's soldiers made a stalwart wall between the grizzled war veteran and the rest of the soldiers around the big room. They cheered for they hero and commander, but none knew the reason that drove the warrior to return to his flagship with such short notice.

He knew the Empire would take with a hint of bitterness his words about the Shadren Hegemony, but the favors he could now collect from the Queen and Lord Taelios were profitable in the short notice, even attracting the attention of a Sith Lord such as Metheius was among the parameters. He couldn't break him, Malagant was powerful, but Haar? No, too much to handle. Trying to powerplay someone who had done so much, who was looked up to so much, who was support so much, was non sense...

But every hero has a dark side.

Secrets of the Empire. The Panthom Operations Group. A clandestine division made to help Haar in his former duties to the Dark Council, whose resources were buried deep, it's existence erased, and it's power take away when the Council decided it was not worth to have such a volatile organization within the Sith, was being dug up, investigations were being conducted about it's existence and work.

It couldn't be revealed, no matter the cost. Even if it meant turning the Empire against him.

"Captain, turn the ship to Dromund Kaas. We're leaving Iokath." Haar's voice echoed once he had reached the bridge of the Harrower. The Imperial barely turned his face to the Sith before he answered to his order with a nod, and subsequent orders.

Haar sat down on the throne who had been installed for him nearby the helm, gripping the supposed visor of his helmet with his hand as he submitted himself to his thinking and mind wandering.

"Please...do not make me betray the Empire...do not...make me betray this too..." He muttered under his breath.

Who he was talking to, was only but his own knowledge.

There are many ways to serve the Empire

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Re: Resurgence
« Reply #18 on: 07/21/17, 11:00:03 AM »
Bluedark Estate
Yavin IV

Mei'li enjoyed the quiet, serene comfort of her own home, for what would be, the last few days of her leave before heading back out to Iokath. Truthfully, she was not looking forward to returning to work. Not with the decline in her daughter's health on top of her brother's bounty issues, and the utter waste of time the Voss had proven to be to Kaatulf.

Certainly, Ke'rii would find someway to get out of his trouble with the pirates. He always seemed to land on his feet, and she never wanted to know how. But leaving Sartori again was something else. She had been gone for only a few months and in that time the deterioration had become evident. And Iokath had nothing to offer in terms of new medicine or new technology that may aid their little girl.

Kaatulf had put into words perfectly how she felt: “Iokath is the virus, not the antidote.”

The manufactured planet had stolen time from her. Time she could not get back. It was true, in the beginning she had been hopeful. But as the days turned to weeks, and the weeks turned to months, it was clear that all she was doing was staring at useless discoveries.

Useless to her personal cause, at least, but certainly there were elements the Empire would find valuable. And honestly, she cared little, at this time, for the betterment of the Empire. All she wanted was for Sartori to be healthy and cured. And she had become obsessed.

But panicked? She never saw it in herself until her husband pointed it out to her. And panic led to irrational decisions.

Decisions like seeking help from the Jedi. Again, her husband, her Kaatulf, her rock and solid mind, was right. We were friends with them now, but how long would that last? The battle for Iokath was reigniting that fire between them. Truce was, as it always had been, temporary.

Mei'li smiled as she watched her daughter gaze curiously at the small aquatic ecosystem they had gotten their children. It was a silly thing really, with a droid head submerged in water, but they seemed to enjoy it.

Sartori was making “fishy” faces at the droid and tapping gently on the glass. She pressed her ear to the glass and giggled as she heard the drips inside.

“You like the water, my sweet?”

Sartori was having a better day, and turned to look at her mother with a smile and nod. “He needs fishies,” she said, talking about the submerged droid.

“He does, doesn't he?”

Sartori just giggled and turned back to the ecosystem, pressing her face against the glass.

No tears today, Mei smiled, but knew that could change at any moment. Yesterday, play had stopped when the waterfall was too loud for her and she went into a panic attack, claiming she couldn't even hear her mommy. Though Mei observed it even appeared the girl couldn't see her when she was right in front of her, trying to call her.

Mei drew in a quiet breath. It broke her heart how everything was beginning to harm her. She watched her little girl another moment before looking back at the recent flood of articles that were coming in from Belkadan. She couldn't help but wonder if the new aquatic world, IC-711, may offer Sartori some relief… at least while Kaatulf researched this “dead world” he spoke to her about just the night before.

Either option seemed to terrify her. In one hand, IC-711 was a new world with limited resources, and seemed to be under a colonization plan headed by Darth Malagant. She new little about him; her duties with the IWSC’s Reclamation Services never crossed paths with the man. Who was he? Would he care for her concerns or demands of what she would require for Sartori’s comfort and healing? She honestly didn't know. But the new aquatic world seemed to be the immediate choice.

At least until Kaatulf could find out more about this “dead planet”-- if it even existed.

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Re: Resurgence
« Reply #19 on: 07/24/17, 10:05:24 AM »
Palace of the Eternal Ocean
Imperial Colony IC-711

Lord Ammenkayn looked distinctly uneasy as she looked around the facility set up on the surface of IC-711. It resembled the architecture used by the Selkath to accommodate air-breathers on their homeworld of Manaan, a system that was deemed "most practical" by the Imperial military engineers in preparing habitation on a water world. The IWSC commander had also established a base here, but it was this one that Ammenkayn - acting at the behest of her old master, Darth Metheius - had been sent to visit.

And the moment she stepped off the shuttle, she remembered the Temple of Introspection on Yavin 4. The soldiers. The banners. The artifacts. The garden with Ziostian plants, grown from seeds taken off that world before its demise. All of them here as if nothing had happened. How had he managed this? she wondered. The Sith Pureblood's hands clenched slightly as she walked down the silent, attentive line of soldiers to the entrance, where the Cathar colonel - wearing his combat suit, weapon in hand, she noticed - was waiting.

"Darth Malagant has been expecting you, my lord," Tekan said without preamble. "He knew one of you fireside commanders would come and try and dictate to us again."

Ammenkayn's yellow eyes narrowed. "Fireside commanders? I have been attending to the mess left on Reydovan Prime by --"

"The Miraluka traitor you had no problem with until she decided to join the necromancers on Shadren V," Tekan interrupted, his training by Varan and experience with Malagant's foes leading him not to give a good goddamn about speaking so to a Sith Lord. "Let's not bandy semantics, my lord. He is waiting above in the library." He stepped to one side, indicating the doorway with a slightly mocking inclination of his head.

Ammenkayn seethed, but restrained herself from killing the pompous cat-man on the spot as she walked down the narrow corridor to the elevator, up to the building's higher level. As she stepped off the elevator, she was greeted by the great stony countenance of the legendary Naga Sadow, his hands clutching a rune-etched sword. On the other side of the statue, consulting the library terminal, was the man she had come to see. "Darth Malagant?"

Malagant looked up, burning red eyes slightly narrowed. "I see Metheius has let you off the leash and let you leave Reydovan Prime," he said. "Boring, isn't it? Stuck watching Moff Daltyn and his government, looking for plots that aren't there...you needed a challenge, so you came here. Probably to tell me about how I'm wasting Imperial funds again, and how your Master is taking my personal possessions away and publicly humiliating me for his own pleasure. Did you take pleasure in what he did to me, Ammenkayn? What he did to my soldiers?"

"I did what I was tasked for the good of the Empire, my lord," the Pureblood warrior replied, rather surprisingly diplomatically.

"You lie. Almost enough to convince yourself, but not quite. Deep down, I feel that you disagreed with it, but you're so enamored of attaining rank and privilege as Metheius' 'emissary' that you refuse to act upon it." Malagant shook his head. "That's not the Ammenkayn I remember. The apprentice who strode into the Temple of the Mountain Sun in Illuminopolis and claimed vengeance for her father, who confidently stood before a Jedi Master and struck him down, even though she knew my plans for him. Even risking my wrath in doing so. Has being granted Lordship removed a portion of your spine?"

Ammenkayn felt rage boiling up in her. "How dare you."

"I dare because I can," Malagant replied coldly. "Metheius believes he can judge me because he stayed on Dromund Kaas and played it safe while I went into hiding. I spent four years on Zakuul, learning from my enemy. I came and freed the Reydovan Sector from Jadre and his Star Fortress. I suffered and bled in battle against an Exarch, Ammenkayn - and I was left with machines in my body that I require to function thanks to the injuries I took from him. Where are your scars of battle? What battle did you see? Or did your Master not permit you to be anything more than his personal akk dog?"

The moment the enraged Ammenkayn reached for her lightsaber, she was immobilized; her eyes went wide in surprise, as she realized that Malagant had regained much of his powers since his "reconstruction" by Darth Insomnius. Malagant raised a hand, lifting her up, and then tossing her to the ground. Her weapon clattered across the floor, right up to the toe of Malagant's boot. He kicked the weapon up into the air and into his other hand. He looked at it...and then at Ammenkayn. "This was your father's lightsaber, wasn't it? I had wondered what became of it when I...restored him to service."

"When you violated his corpse, you mean," Ammenkayn spat hatefully.

"So, that's it. It's not about your duty to Metheius or the Empire. This is about me, and the MSC-1." Malagant had reanimated the corpse of Ammenkayn's late father, Lord Velenkayn, using the dead Sith Lord as an enforcer he called Malagant Swordsman Cyborg One - using technology that had been developed by Taelios, among others. The MSC-1 had been destroyed when Malagant was forced to flee from the Outer Rim trade hub of Jaren, which had betrayed him to the Eternal Empire; it had stayed behind to distract the Knights who had come calling.

"You had no right to make him your meat puppet. My father --"

"Was a brute, a bloodthirsty animal," Malagant interjected. "He cared for nothing but the glory of the kill...and for you." His expression became almost...sympathetic as he walked up to her, and held out her weapon. Gazing at him suspiciously for a moment, she took it as she came to her feet. "That day in Illuminopolis, Ammenkayn, I saw potential in you. You would be far more than your father, a great Sith Lord and protector of the Empire - and furthermore, one who could think and act for themselves, rather than blindly follow the scent of blood. And now here you are, as Metheius' pet, bullying a rival in the Empire instead of fighting the real enemy. Tell me, my dear...was I wrong about you?"

Ammenkayn found she could not reply to that...and could not meet his gaze.

Malagant nodded, as if she had answered with words. "Come with me." He escorted her into the elevator, and took her down to the sub-surface level. Right across from the door, still showing signs of the moss that had grown over it, was Malagant's Sith throne; he had it recovered from the abandoned Temple of Introspection on Yavin 4 and brought here. Also, lined up against the walls, were bestial creatures Ammenkayn recognized only too well: Massassi. She remembered that Malagant had secured the allegiance of a tribe of the beasts during the war against Revan in Yavin's jungles.

He turned left to a door beside the elevator entrance, and as the door opened, agonized screams echoed in the hall...the room must have been sound-proofed. Ammenkayn entered, and her breath caught in her throat. Strapped to a medical bed, a number of devices implanted into her head and body, was Malagant's turncoat apprentice, Lord Lazhna Dai'lo.

"When you return to report to your master about my 'wasteful expenditures', ask him what he would like me to do with his," Malagant said. "And if you or he think you can come and bully me into submission, like Metheius did on Yavin 4...visualize yourself in poor Lazhna's place, and think carefully. All of my apprentices have thought they could outfox their master. They're all dead...save for Lazhna here." A hint of steel entered his tone. "And I do not expect that will be for much longer."

"What are you playing at?" Ammenkayn demanded.

Malagant looked up at her. "You have a choice, Lord Ammenkayn - do you continue to serve Metheius' self-aggrandizing agenda of humiliation and petty politics...or do you really work for the good of the Empire, as you claim?" His smile sent a chill down Ammenkayn's spine, as the doors suddenly closed and locked. "Your answer will determine whether or not you walk out of this room."
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Re: Resurgence
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Palace of the Eternal Ocean
Imperial Colony IC-711

Tekan watched the shuttle depart with a coldly appraising eye. "You took a risk in letting her go, my lord. She may turn on us."

"A distinct possibility; many Sith are mercurial about their allegiances. But I choose to have faith, Menrim. She fears her Master, but she also fears me. She seeks to find the middle way between us...but she will soon find there isn't one." Malagant chuckled. "And I think she will make the right choice. Sure, Metheius is now in the field, with the fleet at Iokath...but where has he been the last few years? Safe and secure in his little house on Dromund Kaas." He scowled. "Perhaps he should learn the dangers of the real world."

"Like this ongoing insurgency back on Belkadan," Tekan said thoughtfully. "The planet has been an Imperial holding for fifty years, and the military forces there have yet to suppress the pro-Republic factions. The garrison commander, a General Veramin, arrived just before we left."

"Veramin is a pompous bore, a man promoted based on his family connections rather than his ability. I'd heard of him from Ilum...that was the last time he'd done anything worth noting." Malagant snorted. "Another general seeking glory from his armchair. They don't make them quite the way they used to anymore - commanders like Kilran and Regus...or Sith like Darth Marr. Our Empire is sorely lacking."

"And those men of vision are sent to backwaters to rot away the days until they die or are miraculously allowed to retire," the Cathar said scornfully. "I had hoped with a forward-seeing ruler like Acina, such things would have changed. But the politics remains the same; we must all look out for the knife in the back." He shook his grizzled head. "Which is why this confuses me, my lord. You practically invite one by not dealing with her, as you did with Lazhna."

"Lazhna is a different case. She betrayed me to Metheius and probably hoped to profit from her betrayal. Instead, she ended up out here with me...out of his sight, and likely out of his mind, too. She knew her fate was sealed the moment we arrived here. Ammenkayn, however...I retain a certain fondness for her, I admit. I think it was when she killed that wretch Fayhan on the floor of the Temple of the Mountain Sun. Oh, he let her strike that blow - she said as much herself - but still, she was fierce. Bold. She had her father's strength, but she had something that Velenkayn did not - the ability to think. That is why I let her go, Menrim. To let her think...to consider what she's doing, and to decide one way or the other. And as I said, I have faith that she will choose wisely."

Tekan considered this. "You seem to have more faith in others than I do, Lord Malagant. I find I do not really trust anyone. That's probably Varan's doing. He trusted no one, either - not even his own family. After all, he ended up killing them." To maintain his people's alliance with the Empire, Varan had killed his own father, Aristocra Valsar; to show his own loyalty, he had executed his younger brother (and Malagant's apprentice), Lord Veerak, for cowardice. "But the bit about the cyborg, the corpse of her father...will she not see that as another insult she has to avenge? She killed Fayhan for her father's death; will she not seek your life for this?"

"As I said, the possibility exists," Malagant admitted. "But I believe she will consider who she is dealing with. I have been out here since the fleet was deployed to Iokath, and the record will show it. So far as I know, he's never left the Warspite to go down to the surface himself...and she's been stuck on Reydovan Prime as his 'enforcer'. She may well see that I back my words up with action, and accept the truth of what I've told her...and the consequences if she chooses not to." He looked around the place for a moment. "I think we have a good setup here. Care to take a trip with me?"

"Where to, my lord?"

"Back to Iokath, to the Ziost Avenger. I think Moff Heermann will be most interested to hear how well this world will work for colonization, don't you?"
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Re: Resurgence
« Reply #21 on: 07/31/17, 11:09:50 AM »
((For @Nicohlas - when time permits. :D))

<A datapad was delivered to one of Moff Heermann's staff officers aboard the Ziost Avenger...>

TO: Moff Nicohlas Heermann, Commander, Imperial Wild Space Command
FROM: Colonel Menrim Tekan, CO, 54th Light Reconnaissance Battalion
SUBJ: Reconnaissance of Imperial Colony IC-711


As you are no doubt aware, work has proceeded on surface facilities on IC-711. With the assistance of Darth Malagant, I have compiled the following:

Living conditions. While the surface is entirely covered in water, the atmosphere is entirely suited for humanoid life. The engineers have constructed habitation areas inspired partly by the architecture used by the Selkath on Manaan to accommodate air-breathers, judging it to be the most "practical" method of living on a water-based planet. This also includes rooms built below the water's surface for any number of reasons. I understand that with your approval, one such has been designated as "living space" for Lord Malagant, and I have worked with my men to adapt the area suitably.

These habitation areas have been constructed largely in "shallows" in the planet-wide ocean - areas where the depth is no more than twenty meters - for smaller scale habitation, but the engineers believe that larger-scale structures (perhaps similar to the newly-built "welcome centers" on Manaan, or perhaps even on the scale of the destroyed Ahto City, in the future) can be constructed with relative ease and cost-efficiency should the necessity arise. There is also the possibility of underwater facilities, as on Manaan, again, should the necessity arise.

Native fauna. So far as we can tell, there is nothing beyond small fish and microscopic lifeforms in the waters of this world, and no native life that we can see in the skies (most avians likely dependent on landmasses anyway, and on the water's surface there are none save for our "artificial islands" built on the surface). An engineer working on one of the facilities reportedly saw a large shadow in the waters nearby, moving swiftly, but the commander on the "ground" there believes he merely saw the shadow of an incoming transport. If there is anything other than what we've seen, they're keeping to themselves - for now.

Mineral resources. The ocean floor seems to possess a number of "common" metals found in armor and hull plating, but our surveyors indicate the vast majority of it is far beneath the bedrock. The concern raised by the surveyors is that the nature of mining operations on the ocean floor could introduce pollutants into the water which would damage any possibility of habitation. Given that this planet was intended as a simple colony rather than as a mining world, perhaps this matter would be best set aside, but of course that will be at your discretion.

Inhabitants. Aside from the military expedition sent here to prepare the planet for colonization, there are no other inhabitants on this world, and no sign there has ever been any. This world is too far from the Core Worlds and too close to former Zakuulan space for the Republic's comfort, no doubt - whereas a transit from Belkadan (and beyond back to the core of the Empire) makes it ideal as a waypoint for our potential expansion into this region.

Darth Malagant and I both agree that we do not see any serious impediment to civilian colonization of IC-711. It is on that note that we submit this to you, sir, to act upon as you see fit.

M. Tekan, Colonel
Commanding 54th Light Recon
Circled tomb of a different age
Secret lines carved on ancient stone
Heroic kings laid down to rest
Forgotten is the race that no one knows

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Re: Resurgence
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(OOC: Contains spoilers from the current FP. You've been warned.  :grin:)

Umbaran Low Transportation Train
Shadow World of Umbara

"Come on man, you have to give it to me..." He said as he gazed upon the dark crystal, black as the eternal night that sat on the sky for millenia in Umbara.

"Not a chance, they are part of the crystal shipment, the fact that we had to use more than one train to bring them around shows how valuable they are. The Alliance could strike any of the trains and they wouldn't know which one is the right one." The corporal answered with a stern, but cooperating tone. He seemed intrigued on the crystal, although in a more scientific and strategical way than the lowly monetary of the fresh rookie.

"They definitely know which one is the right one, that's why I say I could keep one from here. They won't attack us, missing one will do no harm!" The man seemed determined to get the small, oval shaped crystal.

"Of course they will attack the one with the boss in it, but that doesn't mean we have to plunder and put taxes to our service. You're a kriffing soldier of the Republic, dammit, start acting like one." The corporal also seemed determined to protect the gem. A smack from the side gauntlet to the helmet, and everyone returned to their post.

The rookie growled at the rejection, taking seat and gazing upon the dark horizon of the planet and it's peculiar fauna. Glowing plants and animals, beast of ferocious maws and insects of lethal poisons, a planet whose ecosystem seemed as a well thought out trap made to drive away any invading force. He let out a sigh of relief at the though. They weren't the invaders, they were helping this people on their race to defeat the Eternal Alliance, and then move onto the Sith Empire.

He had thought of them, the Empire, the fearsome Sith and disciplined troops. Conniving, cunning and brilliant in their own cruel way, he thought. He had always seen them from afar, the decks of refugee ships, helms of Republic transports, landing shuttles as his took off. He could never see them in battle, never saw the calamity and brutality they were reported with, cowardice hid behind layers of merciless aggression. The Sith were brutal, their reputation had always liven up to it, but dark would never fester against the light, or against the righteous.

He knew he was in a good squad, grizzled veterans and upstanding youngsters. Rookie eager to prove themselves and veterans ready to give them guidance and counsel. The corporal was a example of them; Sebasthren Sthen, veteran of the Taris re-occupation, and the war with the Revan Order. He fought against and alongside the Empire, and he had lived it...but he wasn't the true leader of the pack.

The sergeant sat besides his heavy, dual barreled cannon. A plasma-breathing beast with more scorch marks and scars than any of those alive. The sergeant wore one of those scars. A snake that went from his jaw, up his check, all up into the forehead. A Sith beast, some said. Mandalorian swords, said others. He never said, but he knew it was far more dangerous than anything. A monster had to be the author of such scar, the trembling hands, the nightmares, and the slight limpness of his right leg. Only something dark and terrible may have done such damage to a man.

And that monster had come here.

He never knew what killed him first. The blaster bolt to the back of his head or the lightsaber through the gut. A mixture of both, perhaps. What he was certain first was that he was one of the first ones to fall. He had made sure he had sit in one of both ends of the cart, in his mind thinking that shall the Eternal Alliance fall from above, he will either be in front of them, gun ready to see their faces while they fell dead to cross fire, or in their back, surprising them with gun pointed at their napes.

Stupid, if you think the invaders would come from one direction. Both doors of the cart had opened at the same time, and the rookie was filled with surprise, joy, and sorrow. It wasn't the Eternal Alliance who had come to take this train. Black armored troopers carrying Imperial standard suit and blasters, and a black, giant tower of blood and bones who wielded twin red and black sabers.

The Sith Empire had arrived, and death with them. A few minutes of gunfire and blades going rampant, and silence, and on to the next cart.

Darth Haar assumed they would prepare from upstairs landings on the train, not for boarding procedures from speeders, and acted accordingly. It would be a half hour before the whole train was his.

Umbaran Low Transportation Train, Bridge
Shadow World of Umbara.

"Lord Haar, the train is yours." An officer saluted as he entered upon the short cabin. The man was tall, and had to lower himself to be able to walk within the cabin.

The Sith stared from the co-pilot seat back at him, greeted his news with a nod, and signaled a man at his back to start his work.

"Slyd, make us invisible, I want this train off the grid." The Sith ordered with a low tone, like he seemed to think someone was hearing.

"Yes, my lord." The mans answered right away, and begun his work, 4 datapads connected to multiple screens as he sat there doing his art: Slicing.

"Pilot, take us into a looping route, we don't want this train stopped before we unload this cargo and set up our base here." Haar spoke in a hushed tone. He gazed upon a datapad to his right, and a long silence before...

"And we are dark. This train is off the radar." The slicer cheerfully commented, seemingly happy at both his work and ability.

"Good, keep us that way. Sent word to the Eye of Mortis. They can come into low orbit and fire upon Republic positions as soon as this train is set up with communications, supplies, and weapons. Heermann asked us to see, and I saw a derailed train, adegan crystals being shipped offworld, and two factions with a headstars on us. I guess the Empire is late to the party, but we always get the big one. Sent word to Heermann, tell him that I will start burning cities and digging trenches here, and I could bloody well use the help." He laughed, now his tone vocal and loud.

The officer bowed with a grin, and moved off from the cabin. Haar stared outside, while the train prepared to take his first curve.

Operation: Shadowfall had begun.

There are many ways to serve the Empire

"I'm willing to burn half the galaxy if I save the other half in the process."

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Re: Resurgence
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((OOC: gee I hope this thread is still a thing LOL, but I've been busy and absent and so here's my little 'I'm back!' thing :grin: ))


I hate you, had been the last loving words Alara had said to Ke'rii on Nar Shaddaa. Her words were all he had left to hold onto as he returned to his duty with the Fourteenth Mobile Fleet. It wasn't so much the words she said, but how she said them. If there was any ever doubt in his mind, it was clear now. Alara loved him. And he was foolish enough to walk away. He knew it broke her heart as much as it did his own.

But she would never follow him to the Empire. Never. As long as that bounty had been on his head, they had a chance. Moff Herrmann had even told him not to come back until his personal affairs were in order. The Ke'rii of five years ago would have used that as an opportunity to hightail it out of there and go back to some ‘get rich quick’ scheme.

But he couldn't live his life on the run. He couldn't keep the ones he loved in danger. And he couldn't let himself down. He had become refocused on cleaning up his life and leaving the mess of his past where it belonged.

Was Alara part of that mess? He didn't want to think so. He certainly didn't feel she was. But she would never follow him. Not to the Empire.

There was much he had missed while dealing with his problems. The Empire had discovered a new world to colonize and his sister, Mei'li, was planning on going there once deemed safe. There was a crisis on Umbara and certainly more that he was yet to be briefed on.

He sighed and felt the shuttle enter Belkadan’s atmosphere. It had been a staggering uphill climb before his bounty troubles, and no doubt the incline was steeper because of his absence. He could only hope the incident didn't leave a black mark on his record. But if there was, then he would accept that challenge and overcome it.

He placed his cap on his head, straightened his posture and checked that his uniform was perfect.

Captain Ogasawara had returned.
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