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Author Topic: 5 Years Overdue  (Read 1093 times)

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5 Years Overdue
« on: 05/05/17, 12:09:54 AM »
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Greetings, fellow colonists.

   Have you ever been in a situation where you had an opportunity to introduce yourself to someone, but you don't, and from that moment on every time you see them you politely wave and smile and quietly curse yourself for never bothering to learn their name, wondering how to dispel the underlying awkwardness without feeling… awkward? 

Well, after 5+ years of residency on Begeren Colony I'd like to commemorate this May the 4th week by properly introducing myself.
   I've been playing regularly on Begeren Colony since SWTOR's launch back in December 2011 but most of my time has been spent flying starfighters, decorating strongholds, learning how to run operations with a guild, and roleplaying with my longtime partner and collaborator, Niarra, who has since become an active member of the community.  In recent months she has recruited me to participate in a few of the community events, usually under the guise of some quirky supporting characters--something I'm all too happy to do.
   I also recently had the privilege and pleasure of game mastering an adventure for Niarra and Dassalya that ended up spanning several months, and it was the first time I had an opportunity to RP in depth with another member from the community.  All of this has inspired me to start frequenting this website more.
   Like many, I'm a passionate Star Wars fan and love the unique, collaborative story-telling that role playing has to offer, so I hope I'll have the opportunity to participate in more events in the future.  Begeren Colony may not be as large as other servers, but it is my home and I would like to help encourage and support the great little community that exists here.  Based on many of the posts I've read, there are many talented, imaginative and friendly people here and that makes me happy.   

   Outside of RP, my main source of enjoyment in the game is Galactic Starfighter.  I'm a passionate starfighter junkie and an avid supporter of GSF.  As a veteran pilot, I try my best to advocate fair play and good sportsmanship whenever possible.  I'm also a dedicated outfit designer and stronghold enthusiast and get a lot of enjoyment out of creating and designing things, especially when it involves fun and intriguing RP.  Outside of SWTOR I'm an old school table top role-player and am familiar with D&D, Palladium Books, and especially Star Wars Saga Edition, which still remains my favorite RPG system.

   I look forward to participating in future events and getting better acquainted with everyone.  Thanks for reading!


~Elaeis~  :lightside:
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Re: 5 Years Overdue
« Reply #1 on: 05/05/17, 12:23:00 AM »
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Nice to meet you officially. But I think you introduced yourself over guild chat :D
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Re: 5 Years Overdue
« Reply #2 on: 05/05/17, 12:44:51 AM »
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Yay, welcome! I've seen you flying many times (a lot of my flying is done creeping around on alts with stock or near-stock ships. I find maxed-out ships a little unsporting, sometimes), so it's good to see you here officially! And it's good to have a solid member of the BC community around. BC's a little quieter sometimes, but there's still a lot of fun to be had here.
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Re: 5 Years Overdue
« Reply #3 on: 05/05/17, 01:27:51 AM »
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Hello and welcome! I think I've seen you around at a few of those events. Will be nice seeing you at more! It's nice to officially meet you. :D
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