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Summer Support - Fundraising Raffle

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Back in February, I hosted a fund-raising raffle for this site,, our community's virtual home. We were able to raise four months' worth of funding for the site, which means that starting next month in June the site could use more funds. So it's time for another raffle!

  :cheer:Summer Support  :cheer:A Fundraising Effort & Raffle for
This time around, the prizes are going to work a little differently! Thanks to the generosity of @Nicohlas and @Imazi, between the three of us we've been able to put together a really nice pool of prizes, and you'll see how the rewards will work at the bottom of the rules, below. (Though all expressions of generosity from our community are appreciated, right now we don't need any additional prize donations; the best thing folks could do at this point is to donate funds to the site, since that's the point of the exercise!  :grin:)

Why This Fundraiser? This website is a home for a great community, and many of us frequent it daily. It is a home that further provides all sorts of wonderful amenities, beyond just that of a community forum - such as the HoloNet wiki, the Strongholds listing, the GuildNet features, and the Chatroom we use both for our RP events and for socializing. Now is an opportunity to do something to support it, and maybe get some prizes for doing so! It also appears that the site's domain renewal may be coming up this June, so that's even more reason to lend our support this summer!

Goal of the Fundraiser: To raise as many donation funds for the site as we can in the month of June! Those funds roll over into subsequent months, so we can help the site out for many months to come. This fundraising effort will take the form of a raffle, in which anyone who donates to the site in June is entered for a chance to win in-game prizes, which will be enumerated below.

The first iteration of this fundraiser was 100% organized and funded by me, and this time it's organized by me and supported by Nicohlas and Imazi with their donations. In other words, it's all just community member initiative, and though I got permission from the site admins to hold these raffles it's important that no one take this to mean that I am speaking on their behalf, or that they are pressuring the community to donate. The admins have funded and maintained this site for us through dry spells and good spells, and never put the burden on the community in any way. This is just an opportunity for us to reward that generosity by sharing the load!

How it Works: Below I will outline how the raffle works. If people have questions not covered here, I'll update this section as they get answered.

 :lightside: The raffle will look at donations in the pre-set increments that can be found on the Donations page, using the last six: $5, $10, $15, $20, $25, $50.

 :lightside: Any donation that hits any of the above-listed increments will count as an entry into the raffle. Meaning: if you donate $5, you get one entry. If you donate $15, you get three entries. If you donate $50, you get six entries. Multiple donations can go toward this total, but they will be summed up and then broken down by these increments to determine ultimate raffle entries (i.e., you could donate $5 on 6/3 and $10 on 6/20, together that would count as the $15 increment and three total entries).

 :lightside: Participants would need to pick the option, when donating, for their name to be publicly shown. This is entirely so that I, as a normal site user, can have access to see how many entries into the raffle people will be getting. It's not meant to cause anyone to feel uncomfortable that they're donating more or less than other people. At the end of the day, we are all donating for the same reason: because we love the site. Those who, for any reason life circumstances might be throwing at them in June, can only donate $5 don't love the site any less than those who can donate $50. In fundraising, every little bit helps!

 :lightside: On Friday 6/30 at 7:30 PM Server Time I will be in the chat room to do the prize drawing in real time. Each person will be assigned numbers equal in quantity to the number of their entries, and then I'll use the /roll function to see what numbers win! For example: If the contest gets a total of 40 entries, and you are entitled to three of them, you might be assigned numbers 11, 12, and 13, and if any of those are the result on a /roll 1d40 then you win! (You don't have to be present in the chat room in order to win; I'll post the winners on the forums too of course.)

 :lightside: The window for donations will start on June 1st, and end on June 29th.

Prizes: The part everyone ultimately cares about!  :grin: This is working differently from last time, so take a moment to read through the below.

A total of SIX WINNERS will be drawn / rolled for (six winning draws, which may or may not be six individual people). Each winner will get to take their pick of prizes according to one of the below prize selection options. The order in which winners are drawn will determine the order in which they get to pick; the next winner in the winning order will be sent an updated prize list to pick from via PM, with the prizes chosen by the previous winners removed from the listing.

Winners can choose one of four prize selection options:
1 Prize from the Aurek list
2 Prizes from the Besh list
1 Prize from the Besh list and 2 Prizes from the Cresh list
3 Prizes from the Cresh List

AUREK Prizes                                                     BESH Prizes                                              CRESH Prizes
Tythian Lightsaber Pike                                         Rangehunter Blaster Pistol                           White& Dark Orange Dye 
20 Million Credits                                                  Descendant's Heirloom Dualsaber                 Dark Red & Pale Red Dye
I-O8 Operator Requisition                                     Thexan's Lightsaber                                     D5-2D Astromech Droid
Commemorative Statue of Satele Shan (Deco)        Merciless Raider's Vibrosword                       BL-N3 Power Droid
Technolith Matrix Tuning                                       GR-4 ST Blaster                                          Iokath Circuit Panel (Deco)
Server Character Slot Unlock                                 White and Medium Gray Dye Module             Iokath Circuit Panel (Deco)
Arctic Gundark                                                     Deep Red and White Dye Module                  Revanite Camp Bed (Deco)
Imperial Devastator                                              Vectron Predator                                         Revanite Camp Bed (Deco)
Primary Black Dye Module                                     Vectron Predator                                         Temple Chair (Ornate)
Festive Weapon Tuning                                          Yavin Tree Plot (Deco)                                Temple Chair (Ornate)
                                                                           Yavin Tree Plot (Deco)                                Selkath Chair (Deco)
                                                                           Revanite Camp Fire (Deco)                          Selkath Chair (Deco)
                                                                           Revanite Camp Fire (Deco)                          Emote: Excited Child
                                                                           Jedi Small Council Table (Deco)                    Emote: Excited Child
                                                                           Jedi Small Council Table (Deco)                    Emote: OMG
                                                                           Sith Temple Long Table (Deco)                     Armored Diplomat Set
                                                                           Sith Temple Long Table (Deco)
                                                                           Revanite Altar (Deco)
                                                                           Revanite Altar (Deco)
                                                                           Electroblade Rack (Deco)
                                                                           Jolee Bindo's Armor Set   

And remember - you have as many chances to win as you have raffle entries, so the same person can win multiple times if they have multiple entries and they get the luck of the draw!

  :cheer:Summer Support  :cheer:

Here's hoping we can get multiple month funds raised again. :grin: :cheer:

Thanks for organizing this, Niarra!

Indeed, thanks for putting this together! And of course many thanks go to the site admins and all their efforts to keep this wonderful domain of geekery alive through the years now.

If I may, I'd like to inquire exactly how much it does take to fund the site per month. I will be making a donation myself, and the amount may change based on that information. Also, I would actually rather not be in the raffle, as I prefer to leave the prizes to other folks, so if I make the aforementioned donation before June 1st am I to understand that would be the case automatically?


--- Quote from: Cyone on 05/22/17, 10:43:23 AM ---If I may, I'd like to inquire exactly how much it does take to fund the site per month. I will be making a donation myself, and the amount may change based on that information. Also, I would actually rather not be in the raffle, as I prefer to leave the prizes to other folks, so if I make the aforementioned donation before June 1st am I to understand that would be the case automatically?

--- End quote ---

The site's donation page talks about how much it costs to run the site monthly, and you can donate through there at any time of the year, either anonymously or with your name shared. When I inquired about the raffle the site admins let me know that donations roll over month to month, so even though the February fund raiser paid us up through May, making donations in May would still help because it would keep paying forward.

The reason this Summer Support raffle will only look at donations made between June 1st and June 29th is because once the calendar month rolls over, the names of the folks who donated in May will disappear as the page resets. I need to be able to keep visibility into those names throughout the raffle in order to assign raffle entries.


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