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Author Topic: The dawn of the war: The heist that would end it.  (Read 592 times)

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The dawn of the war: The heist that would end it.
« on: 07/15/17, 07:04:28 PM »
Hi I'm Bi or evan either way you know me and this is my first attemp to start a new storyline so don't be surprised if you see a lot of flaws XD:

"As a group of people enters the cantina of slippery slopes they see a shadowy figure standing in a corner by himself looking closely at each of the members of the group, as the night goes on and all of them start wandering who called them to this cantina, the shadowy figure gets close to the group and presents himself as Evan, and he offers the group a job that they can't refuse and will make them rich but the price to pay for welness is going to be too high....."

Well this would be the start of the story that I was planning to put in motion but beacause of many reasons, I put it on hold thinking nobody would join or find it interesting.

Ok enough whining let's get down to bussiness: this storyline will be concentrated in more of a gray rp,  this will develop a lot morale and combat conflicts as the job goes on and how you read in the tittle this will be a heist that will affect both the republic and the empire during the time of the dawn of the republic and empire war just before the start of the eternal war, that will start in Nar shadaa and then will continue to more places in the galaxy; republic aligned, empire aligned and neutral, as I said before this will be more of a gray rp beacause of the desicions that will need to be taken envolving death, slavery and betrayal, but how this rp goes on I'll warn you this will be a little bit raw beacause I'm a little of a noob in this of hosting and creatiing storylines, but going back to topic all that I have told ya are all based in an rp that is open to all non-force users and any outlaw or exiled force user.

Disclaimer: As I said before this is my first attemp to do a storyline so dont think it will be something like amazingly good but I tell ya I'll try my best ;).
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Re: The dawn of the war: The heist that would end it.
« Reply #1 on: 07/15/17, 07:50:30 PM »
And we'll be with you, Evan! I'd say a good starting point would be to think up a kick-off event, and then put it on the site's calendar. Also think about a defined timeline for the story - will it run for a week? Two? A month? The more you can plan and schedule things, the easier it will be for you.
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