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Author Topic: Veteran RPer Looking for Specific Guild Type for Specific Character  (Read 816 times)

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I'm an experienced roleplayer looking for a guild on impside for my character Slade Marik, this guild cannot be associated with the empire or the sith and I DO NOT rp with ingame dueling it just ruins the experience for me I cannot do it. My character is a former sith who is on the run after betraying his master and is currently looking for a safe place to hold up for now, he was a mandalorian before becoming a sith so if there is a mandalorian guild that would be good for him let me know, this character could join a cartel but honestly he would never join it just work for it every once in a while...

Honestly if anyone knows of a small group of roleplayers with no official affiliations that rps throughout galaxy that would be great...

the characters bio/character sheet is below

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May want to check out Mando Mercs. I'm an officer and I know we are hoping to do some guild storyline stuff soon. If you see Urziya or Malhra Vok around Impside give us a holler!

Wednesday and Friday are our server's more independent/unaffiliated friendly events. Wednesdays are our official Independents/Mandalorian Nights, which we've just started to get off the ground recently. Fridays are Dancer's Palace which is an all-factions cantina event. Both are great places to meet new people and get involved in some RP!
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The Imperials: Athuuna (Agent), Zhekrazh (Lord), Z'ridia (Apprentice)

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Sounds like an interesting character! Hope to see you around, I think my Ke'rii (imp with a pub-side clone) might be a good contact! He's Mr. On-his-own, though he has tied to the Empire for personal reasons.
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