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Author Topic: Could we make a sticky thread for 'Hey I made a Guildnet'?  (Read 583 times)

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Could we make a sticky in this subforum for people to post when they've made a Guildnet and are awaiting approval? It seems like half the topics in this forum are about new guilds not having their forums turn up. Having a single thread for people to post when they've made a Guildnet and check on their Guildnet's status would be a really great thing to have!

Ex. I made one for Galaar Karyai a couple days ago, but have no update on its status and don't know if the site admins have noticed it or not to approve. But it seems a little pointless to make yet another thread about the same thing.

If not, then please accept this as the newest 'I made a guild that hasn't shown up yet and am wondering what the ETA is on that' thread and accept this bribe of cake. :cake:
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